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Nail fungus remedies takes a look at some genuine and simple ways to help get rid of this embarrassing fungus under the nails of your hands, your feet or both.Fungal infections under the nails, medically known as paronychia may cause discoloration and swelling with the nails becoming raised from the nail bed.
Ingredients50% White Distilled Vinegar50% pure waterSoak your nails in this mixture for 10 to 20 minutes per day.The acid in vinegar (see uses for vinegar) relieves the itching. Common symptoms of the condition include nails that are dull, lackluster, thickened, distorted, brittle, ragged and discolored etc. The condition can be treated with several OTC and prescription medications that, however, cause side effects like itching, burning, skin rashes and even liver damage etc. A suitable alternative would be to opt for certain home remedies that offer the same benefits as standard medications, but with little or no side effects. When mixed in equal parts with vinegar and applied over the infected area, hydrogen peroxide can effectively get rid of the dermatophyte fungus and cure fingernail fungus.
Green tea contains potent antifungal properties that help deal with a variety of fungal infections in the human body, including Onychomycosis.
Tea Tree Oil contains potent antifungal properties that help deal with several kinds of fungal infections related to the skin. Bleach happens to work well for mild-severe cases of fingernail fungus wherein the infection remains on the nail bed without penetrating the skin underneath it. Even though these home remedies would provide effective relief from finger nail fungus and its symptoms, it is considered essential to note that these remedies work better when coupled with certain precautionary measures. Nail fungus (also referred to as onychomycosis) is a condition that occurs when fungi begin to infect your nails. Toenail fungus is the most common form of this infection, but the condition can also affect fingernails.
At the early stages of the infection, the fungus will create a small white or yellow spot under the tip of the nail. The edges of the nail will also start to crumble and the nail will begin to change to yellow or green, and occasionally brown or black. In some situations, the nail can even separate and lift off from the nail bed (this is referred to as onycholysis). If left untreated, nail fungus can be painful and it can also cause your nails to become permanently damaged. See our headache remedies page for more information on the similarities and differences between these tension headaches and migraine headaches. This is one of the main reasons that toenail fungus is so common, since our shoes fit the description of this ideal environment. Men are affected by nail fungus more often than women, and these infections are quite common among older adults due to reduced blood circulation.
Diabetes: this reduces circulation and suppresses the immune system, which increase the risk of toenail fungus. Public Places: walking barefoot in damp public places such as gyms, showers, or swimming pools will increase your nail fungus risk. Moist Environment: if you work in a humid or moist environment each day, or if you perspire heavily on a regular basis, can increase your chances of developing a fungal nail infection.
Injuries: having a skin injury near your nail, or even having a damaged nail, can allow fungi to penetrate and cause an infection. Long Nails: it is better to keep your nails trimmed and short to eliminate the environment that fungi prefer. Simply mix 1 part vinegar and 2 parts of warm water, and then soak your hands or feet for 15 to 20 minutes once per day.
If you notice any skin irritation due to the Apple Cider Vinegar, you can either reduce the frequency of soaking to 2 or 3 times a week, or you can dilute the vinegar by adding more water (such as 3 parts water for 1 part of vinegar).
Apply a few drops of Manuka oil directly onto the affected feet twice daily and cover them with fine cotton fabric or cotton socks for at least 30 minutes. You can also mix 10 drops of Manuka Oil into 2 quarts of lukewarm water, and then soak your feet for 15 minutes once per day. Castor Oil is another oil that has been found to be effective at treating nail fungus infections. Simply soak an unbleached cotton cloth with Castor oil, and wrap it around the infected feet overnight. You can place some plastic sheet under your feet in order to prevent the oil from affecting your bed sheets or mattress.
Although it is not clear why, many people have found that Vicks VapoRub can help treat toenail fungus if used continuously over a few months.

A theory is that the active ingredients in the product (menthol, eucalyptus, camphor) can help prevent the growth of fungus. Dry your feet, and then apply Vicks VapoRub all over the toenail (above and under the tip) and also all over the feet. Note that this is a slow remedy, but many people have found it to be effective when used diligently over the course of 3 to 6 months.
Manuka oil is one of the six active ingredients of ZeroFungus, the best anti-fungal cream according to my experience.
Sign up for our free newsletter and receive the latest home remedies and natural cures directly through email! Mix tea tree oil, manuka oil and eucalyptus oil together and apply few drops to the affected nail and skin around nail fungus 2-3 times daily. Nail fungus is a common infection and many people suffer from the fungus without doing anything about it. Vinegar has acidic properties that help inhibit the growth of certain types of fungi and bacteria.
Oregano essential oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that make it very effective in treating nail fungus. However, rinse the area well using a mild soap and warm water after soaking it in bleach mixture. Like oregano essential oil, tea tree essential oil too has anti-fungal properties which make the oil very effective in treatment of various infections. Since tea tree is an essential oil it needs to be mixed with any carrier oil for application. Since ancient times garlic is being used for treating various fungal, bacterial and viral infections. It can also be used as an effective home remedy to treat conditions like fingernail fungus which are also caused by bacteria.The active ingredients present in Listerine include ethanol, benzoic acid, eucalyptol and thymol etc. When applied directly over the infected area, the extract can eradicate the fungus causing the infection quickly and clear the area effectively. Although raw salt scrubs would cause a burning sensation when applied to the infected area, scented salt scrubs (which are usually mixed with essential oils) manage to clear the infection without harming the underlying skin.Applying some scented salt scrub over the infected area at least once every day can prove to be very helpful in treating finger and toenail fungal infections. Containing petroleum jelly, methanol and essential oils as its active ingredients, Vicks VapoRub can easily penetrate the root of the infection and start eradicating the fungus from there. The remedy is known to effectively tackle Onychomycosis and almost the causes related to the same. The best bet would be to use 100% non diluted tea tree oil to cure the infection and quicken the healing process.
A solution of bleach and water mixed in the ratio 1:1 can be applied directly on the infected areas using a cotton ball. These include washing hands and fingernails frequently using disinfectants or antibacterial soaps, drying the fingers and fingernails properly after washing them, keeping the nails trimmed and avoiding all kinds of nail polishes and nail decorations until the infection is taken care of. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. I started a blog where I take a picture every week to document whether it's actually working. I made a website and I'm taking a picture of my toes every week to show people whether it works or not (hopefully it does). It thrives in warm, moist and dark places that start in nail bed and spreads to the other areas. However, there are many user testimonials to show that VapoRub is indeed effective in removing fungus from the nail.
However, no essential oil should be rubbed directly on the skin as it has very strong acidic properties that can irritate and harm the skin.
Combine 2ml of tea tree oil with 3ml of olive oil and rub this mixture daily on the nail and the surrounding skin for 3 weeks. Listerine mouthwash has anti-fungal and anti-bacteria ingredients that make the mouthwash ideal for curing nail fungus. The acidic environment provided by vinegar would create unfavorable conditions for the fungus to survive and inhibit its growth to a great extent.
Soak the infected area in the solution for about 30 minutes on a regular basis (at least twice a day) for maximum benefits. The best option would be to use an eye or nose dropper and apply a few drops of the solution beneath the nail.Repeat the same procedure twice a day until the infection clears up.

Dab a good amount of the mixture on the infected areas and cover them with cotton gloves afterwards.
All you need to do is apply some tea tree oil to a ball of cotton and place the cotton ball directly on the infected areas. An eye dropper can be used to apply some drops of the solution beneath the nail beds to get rid of the infection in these ‘hard to reach’ areas. Hold it on the place with bandage or tape that helps to relieve itching as well as kills the fungi. Treatments available in hospitals cannot cure the infection completely and often the infection returns. Tea tree essential oil is also used in the treatment of other infections like athlete’s foot, bacterial vaginosis, impetigo etc. Continue the practice until the fungus is destroyed completely, which is usually indicated by the infected area clearing up. Although mild stinging is considered normal when applying the solution, stop the treatment if you start to experience severe itching or burning in the area. All you need to do is dip the infected areas in a bowl of Listerine for about 10-15 minutes at least once every day for quick and desirable results. Using an eye dropper to apply a few drops of the oil directly beneath the nails should also do the trick. Applying the diluted bleach solution on the infected fingernails at least twice every day would yield positive results within a few weeks. You can also use any one oil from above oils as all of them contain natural antifungal properties.
Also, these treatments are expensive and take long to show any results.Therefore, many people resort to home remedies as they are cheap and quite effective in curing nail fungus infection.
After soaking the feet in vinegar wash it well with plain water and pat it dry or use hair dryer to dry your nail completely. You will see improvement in your condition when the nail loses its discoloration.Some people also like to mix vinegar or ascetic acid in the mouthwash for faster results. Dabbing a cotton ball in the solution and applying the same over the infected area can also provide desirable results.
Repeat the practice for about 2 times every day to get rid of the infection quickly and effectively. It may be difficult to treat and reappears after some period of time.It is important to stop the progression when symptoms of infection are first seen. The vinegar treatment should be done daily at least thrice a day, for up to 4 weeks. You will soon see a difference in the color of your nail.
The nails will return to their normal and healthy color once you stop the treatment. The positive part of this treatment is that your nail will be fungus free forever. You can even add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to increase the potential of the soak. Treatment needs to be stopped, however, if the area becomes itchy or shows signs of developing a rash after coming in contact with vinegar. Don’t opt for nylon gloves or covers as these would cause excessive sweating and aggravate the growth of the dermatophyte fungus.
The video testimonails on this product are good but I like to listen to folks that already use a product that works already and if it works faster than the remedies.
Usually doctors prescribe strong medicines to destroy the fungus; it may include oral anti fungal and topical medicines. Vinegar will not only prevent the fungus from growing but will also remove the existing fungus from the skin. But remember to do this treatment regularly for the required time or the fungus may grow back.
Dip the infected nail in the soak for 15-20 minutes and then rinse the area with lukewarm water.

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