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We are concerned about your dog’s general health and grooming, and we are now sharing with you readers and dog lovers the best natural ear cleaner recipes.
In case your dog (or you) does not like the scent of the iodine, you can skip this ingredient. Try making the above ear cleaners at home, apply them on your doggie and let us know about your experience.

These are natural and effective for the health of your pet’s ears and would even act as a great cure during general infections. Try these out yourself and include them in your dog’s regular grooming routine, rather than opting for the commercial ear cleaners, treated with crude chemical available in the pet store.
Just pour in a few drops of the oil inside your dog’s ears and wait until the oil does the rest of the job, loosening the hard waxes inside.

Pour this home remedy solution in your dog’s and puppy’s ears as and when required for a perfect cleaning.

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