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Thus, whenever you experience an obstinate and unbearable toothache, take it as a warning symptom of an abscessed tooth. You can prepare an alkaline mouthwash with the help of ingredients which are readily available in your home.
Applying wet tea bags of black tea to the affected tooth can be very effective in alleviating the pain caused by abscess.
Garlic has the antibiotic properties which helps fight the tooth abscess infection in a natural way. You can also consume one garlic capsule thrice in a day to deal with an abscessed tooth. If the aforementioned home remedies do not help in alleviating the throbbing pain in your abscessed tooth, you must check with a dentist for an extensive treatment. An abscessed tooth is a painful dental condition caused due to a bacterial infection which affects the root of a tooth and the gums. Oil pulling, an age-old Ayurvedic remedy, can cure painful gums resulting due to an abscessed tooth.
Another effective home remedy to treat an abscessed tooth is treating it with peppermint oil or peppermint juice.
Turmeric possesses antiseptic and antibiotic properties that help in alleviating the dental pain caused due to an abscessed tooth.
Another home remedy to treat an abscessed tooth is swishing apple cider vinegar in your mouth for a couple of minutes a few times a day. Antibacterial and antiseptic properties of salt prove effectual in mitigating oral inflammation and pain caused due to an abscessed tooth. Another effective home remedy to treat your abscessed tooth and painful gums is treating them with oregano oil.
Tooth infection results in the accumulation of live and dead bacteria and dead tissue and white blood cells. The main symptoms of tooth infection are fever, bad odor from the mouth, pain when chewing or biting food, sensitivity to hot and cold, swelling of the gum over the infected tooth and a bitter taste in the mouth. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too!
Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. Some of the good oral hygiene practices include rinsing the mouth after having meals and brushing teeth twice in a day. The problem of tooth infection can be resolved with the help of home remedies.
Fresh aloe vera gel can be rubbed on the affected area to cure the problem of tooth infection.
The main causes of an abscessed tooth are – tooth decay, gum disease or any kind of trauma to the tooth. Although an abscessed tooth requires an immediate medical attention and only a dentist can solve this issue, some home remedies can also help ease your pain and uneasiness linked with the disease.
Black tea consists of Tannins which helps to draw off the infection and decrease the swelling in your abscessed tooth. You can consume garlic either in roasted or mashed form and mix it with a little bit of yogurt.

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Its natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties mitigate the pain and prevent the growth of bacterial infection in the mouth. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of peppermint alleviate the inflammation and restrict the growth of bacterial infection. Disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties of apple cider vinegar disinfect the affected gums and tooth and reduce the inflammation and dental pain. Antioxidant and antibacterial properties of oregano oil improve your immunity, fight tooth infections, and heal the affected tooth and gums in a short time span. Pus collects within the tooth and causes no amount of swelling and pain.  If the infection remains active and unmitigated it spreads out from the root of the tooth to the bones supporting the tooth.
Infection is mostly caused by openings in the tooth enamel which allow the bacteria to invade and infect the center of the tooth. It is full of powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti microbial properties which kill the bacteria rapidly and prevent it from surfing again. Take a cotton ball and dip it in some clove oil. Stir in half a teaspoon of salt and rinse your mouth slowly and well with this mixture every couple of hours. An individual having tooth infection may experience pain while chewing, brushing or rinsing.
If desired results are not obtained within a reasonable period of time with the use of these remedies, it is advisable to consult a specialist.
A teaspoon of vinegar or baking soda can also be added to the salt water to make it more effective. Gargling or rinsing the mouth with warm water containing the extract of guava leaves and salt can cure tooth infection. A mixture of garlic oil and clove oil can be directly applied on the affected tooth to deal with the problems resulting from tooth infection.Another option is to apply a mixture of garlic juice and rock salt on the affected area.
Aloe vera toothpaste can also be used to treat the problems (such as tooth pain) resulting from tooth infection. This kind of infection can take place either between the gum and tooth or at the root of the tooth.
It is also famous for its germicidal properties, which helps in alleviating the toothache, mouth ulcers, sore gums and dental pain.Take a small tissue paper or a cotton swab and dab it with a little clove oil, now put it in on the affected tooth. The recommended place to put this paste is between your cheek and the affected tooth.Let the cotton ball remain in the same area for about forty five minutes. Place the wet tea bags inside your mouth in the affected area for about twenty minutes after every one hour. Now, place this inside your mouth on the abscessed tooth, this process may be painful, but it will definitely help in dragging out the infection. Poor dental health and consumption of diet comprising high amount of sugar and sticky food items can increase the risk of this painful dental condition.
Simply place a small piece of fresh garlic in your mouth and chew it till the pain reduces.

Just rub a couple of drops of peppermint oil on the affected tooth and gums with your fingertips. Mix a pinch of turmeric power and water, prepare its paste, and apply it on the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes.
All you need to do is mix a teaspoon of salt with lukewarm water till the salt is dissolved completely and rinse your mouth with the liquid two or three times a day. You simply need to apply a few drops of oregano oil directly on the affected gums and tooth for 15 minutes. The severe and throbbing pain is continuous in the infected tooth and it also affects the jaws.
Symptoms of tooth infection include swelling, sensitivity to hot or cold food, swollen lymph node, unbearable pain in tooth, foul-smell or bleeding in the tooth. Applying clove oil on the affected area can provide immediate relief from tooth pain. A paste of clove and peppermint can be rubbed directly on the affected tooth to obtain quick results. Chewing wheatgrass can provide relief from the various problems associated with tooth infection. The pain in your abscessed tooth is dreadful and once it happens, there is a possibility of spreading of this infection all over your mouth as well as your body.
Now your alkaline solution is ready for use.Wash your mouth with this solution at least 3-4 times within a couple of hours or even more until your pain gets reduced.
Acute toothache, inflammation, and pockets of pus are some the common symptoms of an abscessed tooth. Blackseed oil will destroy the infection causing bacteria and will instantly relieve the swelling in the gums.
Some pain-killers gives you temporary relieve from tooth infection pain but that’s not enough, you must seek your dentist advice and treatment.
Once your tooth is diagnosed with an abscess, you must undergo the treatment without delay otherwise it can even be fatal in severe cases.
This alkaline mouthwash helps in killing the bacteria and eases the throbbing pain in your abscessed tooth. If it is left untreated, the bacterial infection may affect the bone that supports the tooth and may result in serious, complicated condition.
All you need to do is swish coconut oil in your mouth for at least 15 minutes, spit it out, and then rinse your mouth with warm water.
Clove oil will also alleviate the throbbing pain in the tooth and the jaws and bring relief in the swelling. If you are going through unbearable tooth pain, there is needed to go for best home remedies to treat your tooth infection. So it is very important to treat an abscessed tooth as soon as possible with effective home remedies to alleviate the pain.

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