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Paranasal sinus infection - or sinusitis, is a temporary condition where one or more of the facial sinuses become inflamed, blocked and infected. Acute sinusitis can run for up to four weeks, with chronic sinusitis lasting over eight weeks. Some people are more susceptible to sinusitis due to structural abnormalities within the skull or sinuses, or slight abnormalities in the auditory tube of the ear. The paranasal sinuses are the maxillary sinuses, frontal sinuses, ethmoid sinuses and sphenoid sinuses.
The sinus that causes most problems is the maxillary - the largest of the sinuses, it is situated beneath the eyes on the cheeks. Because the maxillary sinus is so close to the frontal and ethmoid sinuses as well as the roots of teeth, once blocked, infections can spread quickly to neighbouring sinuses and tissue.

The frontal sinus is absent in babies, becoming well developed by eight and fully developed at puberty - although 5% of adults have none. The ethmoid sinuses are between the eyes and form part of a complex structure within and behind the nose.
The sphenoid sinuses only develop fully at puberty and are located at the far rear of the nasal cavity. Fantastic Fit congestive heart failure in elderly dialysis patient with stage 4 colon cancerslimy mouthsinus congestionalleviate sinus tumor congestion in a dognon pharmacological treatment of congenital hypothyroidismin Large Sizes Across Our New Summer Range. This will be the result of a viral or bacterial infection such as the flu or common cold, an allergic reaction, such as dust allergy or hay fever, or of a reaction to atmospheric pollutants such as cigarette smoke. The maxillary sinus suffers from a design flaw with the passage where mucus drains from being near its roof.

Inflammation and infection of the frontal sinuses can cause serious complications because they are so close to the brain - complications including meningitis, subdural abscess and cellulitis. Like the frontal sinus complications of sphenoid sinusitis are potentially dangerous due to their proximity to the brain. This means mucus is not free draining at the best of times, so given local inflammation it will block rapidly.

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