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Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Avoid Stinky FeetThe very best way to avoid stinky feet is to keep your feet clean and dry. Stinky Feet Attracts BugsStinky feet and socks are one of the smells that attracts mosquitoes!
Stinky Feet Extra Tips VideoThe video on the right gives some extra tips on fixing stinky feet.
Over The Counter Stinky Feet RemediesMany of the remedies given, have been home remedies or remedies that require items that can be found in the home. Odor-Eaters Ultra Comfort Odor-Destroying InsolesOdor-Eaters are an example of a product that will treat your shoes. Natural Foot Deodorant SprayNatural Foot Deodorant Spray is an example of a product that attacks the foot odor by treating the feet directly.
Xzuber All Natural Odor Eraser Eliminates Foot Odor and Body Odor by controlling the odor causing bacteria! Xzuber Odor EraserXzuber is another product that eliminates foot odor by treating the feet directly. Socks should be worn with all shoes, except shoes that are designed to be worn with out them. EuroNinila 2 years ago from NYC BABY Yucky but I'm sure lots of men and maybe even some women need to read this! There’s no end to the wives tales that promise everything from curing the common cold with chicken soup to losing weight with cabbage.
The tannins in tea are believed to contain natural drying and astringent agents, which can nix the perspiration causing stinky feet.

Eczema can be more than pesky, it can be painful and hard to treat, especially when the chilly, dry months of winter move in. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. There are several remedies listed above, but we try to off as may alternatives as possible.
Most shoes (like flip flops) that don't require socks are made in a manner that your feet are well ventilated and therefore, won't produce as much sweat.
A study from Wheeling Jesuit University reported decreased feelings of fatigue and anxiety when studying volunteers who chewed peppermint and cinnamon gum while driving.
Some preliminary research seems to indicate that the live bacteria in yogurt can actually suppress the bacteria which causes bad breath! Some experts report results in more than 80% of cases when duct tape is used to treat warts. However, some dermatologists recommend using olive oil to reduce inflammation and increase moisture levels in eczema-prone skin. Washing your feet daily and wearing clean socks will go a long way to preventing foot odor or stinky feet.. Washing also helps in controlling bacteria and fungus growth, which can also cause foul foot odors. They are sold in one size and you cut them down (sturdy scissors work well) to fit your shoes. Wool socks are also good at absorbing moisture but they tend to be a bit thicker and warmer, which may cause your feet to sweat more. Here are 6 home remedies that have withstood the test of time, offering up actual health benefits that you can definitely get on board with!

To try this remedy at home, simple spoon some natural yogurt into your diet daily and start seeing the positive effects! To get in on this cure, cover the wart with a small amount of duct tape for 6 days, then remove the duct tape and use a pumice stone to gently remove skin off the top of the wart.
It is is especially important to wash between the toes and in the creases on the underside of the toes. This is a great thing because it keeps your feet dry, but if we use these socks again, without washing them. Scientist create a mosquito trap that lures mosquitoes with an artificial scent that chemically resembles stinky feet. Some people will find certain remedies to be the most effective while others may find the same remedy ineffective. Xzuber is not for daily use like other deodorants, applications becomes less frequent after a few uses. Fungi likes damp and dark places to grow and your feet, tucked away in your shoes and socks create a near perfect environment.
That dried up sweat, bacteria and fungus that the socks absorbed, will now be released on to your feet as your foot sweats. Socks made of synthetic materials, such as acrylic and spandex are a lot less absorbent and don't allow the feet to breathe as much. Wear dirty socks also contributes to transferring the sweat, bacteria, fungi and the stink to your shoes.

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