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Baking soda helps to promote the alkaline pH balance in the body because the high levels of acidity lead to many diseases including pus cells in urine. Onions contains many components that include sulphur, magnesium and potassium salts which have antiseptic, anti – inflammatory, anti – fungal, and analgesic properties which helps to prevent infection.
Basil leaves have strong anti – inflammatory, anti – bacterial, anti – oxidant, anti – viral properties which helps to treat pus cells. Garlic has natural antibiotic effect and hence it can kill the bacteria accumulated pathogens responsible for pus in urine. Green Tea is a well known antioxidant and it helps in the improvement of immune system of the body. Pus in urine indicates infection in the lower or upper urinary tract. Pus cells in the urine are not a disease but it is an indication for the problem in the urinary tract.

Increased acidity in urine can prevent your infections from curing and the pus cells may not reduce. It prevents water retention and cleanses your system of urea and sodium as well as other toxins. This will help in preventing constipation, thereby preventing fecal contamination which may be the cause of pus in urine. Drink this juice daily to reduce the discomfort & pain while urinating and getting rid of pus. You can chew raw garlic cloves 2 to 4 every day in the morning or you can also take 1 or 2 garlic capsules daily until the problem is treated.
Baking soda helps in balancing acid-alkaline nature of urine by making it more of alkaline or basic.

Vitamins and minerals in the fibers along with the roughage helps to strengthen the defense system. Cinnamon powder basically has flavonoids and is anti- allergen which helps in preventing increase in pus cells. Substances like polyphenols in green tea can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting cells and molecules from damage, hence helping in expulsion of pus cells from urine.

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