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Pyuria, a condition characterized by excessive pus cells in the urine, is an early sign of kidney, bladder, and urinary tract problems. Two main causes of this infection are Urinary tract infection (UTI) is more common among women than men. Fungal and viral infections, kidney stones and problems, chemical poisoning, anaerobic bacterial infections, cancer of urinary or genital organs, certain infections in the prostate glands in men, tuberculosis of urinary tract are some other causes. The symptoms include fever, abdominal cramps, foul-smelling urine, the constant urge to urinate, cloudy urine, vomiting, and pain or burning while urinating.
Healthcare professionals usually proscribe antibiotics to treat it, but these can damage the balance of good and bad bacteria in the body if used for long periods, and lead to other problems. Uva Ursi, also known as bearberry, prevents cystitis, nephritis, urethritis, pyelitis, pyelonephritis, and other urinary tract infections. Bearberry is also a mild diuretic, which means it will detoxify the urinary tract by causing you to urinate more frequently. Yogurt contains good bacteria, known as probiotics, which help to fight off bad bacteria in the digestive and urinary systems. Yogurt is also a mild diuretic, so it helps to flush toxins from the body by increasing the frequency of urine and this in turn prevents the bacterial infections of the vagina and urethra. Mix sugar with onions and eat in the morning on empty stomach to prevent the retention of urine in the bladder. Basil has antia€“inflammatory, antia€“bacterial, antia€“oxidant, antia€“viral, and diuretic properties which reduces the pus cells in urine caused by cystitis urinary tract infection.
In the morning, on an empty stomach, chew 4-5 fresh, washed basil leaves and sip water 5 times. Alma, or Indian gooseberry, contains vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system to protect against bacterial infection. Coriander seeds or cilantro or Chinese parsley are diuretic, and they contain a volatile oil called linalool, which reduces flatulence and regulates the digestive system. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system to fight against infection, and it increases the acidity of urine, which prevents the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract.
Cucumber contains molybdenum, sulfur, manganese, potassium, silica, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamins A, C, and B, and folic acid. Mix 2 tablespoons of cucumber juice with A? teaspoon of lemon juice and A? teaspoon of honey. Wood apple is a good source of citric, oxalic, malic, and tannic acids, and it contains iron, phosphorus, calcium, carotene, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, and vitamin C.
Radishes contain folic acid, anthocyanins, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin C, and Ba€“complex vitamins.
When placed on the lower abdomen, a hot compress will help relieve the pain and discomfort of UTI. Women should avoid douching, as this throws off the pH balance of the vagina and thus flush the infection in the uterus and fallopian tubes which in turn results in pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)..
Use echinacea which has anti a€“ microbial property that helps to strengthen the immune system. Drink a glass of pomegranate juice daily to prevent the pus cells and also UTI problems completely.
Drink green tea as it contains antioxidants which improves the immunity to fight against the infection. Eat pineapple, it contains bromelain which has anti a€“ inflammatory property which reduces pain and inflammation.
Never resist the urge to urinate, as this allows bacteria to stay in the urinary tract longer and infect your system. To restore the normal alkalinity of the urine, you should consume a diet rich in plant products.
In Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine system, herbs such as goldenseal, tree turmeric, barberry, goldenthread and Oregon grapes are recommended for healing bladder infections. Bladder infections are frequently accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen and pelvic region. Top 20 Home Remedies For Urine Infections: Health Tips in Telugu, As we all know kidneys are one of the most important organs of our body. If you are suffering from some of common symptoms of UTI infections such as fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, change in urine color, the burning sensation when urinating, passing small urine quantities, and a frequent urge for urinating, then you should read this writing. People with UTI should try applying tea tree oil as it has antibacterial properties, which can help them in fighting the bacteria causing bladder infections like urinary tract infections.
Then you rub this mixture onto your abdominal region & onto the area near your bladder.
Another easy way to cure urinary tract infections is soaking in the warm bath water that is mixed with 2 tsp of the plain yogurt & 6 drops of the tea tree oil. Including the fresh blueberry juice or fresh blueberries in the daily diet is very good for preventing urinary tract infections. Then you add 1 tsp of the Indian gooseberry powder with 1 tsp of turmeric powder into this water. In addition, you can eat more fruits such as bananas, guava, lemons, oranges, kiwi, melon, tomatoes, papaya and raspberries that are rich in vitamin C.
Proanthocyanidins in cranberries can help you in preventing the bacteria from getting in touch with the walls of urethra causing UTI. Drink about 3 to 4 glasses of the unsweetened cranberry juice per day for preventing the infection from causing the damage to kidneys. Pineapple has an enzyme called Bromelain, which contains anti-inflammatory agents that may decrease UTI symptoms.
There are a lot of other healthy home remedies for UTI presented in this article, so continue reading! Uva ursi is another herb containing a number of substances that may help fight infections, including UTIs. Using hot water compresses regularly will give you relief from pain caused by the infection and help minimize bladder pressure. Alternatively, you can also place one heating pad on your lower abdominal area in order to get relief from the pain.
Garlic contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that fight off the infectious bacteria. One of the popular home remedies for UTI (urinary tract infections) infections is using coriander powder.
The following day, again stir this solution in order to mix it well if this powder settles down. Using cinnamon is also considered as one of the magic home remedies for UTI infections in both women & men. The combination of ginger and peppermint helps to decrease the acidity of the urine which further lessens the burning sensation caused due to urinary tract infections. The combination of spinach leaves and carrots is also one of the effective home remedies for UTI infections in both women & men. Take 2 parts of cranberry, 2 parts of chamomile, 1 part of iva ursi, 1 part of echinacea, and one lemon juice. Parsley works as diuretic that helps to cure many problems and acts well by increasing the sodium amount in the kidneys in order to excrete urine. Take one pan and add some water into it and then place the water on the stove over medium heat. Celery seeds work as diuretics and contain butylphthalide that is a major constituent of celery oil. Another option is to take handful seeds of celery and eat it like a snack right after taking the meal which helps to get quicker digestion. Lemon and cream of tartar is an old remedy but acts well to treat the urinary tract infection.
It is recommended to have this every day to cure the infection completely and also restrict its future coming. As you know, cucumber is excellent for its high water content which can help to get extra fluids in the system.
Reduce too hot, spicy or sour or in your daily diet in order to prevent the itching and irritation in the urinary tract. You must stop the irritants things such as alcohol, spicy food, coffee, nicotine, carbonated drinks, artificial sweeteners, etc.

Focus on the beneficial and healthy food like healthy fats and high fiber carbohydrates like olive oil. If you want to know more about natural, at home remedies for other diseases and conditions, go to our main Home Remedies page. Throbbing in the kidneys down to the urethra and fever are the major symptoms of Nephritis. Acute nephritis could be characterized by some throbbing in the kidneys which usually down to the urethra. Usually, persons with nephritis might observe that their urine contains blood, albumin, and casts of red and white cells clumps. Among other symptoms of nephritis are puffiness of the face along with swelling of the ankles and feet. Streptococcus infection of the throat or attack of scarlet or rheumatic fever is the common roots of Nephritis. Nephritis is commonly caused by some streptococcus infection specifically in the throat or an attack of scarlet or rheumatic fever. Also considered as one of the causes is having a wrong eating habit or diet and of course, without question, the weak immune system of the body. Due to its low salt, protein, and high carbohydrate content, the effectiveness of banana in treating nephritis is relatively high. Excellent for treating nephritis, grapes possess an exceptional diuretic value, which could be attributed to their high contents of potassium salt and water. One of the safest home remedies for Nephritis especially intended for acute nephritis is fasting on vegetable juices.
Home remedy for nephritis - After undergoing the vegetable juice fasting, patients may now try the all-fruit diet for four to five days. Diet for nephritis - Subsequently, the patient may slowly try a well-balanced, low-protein vegetarian diet.
The patient should refrain from eating vegetables containing large quantities of oxalic acid like spinach and rhubarb. Take a warm-water enema daily for you to cleanse the bowels during the initial stage of juice fasting.
Pus consists of bacteria, dead white blood cells, and other cellular matter, and it is a symptom of infection.
This is because the female urethra is shorter, which means it’s easier for bacteria to transmit and sexual transmitted diseases. When left untreated it can cause serious kidney problems and permanently damage your overall health. The simple home remedies listed in this article are safe, natural, and effective, and they carry no side effects. Water flushes bacteria from the urinary tract, toxins from the body and keeps it hydrated so it can function properly. They are a rich source of catechin, anthocyanins, triterpenoids, flavonoids, and ascorbic, malic, citric, quinic, benzoic, and glucuronic acids.
Cranberries also contain two essential compounds, called fructose and proanthocyanidin, which prevent E.
Uva Ursi contains a compound called glucoside Arbutin, which acts as an antiseptic and reduces inflammation.
Baking soda helps to neutralize excessive acid in the digestive system and restore the pH balance of the urinary tract.
Yogurt will restore some of the good bacteria destroyed by the antibiotics your doctor may proscribe for UTI. They have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antia€“fungal, antia€“thelmitic, antia€“coagulant, and analgesic properties, all of which help to prevent infection.
It prevents kidney stones by detoxifying the urinary tract and reducing uric acid in the blood. It also helps flush toxins from the body and soothes the inner layers of the bladder to suppress the frequent need to urinate. They also fight fungal and bacterial infections and relieve the burning sensations that come with UTI. Cucumbers are also about 90% water, which means they provide fluids that flush toxins from the body. It comes in capsule form, and should be taken at least 2 times daily to stimulate the immune system and fight against bacterial infection. Home remedies could complement conventional antibiotic medications in reducing the severity of the infection and preventing recurrent bladder infections. The effectiveness of this popular folk medicine in treating bladder infections has been demonstrated in studies. John’s wort or uva ursi, are recommended in folk medicines for treating bladder infections.
Clinical trials suggest that combining 200,000 IU of vitamin A with antimicrobial therapy could prevent recurrent urinary tract infections. These herbs contain berberine, a plant alkaloid that can inhibit growth and multiplication of microbes. Applying a hot water bottle on the abdomen or the vaginal or urethral opening might help to alleviate the pain. In our body they have been assigned the work of filtering and removing harmful and toxic substances from the blood through urine. This fruit has bacteria-inhibiting properties, which will help you in treating urinary tract infections. Apple cider vinegar can help you in preventing the bacteria, which cause urinary tract infections from growing or multiplying.
In addition, the cranberry juice has a mild antibiotic affect, so it is very useful for preventing urinary tract infections from coming back again. Especially, it contains alkaline properties that can help in neutralizing the acids content present in the urine thereby burning sensations felt while urinating during the UTI and reducing the pain as well.
In addition, a hot compress also will help prevent growth of the bacteria that causes the infection and reduce the inflammation. Alternatively, you can apply yogurt around and in your vagina to cure the infection directly.
The vitamin is very necessary for maintaining your bladder healthy because it helps eliminate the infection causing bacteria from the system.
It has a very good anti-inflammatory as well as digestive beverage that can help eliminate the burning sensation while urinating. Moreover, horsetail also helps to clear the bacteria and toxins from the urinary tract by causing the production of urine. Being a diuretic, juniper berry will help induce the bladder and kidney in order to produce more urine and ultimately decrease the UTI infection. For the best result, you can prepare a decoction by boiling fresh or dried roots of horseradish (1 gram) in 80ml of water.
The bioflavonoid helps in getting rid of toxic radicals thus improving the body immunity that helps prevent bacterial growth in the UTI. The berberine contains a unique antibacterial attribute that helps prevent bacteria from clinging on to your walls of the bladder.
When the infection is treated, drink cranberry or chamomile tea for several days as protective drink.
Ginger exhibits anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties that prevent the bacterial overgrowth as well as decrease the pain that was linked to this UTI condition. Lemon juice is very rich in vitamin C while cream of tartar will act by adjusting the pH of the urine and especially makes less friendly environment which further makes the bacteria more difficult to grow into the body. In addition, it also helps to prevent the infection by increasing the frequency of urine and removing the bacteria and other things causing UTI.
This way provides your body with the important minerals and vitamins that are needed to cope with the infection by boosting your immune system. As you see, olive oil is considered as the healthy and good oil for the digestive system’s health. After reading the article of top 30 home remedies for UTI infections in women & men, hope that it can help you find out the best solution to treat as well as prevent UIT infections. More so, fever, scanty and dark colored urine, dull back pain, and fever could also be observed from the affected person.

For chronic states of nephritis, the sufferer usually passes a great amount of albumin in his of her urine. You just have to prepare one glass of carrot juice with a teaspoon of limejuice, mixed with a sweet teaspoon of honey. For about four consecutive days, a did of bananas should be eaten which is approximately eight or nine bananas each day. This fruit has been considered very useful due to its great mineral content while having small protein content. Their roles in helping ease kidney troubles are even enhanced by its low sodium chloride and albumin content. After doing so, he or she can now try having intake of milk every week and the gradually try and adopt a well-balanced diet, which is of course, the most recommended of all. Further juice fasts of short duration and a strict diet for a week should be taken at two or three-month intervals until the kidney condition shows signs of stability. In addition to water, drink organic fruit and vegetable juices and coconut water, and eat fruits that contain a lot of liquid.
Uva Ursi is available in supplement form, and you can use it by following the processes outline below.
The potassium, iron, and iodine in watercress promote cell formation and, as a natural diuretic, it aids the kidneys in flushing out toxins.
Onions are also a mild diuretic that prevents the water retention and help cleanse the urinary tract. To alleviate burning sensations, soak wood apple overnight, then mash and eat it in the morning.
Radish leaf juice contains even more proteins, calcium, and vitamin C than the radish root.
Cranberry contains hippuric acid that inhibits bacterial growth in the bladder by slightly increasing the acidity of the urine. Higher urine pH aids secretion of antimicrobial constituents in the urine, which helps to eliminate infection-causing microbes from the urinary tract. To alleviate the symptoms of bladder infections, you can consume about 100mg of vitamin C supplements daily. In addition, berberine prevents the risk of bladder infections by healing bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract.
Some common causes of UTI include menopause, diabetes, pregnancy, delaying too long to urinate, and sexual intercourse. This writing listed the best solutions to treat as well as prevent UTI from reliable sources.
People with UTI infections can apply apple cider vinegar like a natural antibiotic in order to cure the infection.
Drinking more water will make you urinate more often, which is necessary for preventing and treating this kind of infection.
Firstly, you scoop yogurt from one bowl and then insert 5-7ml of it deep inside the vagina. It is necessary to keep your vagina dry at all times as the bacteria will find it easier to multiply under wet conditions.
Similarly, dandelion works as a diuretic and keep the proper functioning of bladder and kidney. You can combine with a natural diuretic to help in flushing harmful bacteria from your urinary tract. This combination of lemon and cream of tarta will help prevent the bacteria and treat the UTI completely effectively and quickly. However, the article is only for the informational purpose, thus, you should meet your doctor to get advice before applying any at home remedy. In some cases, these are accompanied by a sudden increase in the blood pressure and would later develop into uraemia. Engaging in vegetable juice fasting will remove the toxins and some other impurities accountable for the swelling kidney. Aside from adopting a well-balanced diet, you may want to adopt low-protein vegetarian diet while emphasizing fruits and steamed and raw vegetables. These contain the vitamins and minerals your immune system needs to protect against infection. In addition, the phytocompounds known as proanthocyanidins present in cranberry prevents the bacteria from adhering to the bladder tissues.
Intake of bearberry helps to increase the antimicrobial content in the urine, which helps to kill the infection causing bacteria residing in the bladder.
People suffering from bladder infections should consume six to eight grams of sodium bicarbonate with a glass of water daily. This condition can be cured and prevented by many natural home remedies instead of the conventional treatment.
Nevertheless, it is only for the informational purpose and it is not aimed to give medical advice. These antioxidants also help you in preventing the growth of bacteria causing urinary tract infections. When you take this supplement, the antiseptic quality present in this herb gently stimulates urination and kills the bacteria as well.
Along with water, you can drink vegetable and fruit juices to bring your body with essential minerals and for fighting off the infection. This process must be done at least three times for about 3 days to remove the infection completely. This remedy should be done for about 4-5 days in order to ensure complete removal of the bacteria. Do not add honey or sugar to the juices. Alternatively, you can take vitamin C supplements to cure the infection.
It not only helps in alleviating the irritated and inflamed tissues of the bladder but is also helps in nourishing these tissues. The combination of horsetail and dandelion tea would act like charm to reduce UTI symptoms. A liberal intake of Vitamin C high food is very necessary in eliminating and arresting UTI. Extract of goldenseal herb (a tablespoon) can be taken up to three times a day to treat urinary tract infections. If you have any question, or you know other natural home remedies for uti infections, please leave them below. Nephritis could be fatal if its progress was not hindered and not treated at the early stage of diagnosis.
Meanwhile, in chronic cases, a short juice fasting for about three days may be preceded with a restricted diet for about ten days. Studies suggest that sexually active women, who drink 250ml cranberry juice, thrice a day, have significantly lower risk of experiencing bladder infections.
Note: People with liver or kidney disease, children and nursing or pregnant women should not take uva ursi. You should remember to use only plain yogurt (not flavored yogurt) for curing the infection. Plus, it also works by improving the acidity of the urine thereby inhibiting bacterial growth. Using horseradish is not suggested for people with peptic ulcer or kidney problem or for pregnant women.
Food rich in vitamin C include Bell pepper, black currants, cantaloupe, chives, cloves, broccoli, dried basil, dry coriander, fortified cereals, lemon, oranges, dry rosemary, parsley, pummelos, raw mango powder, raw Brussles sprouts red cabbage, rola West Indian cherry, saffron, red pepper cayenne, thyme, sun-dried tomatoes, Indian gooseberry and turnip greens. For lunch, a salad of raw vegetables, which are in season and a dinner of one or more vegetables steamed with some nuts, will do.

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