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The traditional and the modern medical systems have always co-existed in a large number of countries aroundthe world. Neem has essentially been used for centuries now, in different traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda and Unani system.
An infected person may experience different symptoms depending on the severity but the common signs include skin rash, headache and a general feeling of being unwell. Tick bite fever comes from a kind of bacteria of the Rickettsial species which has several kinds. In the USA, the organism is known as R.ricketsii, blamed for causing Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. After a bite, symptoms may appear in about 5 to 7 days, the typical incubation period of the infection.
Symptoms may vary depending on the severity, age and underlying health of the person bitten. The site of the bite is typically marked by what seems like a bruise that is black in color called an eschar, about 2 to 5 millimeter in diameter and may only be one or multiple. Usually a fever accompanies the appearance of the eschar along with other discomforts such as headache. Rash (small, tiny bumps on the skin) normally starts on the limbs and may eventually involve the whole body. While the dreadful Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is feared to be deadly and serious, Rickettsia is milder and if treated promptly, complications are rare. Even if tick bite fever is easy to treat, preventing the bites is way better and you can do this by protecting yourself properly if you like being in the outdoors a lot.
If and when you know you have been exposed to ticks and may have possibly been bitten, observe your condition. All the information I provide here is free and if you want to support my work so I can continue updating this site, please share it. Lone Star tick – Amblyomma AmericanumThe lone star tick, just like most tick types, is mostly found in forested areas with thick underbrush.
Ticks are disgusting eight legged parasites that attach themselves to their host’s skin and feed on its blood.
In this guide, we will study tick bite Lyme disease bullseye rash and its other symptoms in detail. The history of the disease can be traced back to 1975 in United States, where the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis started being seen in large number of cases in Lyme, Connecticut area.
The rash itself might disappear within a short time: a couple of days or weeks but other symptoms might appear. The Lyme disease bullseye rash might be itchy, warm to touch, or painful and can occur on any region of the body. In severe cases, Lyme’s disease bullseye rash can turn very serious causing permanent nerve damage, or disabling heart failure. Lymes disease is called the great imitator since it mimics many diseases and most people are not even aware of being infected initially. As seen above the disease can take any course, so it is best to seek the guidance of a healthcare expert. We are infested with deer tick, I have already been told I have Lymes I was bitten by a deer tick. In the field of animal care, perhaps the busiest part where research and studies are concerned is finding the most effective way of controlling ticks. Ticks, like many other pests, can also evolve to become resistant to second-rate anti-tick products. To do a solid comparison, there are a few things to establish before you wade through the many products available.

Some product labels would say it is for both cat and dog use but determine on what pet you are going to use the product.
Make sure that the product you are considering is formulated to treat your dog or cat which may depend on breed, age, built, etc. In doing a tick product comparison, consider too what you need to treat: your animal or your surroundings?
Manufacturers naturally label their products accordingly to make that sale but it is best that you do your own research so that you make the right selection. As if the many forms of treatments available in the market are not enough to confuse you, there is also the choice between natural and chemical treatment to consider. Tick collars – look for a one that is specific to kill ticks at any stage – eggs, larvae, nymph or adult.
Sprays – some sprays are effective to treat pet areas as well as the yard and other surroundings but may not be safe to use directly on pets.
Dips and shampoos – study the components of such products as they may not do your pet’s skin or fur any good. Topical and oral medications – with tick product comparison, you can find oral medications that can get rid of ticks in less than 24 hours but will not upset your pet’s stomach. Anti-tick powders – some of these products can kill ticks instantly but may be inconvenient to use because application can get a bit messy.
Keeping ticks away from your place and off your pets is a regular thing that you must do without fail to win the battle against ticks on top of a good prevention program. Doxycycline, an antibiotic, is the treatment given but should be under the supervision of a medical doctor. Test results may take some time hence doctors would typically take care of the problem right away especially if possible exposure to ticks is established. But doctors would sometimes advise antibiotic treatment to shorten the sickness period and lessen the chances of complications. Use clothes that can help protect you from ticks or apply skin-friendly insect repellant spray or lotion. Keep in mind that a rash may not always expose itself but an infection could already be taking place.
I want to help you get rid of ticks and show you how you can avoid ticks and prevent tick bites in the future.
Naturally, we are all aware of how ticks, especially the deer ticks can also cause Lyme’s disease, and hence there is all the more reason to fear these parasites as well. However, since these are common symptoms that mimic other diseases, Lyme’s tends to go unnoticed in the first few weeks.
Nearly 60% people who do not get treated immediately following the bullseye rash tend to develop lifelong joint problems and arthritis. Treatment at the early stages is simple and consists of 2-4 weeks of oral antibiotics – typically doxycycline.
Ticks are known to cause diseases not only to cats, dog or other animals but to humans too. With so many tick species in the world, it is no wonder why experts tend to focus on how they can be controlled with anti-tick formulas. As you read, gather or research information relative to anti-tick products, compare the results so you can successfully determine which one to purchase. One product may be suitable to dogs but not for cats while some may work for both but not as effectively. Products that can kill ticks on dogs or cats may not work as effectively when used as yard or property treatment. You might need to find out with your vet first if your dog or your cat has any allergies to any of the components of a certain tick product.

Once you have are able to do a tick product comparison, no manufacturer will easily lure you into buying what the product label says at face value.
Your dog may seem okay with the component of one product but may not be able to tolerate it in a longer treatment course. While you aim to get rid of ticks, you don’t want to get rid of your dog’s beautiful coat in the process. Topical treatments are another convenient option such as those formulated as once-a-month-application.
The organism thrived on wild animals and found its way to ticks that feed on these animals. If you suspect that you are suffering from Rickettsia, assess how seriously ill you feel before going to a doctor but do not delay should fever and headache begin and lesions appear. Lyme’s disease causes a bullseye rash (Erythema migrans) that looks similar to a red target mark.
Owing to the uncurbed deer population, the number of deer ticks in the region started to increase.
The ticks transmit an organism called Borrelia Burgdorferi which enters the host’s bloodstream.
Nearly 5% of untreated patients develop neurological symptoms, shooting pains, memory problems, and numbness in hands or feet for months or years following the tick bite infection. Without treatment, the infection will continue to spread from your skin rash to your heart and brain, where it is much harder to treat, will require a long and expensive hospital stay, and can cause irreversible symptoms. With so many products made available to fight ticks, what do you do to make a tick product comparison?
It is a case to case basis but again, there is no need to fret because there are many options available.
Look for products that protect the skin and fur while eliminating ticks such as those containing aloe vera. Since not all products are created equal, your homework is to do a tick product comparison to make sure you are not getting the wrong treatment for your pet and thus help you know what in particular to look for before a purchase. Kernels can either be aqueously extracted or with a solvent depending on which active compound is required. Following an incubation period of few days or weeks, a reddish target like mark starts to appear in the bitten region.
The area where you live and the tick bite bullseye rash will be the greatest clues that can help your doctor determine exact diagnosis and course of action to take. Making the right choice on a particular brand or formula that would do a good job on your dog or your cat or as a home or yard treatment could be a tough one and ticks could be a nightmare to your pets and to you. This is what the experts made sure in their aim to make the lives of pets better hence the abundance of anti-tick products. While in egg stage, offspring can also contract the infection from the infected mother tick.
The lone star or deer tick causing the disease came closer to human residences where people were apparently bitten while mowing their lawns, hiking in wooded, grassy regions or through their family pets.
The reason why it is recommended that you do a tick product comparison is to be sure you will use what is going to be certainly effective against ticks but will not harm your adored pet.

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