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For pain relief are many home remedies for sore throat used by our grandparents, but with time have been forgotten and replaced by products containing many chemicals. Compress of cheese: cheese spread evenly over a handkerchief, it is applied around the neck is fixed in a sling and take several hours, preferably overnight. Gargling is another very useful home remedy for sore throat and it is performed every two to three hours during the day.
These are characteristic of throat but can be more serious problems occurring in other parts of the respiratory system leading to acute bronchitis or influenza.

Some of these remedies are gargling, hot tea, honey, lemon. Because you cannot trust the quality of the products you buy from the market anymore, many people prefer to grow their own fruits and vegetables, to ensure they will create efficient sore throat remedies without any harmful chemicals. With the hot fluid is imbued with a woolen cloth cover the neck, try to put as hot as possible (as suffering patient) around the neck. This can be done with several solutions but always starts from a cup of warm water that can be added such as hydrogen peroxide, or a teaspoon of honey and juice of half a lemon in the latter case we cannot opt and treatment with essential oils, dilute 2 drops of oil of cedar and eucalyptus in warm water 2 drops of lemon. This is why making someone suffering from constant sore throats gardening tools gifts is a great idea.

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