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Sore throat remedies - home-remedies--, Sore throat refers inflammation pharynx throat occurs frequently due cold influenza attack strep throat infection.
10 sore throat remedies - health., 10 ways soothe sore throat tempted run doctor, treatments home remedies --counter meds,.
If the patient cannot get to a dentist right away, an antibiotic can be used to treat the infection until a dentist can be seen. Natural antibiotics are easier to obtain than their prescription-only cousins and just as easy to use.

If allowed to continue long enough, tooth infections can lead to abscesses (swollen, pus filled tissue in the gums) and fever. A mix of salt and baking soda can be used as well; it can be packed between the cheek and gum or it can be used on a wet cotton ball, then put into place. These at-home treatments should not take the place of a dentist's examination and treatment. Also, some people may be allergic to one or more of these remedies; if so, they should not be used.

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