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Diabetes can occur in puppies (juvenile-onset diabetes) or in adult dogs (adult onset diabetes).
A diet that is high in fiber and complex carbohydrates for instance, slows the digestive process and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that the use of carefully chosen herbal remedies and dietary supplements can help to both prevent diabetes and to keep it under control in animals who have already developed it. Along with the correct lifestyle changes, herbal remedies and dietary supplements can reduce or eliminate the need for prescription medication and can also aid in preventing some of the tissue and organ damage associated with uncontrolled blood sugar levels. PetAlive GlucoBalance contains a specially selected combination of herbs known for their ability to improve the production and bio-availability of insulin.
Research has demonstrated that the ingredients in GlucoBalance help to regulate blood sugar levels.
GlucoBalance is an excellent supplement for the diabetic pet and will also help to reduce high cholesterol, improve immune functioning and treat and prevent the symptoms of diabetes related conditions such as eye, bladder and circulation problems. GlucoBalance is very effective used alone, or as part of a total veterinarian treatment program. Vaccinium myrtilus (Bilberry): Research has demonstrated that Bilberry can reduce blood sugar levels in Type 11 Diabetes and can also increase insulin production. Galega officinalis Research has suggested that the use of Galega officinalis can enlarge the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas, which are responsible for the production on insulin. Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek) is one of the oldest medicinal herbs and has documented use in Ancient Egyptian history and Chinese Traditional Medicine. Chromium This is a mineral supplement which has been clinically proven to improve the effectiveness of insulin and is the most easily absorbed form of chromium. GlucoBalance must be used regularly for maximum effect , to improve insulin production and availability and to protect your pet against illness and the harmful effects of diabetes on the body. The capsules are easy to administer to pets and may be given whole or opened and mixed with food or a treat, depending on your pet's size and preferences. One bottle of GlucoBalance contains 60 capsules and will last for 15 - 60 days, depending on the size of your pet.
Not words I long to hear after I’ve prescribed for a patient, but that’s what Lily went through, starting a day after her dose of mercurius vivus 10M, her third remedy on my quest to cure her of heartworms with homeopathy. She’s a Dachshund, wired to move and DO THINGS, and her mama was warned not to get too close to her cage to get her excited, even, you may recall.
Margo figured that kind of treatment was too toxic, risky, and restrictive, so she opted to come for homeopathy’s gentler ways.
Was she showing any other signs indicative of pica (craving for indigestibles or strange things, like dirt, rock, paper, or stool)? Through all this, she remained hungry, but Margo wisely decided a fast was in order until this was past.
The only time in her life she’d been sick (before getting vaccinosis recently, after her first rabies vaccination ever), along with her rash, presumably from her polyester sweater and exposure to new carpet, she’s had explosive nighttime diarrhea. As we spoke two weeks later, all of this had passed, and to Margo and everyone who looked at her, she was now just a healthy, chipper dog. It’s often the case that when a remedy has been “close” in similarity to the patient’s disease, but not an exact match, some new symptoms may emerge. A more important question, though, having gone through these symptom changes, is this: is there any strong evidence that Lily is cured? I want to see the remaining symptoms clear up to have more confidence that Lily is fully, wholly well. So, I re-analyzed and sent Lily a remedy called graphites, actually made from the substance graphite, a form of carbon. Graphites has an affinity for orifices (you may remember Lily has had some symptoms around her anus, both the itch and the odd halo of whitish stuff that appeared). It’s one of the remedies that fits for female reproductive troubles (which is where this story got its start). Patients needing graphites are keen to be in fresh air, like Lily, and it’s a prominent worm remedy. Appetite in the graphites patient is often ravenous, but it’s more that they have some stomach discomfort that’s relieved by eating something. Graphites patients can get diarrhea easily from, ahem, “dietary indiscretion.” That’s a kind way of saying eating garbage or changing dietary intake.
And the graphites patient can have this irritability that sends Lily, hackles raised, towards big dogs. It’s also close to the time to get Lily retested for heartworm, as it’s been five months since she’s been under homeopathic prescribing since her prior test. Filed Under: Homeopathic Practice Cases Tagged With: Heartworm, heartworm treatmentVital Animal Pack!
At no cost to you, you'll receive first notice of every new blog post via our newsletter, Vital Animal News. No, I typically don’t expect a patient to test negative until about 6 months in, though Mr.
There had to have been adults, at least in my read of the parasitologist’s take on the disease, at least 3 adults, in order for a test to go positive (again, the antigen test, right?). Oh, how I would love to be attending the AVH meeting in Portland, but it’s not in the cards for me at this point in time. I look forward to reading the rest of Lily’s saga – thank you, and keep up the excellent work!
She’s also been eating mulch when she can find it, but gravel seems to be her favorite.
On another note, the writing On the Front Line with Resistance I find it captivating and charming. Register for our free library and get access to valuable learning materials to raise and keep your animals Vital.
Herbs to the Rescue for Digestive ProblemsSlippery Elm bark will sooth the stomach and intestines. A Guide to Animal AcupressureAcupressure is an non-invasive ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the bodya€™s natural self-curative abilities. Medical science says garlic is poisonous to dogs, but are they referring to the same garlic remedy thata€™s been used in treating dogs by holistic vets for decades? Heartworm prevention and treatment is big business and a cash cow for veterinarians and pharmaceutical companies. If you have a blog or a social network page please give a mention or better yet a link back to the site.
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Important - If you use an article from my site you must give credit to the author and provide a link to the authors site. Tips on Getting Your Cat to EatCat owners are very familiar with the "fussy-eater" syndrome that most cats have. Cat History And Cat Classification Of Domestic CatsScientists classify living organisms into different kingdoms, family, and orders to study more about them. Blindness in Cats - Five Common Causes of Feline BlindnessCats naturally have superior vision.
The Importance of Potassium With Older FelinesAs your cat ages, they will encounter numerous changes over time that will eventually lead to a failure of their organs and internal systems – this is a fact of life. Cat Breeds and Their PersonalitiesWith the exception of a few true lovers of cats, Americans have always been less particular about the origins of their cats and their dogs.
Persian cat grooming; what you need to knowWhether you bought your Persian cat as a show cat or simply as a house pet, the fact is that Persians need more grooming than the average cat and that responsibility falls upon you.
A Squinting Cat May Signal ConjunctivitisIf your handsome Maine coon winks at you from across the room and doesn't stop, it's probably not saying, "Hey baby, can I buy you a drink?" In all likelihood it's squinting because its eye hurts. Complete Information on Cat Scratch DiseaseCat scratch disease (CSD) is a bacterial disease caused by Bartonella henselae.
Cats are now living longer than ever before with the average age of a house cat that has been well cared for being around 15 years of age. Felines are amazing pieces of machinery, so to speak, in that they have the capability of repairing themselves. From the time they are kittens, cats need to be provided with four critical elements in order to enter their golden years in the best possible shape – an appropriate amount of regular exercise, good health care, proper nutrition, and a stimulating lifestyle. Most dog owners are well aware of the deadly consequences a heartworm infection can have on their pet and strictly adhere to monthly preventatives. When you decide to add a new cat to your home, it's normally more exiting for you and your family than it is for the cat you already own. If you are introducing kittens to one another, the entire introduction process can be short, lasting as little as 10 - 15 days. When you bring your new cat home, you should let him stay in a safe room until you have finished introducing the cats. Many cat owners are happy for their cat to jump onto kitchen benches, but there are good reasons why this practice shouldn't be allowed.
There are several methods which can be used to discourage this behaviour using what is known as "remote punishment".
Regularly grooming your pet cat help lessen hair ball problems and will make the fur of your cat look more healthy and shinny. We all love and care for our cats despite their annoying penchant for vomiting on a regular basis.
Each of these spew-types represents a different level of challenge in the attempt to destroy all evidence of the incident.
Hairballs can be plucked, scooped or even rolled effectively from the rug using a variety of techniques and then disposed of.
Many of the removal techniques that work on a hairball work just as well on a kibble ball as the true kibble ball is only slightly moist and has good shape retention characteristics.
San Antonio Feral Cat CoalitionSan Antonio Feral Cat Coalition is organized to promote Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and public education of feral cat issues in the San Antonio area. South Texas Persian RescueWe are a rescue specializing in rescuing persians, himalayans, exotic shorthairs, and ragdolls.
I Am What I Eat - A Love Letter From Your Cat I need a balanced diet that includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water.
Exotic - the Facts Every Owner of This Cat Breed Should KnowIn the 1960s a Persian was crossed with a Domestic Shorthair in an attempt to create a Persian with only short hair. Fat cat burglar gets stuck in doggy door: An Oregon woman says a neighborhood cat was stealing cat food from her garage, but she couldn't catch the thief. How To Stop Your Cat Scratching And Ruining Your Furniture: It's natural for cats to scratch but often it destroys your good furniture. Yemengzhu - The 3 Billion Dollar RockWhat weighs 6.2 tons and is worth more then 3.1 billion dollars? Red fluorescent cats: This picture, taken through a special filter in a dark room, shows a cat, left, possessing a red fluorescent protein that makes the animal glow in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet rays, appearing next to a normal cloned cat. How to Treat Ringworm on Your Cat and What to Look ForRingworm in the cat appears in the form of little round spots from the size of a ten-cent piece to the size of a quarter-dollar. Can Cats and Dogs Safely Chase Lasers and Laser Pointers?Even the laziest and hardest to please cat or dog will go crazy playing with lasers and can get hours of fun and exercise chasing the laser beam.
Burmese - the Facts Every Owner of This Cat Breed Should KnowThe modern Burmese breed has roots muddled in history.
Everything A New Cat Owner Needs To KnowBefore you look for a new cat, you should know what you are getting into. Cat BedsCat beds are not only nice to sleep in, but they can become necessary to your cat's health.
Simply killing adult fleas isn't enough to control flea infestation; flea larvae hatch from eggs and then mature into adults.
Remove any weeds from your lawn, especially those growing around fence lines and in sidewalk cracks.
Problems That Aging Cats are Susceptible toFor more easy, practical tips on taking great care of your cat be sure to visit the author’s feline health site now. Studies have also connected pet ownership with lower blood pressure and reduced anxiety levels.
State University of New York researchers found that the cat doesn't even have to be present to achieve this.
It is well known that cat owners have lower stress levels overall, so perhaps the health advantages are a result of being more relaxed. Cat ownership may be a surprising remedy for absenteeism, however, good health and more days at school are just two of the many benefits to children of having a cat in their lives. Additionally, children who own pets are more likely to be involved in sports, hobbies, clubs and other social activities. It seems obvious to say then, that pets hold an important place in many children's lives, often on a par with parents, grandparents and siblings. If you already have cat members of your family, know that they are doing your children the world of good. Owning a Cat - How it Benefits Your ChildJenny is a cat lover and webmaster of Pictures of Cats You are welcome to reproduce this article on your pet or family related web site, as long as you reproduce the article in full, including this resource box and link to her website featuring photo and video galleries of beautiful cats. Due to an increase in adverse reactions to spot-on flea and tick products (treatments placed over the animal' back), the EPA is intensifying its evaluation of these agents. Here is your chance to put a rotating picture gallery of the cats of on your blog or website.
Drop this code into your page and the gallery will function just like the pictures you see on my site, changing each time your visitor refreshes the page. Do you need a cheap, healthy alternative to store bought kitten food to help wean your kittens off their mother's milk and transition them to traditional canned kitten food?
You can serve the completed homemade kitten food the way it is, or you can store it for use later.
If you are going to use food that you have prepared in advance, you will want to warm it up before serving, especially if it is coming from the refrigerator or freezer. If the mother cat is still in the home and she is already litter trained, then litter training her kittens is a natural process. For most kitten owners, the mother cat is not in the home if the kitten was orphaned or purchased. The key to litter training a kitten is to let it get used to the litter tray as soon as possible.
Just be sure to place the litter tray a reasonable distance away from where the kitten is fed and where it sleeps.
When a kitten is still very young, it will not be able to "cover up" very well after its toilet, as most adult cats are capable of. In the wild or in the garden, cats will scoop soil and earth to cover but in the home, if you provide commercial cat litter, they will naturally scoop the litter to cover up the poop. Although you can expect to pick up poop after your kitten in the first few weeks, litter training a kitten is relatively easy and can be 100% trouble-free once it gets used to the routine of using the litter tray.
If you leave the door open and there are clothes inside, there's a good chance your kitten will climb in and go to sleep.
If your kitten is a wire chewer, you'll need to put wires out of her reach or buy plastic covers for them. Caring for your cat during pregnancy may require a lot of time and effort in your part but it is a very wonderful and rewarding experience. You might also want to save your curtains and drapes from kitten scratches so it would be advisable to tie them up so your kittens will not be able to reach them. Another good preparation that you should not forget is to shop for things that your kitten will need. You should also get them the things they need like their own bowls, kitty basket or bed, blanket, litter box, and toys.
Preventing Struvite Crystals in Your Dog Or CatDepending on the size, bladder stones or struvite crystals can be removed surgically or dissolved by the use of diet. What Are the Top 10 Most Popular Pedigreed Cat Breeds?Pedigreed cats are a source of joy and pride for their owners. The Dog Health Guide is not intended to replace the advice of a Veterinarian or other Health Professional.
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Bilberry is a very powerful anti-oxidant due to high levels of anthocyanosides, which help to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. Recent research in the West has highlighted the hypoglycemic properties of this highly versatile herbal remedy, which is also known to assist with the control of high cholesterol.
More recent research has highlighted the ability of this remedy to improve the functioning of the immune system and protect against disease. It also helps in the breakdown of fats and can therefore balance cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. Ask your vet to monitor your pet's progress to determine whether regular use of GlucoBalance will allow a reduction in conventional treatment.
With regular use , you should begin to notice a general improvement in health within 3 - 6 weeks - as well as a reduction in diabetes related conditions. Without the nasty poisons that suddenly kill them and make a long “cage rest” lockup necessary. The birds around our complex were all busily pushing their babies out of the nest, and the rain early in the month had brought out numerous toads and earthworms who died in inopportune places.

And she remembered (and I learned for the first time) that years ago she’d done a similar thing. They are “new” in the sense that we may not have seen them before, but they are now brought to the surface. Then I will feel more confident that she’ll have cleared her worm burden and rebuilt her resistance. Falconer's ebook Insider Immune Protocols and the Bach Flowers for Animals Course, both free with membership.
And, my best guess is that the adults are just attacked by the immune system and discharged through the lymph, like any foreign material would be. Our pug, Sophie, has been eating gravel off of the road during our walks for a few weeks now. Unlike veterinary acupuncture done with needles, acupressure treatments, can easily be done by the pet owner at home. If you have read, heard or been told that you cannot give a preventative (such as HeartgardA®), to an already infected dog, remember this: The American Heartworm Society (AHS), recommends giving HeartgardA® (Ivermectin) monthly for the first several months as TREATMENT for a heartworm infected dog.
You want to rid your cat of heartworms but many factors need to be looked at before proceeding. Advantix, Arthramine, Cosequin, Frontline, Heartgard - find the best deals in pet medication for flea and tick control, arthritis and lyme disease. Many worry that their cat will become malnourished or just be constantly hungry all the time. Although, most people do not get into such details, but certain individuals who love cats, will definitely want to know the scientific classification of cats. However, it is possible to prolong their longevity by paying attention to the special needs that of older felines and by providing your cat with those elements that they will benefit from as they grow older. If you don't know where to start with learning how to groom your cat then this article is for you. By definition, conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the inner eyelid and the superficial layer of the eye. Some veterinarians will tell you that a one-year old cat is equivalent to a 16-year old child, although I think this is extreme. Additionally, cats that have been neutered or spayed tend to live longer than those that have not been. For instance, despite the fact that they have two kidneys, they only need a part of one of them in order to stay healthy. However, many cat owners are unaware that their pets are susceptible to these parasites as well, even if their feline friend lives only indoors. Allan Paul, a veterinary parasitologist at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.
Years ago the disease would have been diagnosed as feline asthma, but now veterinarians realize that cats can get heartworm disease, too.
Although most cats are solitary by nature, most will also come to accept or eventually tolerate any additions. This means the environment is responsible for creating a deterrent to jumping onto the benches, and not you. Just like you, pets also has their sensitive parts and this is one of the reasons why your pet dont want to be touched or groomed. You should slowly work your cat to get it used to grooming or even petting or giving it rewards after grooming can be very effective.
As with most things in modern society, spew removal is not as simple as one might first suspect. It is a compact, moist but not sloppy, torpedo-shaped object that closely mirrors the color of your cat's fur. The kibbleball results when a cat meal is injested and then, in short order, "degested" into a pile on the floor.
The result was today's Exotic, a breed that looks strikingly similar to the Persian, but with less maintenance involved, hence the nickname, 'the lazy man's Persian.' There are long- and shorthaired varieties of Exotic. In iron deficiency, red cells do not develop the normal complement of iron–containing haemoglobin and the cells that form in the bone marrow are small.
Sometimes the various spots run into each other and form irregular-shaped spots, the edges of which, however, always assume the rounded form. It is generally believed that Burmese are a man made breed descending from the crossbreeding of a Siamese and an ancient version of a pure Burmese (that later died out). If you have a lightweight cat that has trouble with their weight, a heated cat bed can stave off potential colds. Then you are not only going to need to learn more cat information in general so that you can comprehend the animal better but as well you are going to need to produce a proper feline kidney diet. The actual name of the pet food was 'Steak and Vegetable Flavor' or 'Chicken and Fish Flavor' - one even got very specific with the name mentioning Albacore Tuna and Yellow Fin Tuna FLAVOR.
However in the ingredient list I found Ground Corn, Chicken by-products, Corn Gluten Meal to be the first three ingredients of the pet food. No matter how diligent you are about controlling fleas inside the home, if your cat goes outside, he could pick up fleas in an uncontrolled yard and bring them inside, making indoor flea control difficult if not impossible. In order to control flea infestation, you'll need to kill flea eggs and larvae as well as adult fleas. Before you consider using a chemical treatment, prepare your lawn to minimize flea hiding places and ensure that chemical treatment has the maximum effect. Mowing your lawn regularly can have enormous flea control benefits, as it allows sunlight to penetrate the soil, where flea eggs and larvae live. Research has shown that children who own pets attend school up to 9 more days a year than their non pet-owning counterparts. In fact, a recent long-term study has shown that people who have never owned a cat, face a 40% greater risk of death due to heart attack than current and even previous cat owners.
A group of stockbrokers with hypertension who owned pets showed lower blood pressure even when not with their cats.
The responsibility of owning a pet can give children the experience of being needed and this may translate into other areas of life. A US study of 394 university students revealed that those who had owned dogs or cats as childhood pets were more self-confident than those who did not. At this time, the agency is said to be investigating all brands and types of spot-on treatments, and they have not specified that any one particular product is of most concern. More than likely, they have shown little interest in regular canned food, preferring the milk to anything you might put in their bowl. You will need to manually place your kitten onto the tray initially, as it is neither used to it nor is it able to climb over the edge to get in.
You could place your kitten in the litter tray during these times and after a few weeks, your kitten would get used to the routine and it would become a habit. Cats and kittens are fastidious creatures and do not like to do their toilet near where they eat and sleep. You will notice, even if you only provide a newspaper for their soiling, your kitten will still scoop at the newspaper in an instinctive act to cover up their poop.
If you're not sure whether a certain plant is safe for your kitten if she eats it, put it out of her reach.
Make sure your kitten isn't asleep somewhere she could get trapped before you use any of these. It's fairly easy to keep your kitten safe as long as you anticipate potential dangers and take the necessary steps to prevent them. To do this, first sterilize the bottle and nipple in boiling water for several minutes and allow to cool thoroughly before adding the KMR (kitten milk replacement) formula. Place a warm, soft towel either on your lap or on the feeding surface, then place the kitten gently on top of it.
While the kitten is still on the blanket, gently slip one hand under its belly and hold it while you very lightly pat its upper back. But after the kittens are already born, you will need to do a different task and that is to take care of the newborn kittens. Kittens tend to play with, chew, or nibble anything that attracts their interest like plants, cords, and other materials. This is to ensure that your kittens will be comfortable and that they will have a good playing time.
After birth, you could have a vet take a look at them to check them up for any illness and to give them vaccines that they need. Besides their gorgeous coats, beautiful lines, and great disposition, these animals offer companionship and entertainment to those who love them.
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Didn't know if it was from some cake she got into that had lime filling, or if she got stung by a bee. After doing a lot of research on the matter, we found that Benadryl is the name of the cure!
The best way to determine if your pet has diabetes is to have his blood sugar levels checked by means of a blood test. Regular use of Bilberry also helps to maintain healthy vision and is known to strengthen the tiny blood capillaries which carry oxygen to the eyes, It can also help with wound and tissue healing and other circulation problems associated with diabetes. Clinical trials in India suggest the the use of Fenugreek may help to reduce blood sugar and harmful fats in insulin dependent diabetics. This is particularly important in the case of the diabetic pet as chronic diabetes may compromise immune functioning and make your pet prone to opportunistic illnesses. Keep in mind that the remedy itself can’t cause any symptom that’s not in a patient to begin with. She got Margo up at night, sometimes several times, needing to go out and let this horribly loose stool out. We could stop here, I suppose, but here’s where my dogged (no pun intended) persistence comes to bear.
So, you’ll see graphites patients eating all manner of odd things, like paper, fabric, grass or indigestibles. Pranced across the living room and, for the first time EVER, decided to climb the window sheers. They must die, but in an orderly, intelligent way, as only a healthy body would orchestrate.
I pull those suckers out of her mouth when I can, but she often swallows them before I can get to her. It can be treated with homeopathy and herbs, but this should be under the care of an experienced veterinarian.That being said, pharmaceutical heartworm preventives are generally very effective at protecting dogs against the disease. It possesses abundant mucilage which will soothe irritation, disperse inflammation, draw out impurities, heal rapidly, and greatly strengthen. Disease in the body is a state of either excess or deficiency of one or more of the vital substances.
The area around the anus is swollen and inflamed.CAUSES Anal glands are part of your peta€™s anatomy.
As cats are becoming more of a companion of a firm hand, there was a growing interest cat breeds, their purity and pedigree. Most people with CSD have been gnawed or scratched by a cat and developed a mild infection at the point of injury.
The different schools of thoughts propounded by vets and feline experts will tell you that the ratio is anywhere from 4 to 7:1 when it comes to comparing the aging process of a feline to that of a human.
Eventually, the aging process in cats takes its toll on them, just like it does with us, and therefore they experience those bodily changes that are characteristically associated with getting older.
Because clinical signs of heartworm disease in cats are sometimes mistaken for other ailments, the disease may go undetected.
Because the disease is complex, testing for the parasites in cats can be confusing and, in most cases, more than one test is needed to make an accurate diagnosis. Cats can be very territorial, which is why you should always be careful when you introduce a new cat to your current cat. When you introduce a new cat to your current cat, you should always make sure that you give your current cat plenty of love and attention. What is likely to happen by doing this is that your cat will learn not to jump up when you are around, but may continue with this behaviour when you're not home.
Due to their benign composition, hairballs can be dealt with immediately (preferable) or at a later date (non-optimum) with little risk of damage to the defiled object (which for this article we will assume is your carpet). Soap and water or a commercial rug cleaner can be used if necessary but these tend to attract dirt later on.
Depending upon your cat's peculiarities, there may well be multiple (though rarely more than three) piles to contend with. Some are given up by their owners due to family situations, financial situations, or a behavioral problem the cat is having. Fats provide a highly digestible, tasty, concentrated source of energy and aid the production of healthy skin and fur. In these spots the hairs are broken off, leaving little bristling points only protruding from the roots. To make sure playing with lasers is safe for your animal friends, there are two very important points to be aware of.
I won't mention any pet foods by name - but the trip provided me with some valuable pet food sales tricks to share with you. The trick there is the pet food is just FLAVORED with steak and vegetables or Albacore Tuna - that's not really what's in the pet food!!!
You should be aware that flea control is often an ongoing process; fleas can reappear if you aren't diligent in your control methods. When sunlight penetrates the flea egg or larval cocoon, it can be harmful or even deadly for them.
The immune function of pet owners is more stable, making them better able to fend off illness. A leading theory under investigation by asthma researchers suggests that the presence of pets in the home from an early age may adapt the immune system so it is less sensitive to allergens later in life.
Children who live with animals develop a better understanding of body language and other non-verbal cues. Cats are relatively easy to care for, as they clean themselves and don't need to be walked. This may be related to other findings that children raised with pets have higher self-esteem, thought to result from the unconditional love a pet provides. A five-year study of 600 children aged 3-18 years showed that pet-owning children who have challenges such as being slow learners or having divorced parents cope better with life than those who don't have a pet. Some doctors, recognizing the importance of pets in children's lives ensure that pet names are included in their patients' medical records along with other family members.
Both products purchased directly from a veterinarian and those bought over the counter are being evaluated. If the water tastes bad or has a heavy chlorine taste when it comes out of the tap, consider using filtered water instead.
You can store it in the refrigerator for up to ten days or in your freezer for up to three months.
However, ultimately, each cat should have its own litter tray or else it may create a host of other litter tray problems for you!
Once they are about 1 to 2 months old, they will instinctively know how to cover up their poop.
This article lists the most common ones and suggests ways you can minimize risks to your kitten and keep her safe. It may seem a daunting task at first, but the process of kitten feeding with a bottle is not so much from that of feeding a newborn human. These kittens will need special kind of attention and care and you must make sure that you could provide it to them. You should remove the things that could be harmful to the newborn kittens like anything that could poison them or hurt them. Most of these cleaning liquids are poisonous and you wouldn't want your kitty to play with them to prevent any kind of accident.
You should opt for foods that could give your kittens the kind of nutrition they need for growth.
If your vet saw some signs and symptoms that suggest illness, your kitten might be subjected to some tests and examinations. Choosing a pedigreed cat is not easy, but knowing the most popular breeds of pedigreed cats may help.
Some digestive problems associated with insufficient protein include, runny stools, diarrhea and chronic irritable bowel disease.
Was a bit better in the morning but didn't start getting much better until I gave her some adult benadryl (hidden in doggie treats!). I've given her 2 25 mg pills within the last 6 hours, and the swelling has already gone down a lot! Fenugreek also has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties and is very beneficial as a digestive and kidney tonic, which in turn helps to prevent the urinary tract problems often associated with diabetic pets.
Astragalus also helps to lower blood sugar levels, accelerate wound healing, relieve fatigue, lower blood pressure and regulate water metabolism, thus preventing the bloating often associated with diabetes. But it can “stir the pot” and give us more insight into the patient, as symptoms bubble to the surface.

She got hold of an entire dead baby bird and although I tried like heck to get it away from her, she refused and gulped it down. Um, what in the blue hell are you doing, Buddy?” So yeah, adding that to the “notice anything new since remedy received? I’m guessing that whole process is probably done when the test is negative and the patient is leaping tall buildings in single bounds! However, I would not recommend their use in cats, as the incidence does not warrant the drug use in most holistic veterinary opinions.
The powder can be made into a gruel that makes a nutritious food for convalescents; it is easy to assimilate.
The longer that the excess or deficiency, is present the more out-of-balance the animal becomes.
The Cat Fanciers' Association is dedicated to the preservation of race and race 39 recognized cat breeds. It also holds true that they succumb to diseases and health maladies because of exposure to the outside environment.
This way, your cat will feel secure and know that he isn't in competition with your new cat for affection.
In the room, you should leave your new cat a scratching post, bed, water dish, litter box, and food dish.
What if your cat has been infected with toxoplasmosis or has a parasitic infection which you are not aware of?
However hesitant your cat maybe to grooming you can still find ways to make it enjoy grooming. If your pet has injury or in pain it will most likely run away from you when you try to groom it.
This kind of cat will usually refuse when someone is petting them or touching their head and other parts of their body which makes it hard to groom.
The utensils can then be disposed of or recycled, in line with one's environmental beliefs. I should drink large quantities of water (about one ounce for each pound of my body weight daily) and I need free access to clean, fresh water throughout the day. The surface of the skin itself is covered by a crusty scab, which, if peeled or rubbed off, shows a slight discharge below. If you have never owned cats, you may not realize that they do certain cat things and need certain cat things. Because keeping unwanted animals entirely out of your lawn at all times is most likely impossible, you'll need to repeat flea control treatments regularly to prevent re-infestation. So it may in fact be the lack of pets in a child's life that contributes to asthma sensitivities. A study of 455 school children between the ages of 11 and 16 revealed that children with pets had a better ability to understand non-verbal communications. Again, having a pet that shows unconditional love regardless of what is happening, can cushion other difficulties in life. Even in the most depressing clinical environment, talking about a pet can lighten a situation.
Although the agency has not released any specific data as to the statistical breakdown of types of adverse reactions, side effects are reported to range from skin irritation, to seizure and death.
The best option would be to start them on a food that reminds them of what they prefer, but can be mixed with traditional wet food to help transition them over. Add: 3 tbsp full fat yogurt, 3 tbsp real mayonnaise, 3 tsp light corn syrup, and 1 raw egg yolk. Cats are creatures of habit and it may not be as easy to litter train once they have become used to their favorite toilet spots. Stick the notes on or near potential dangers - for example the fridge, washing machine, oven, toilet and futon - and anywhere else that could be a hazard. To avoid clumping, add just a little bit of water to the powdered mix and stir until thoroughly combined before adding the rest of the hot water. It is best if you can do this with the kitten gently cuddled against you, because you need to be sure that the kitten is warm before feeding.
Then, using a warm, damp, slightly rough cloth, gently clean its anal and genital area to stimulate urination and defecation. The food should also be easily digestible by kittens to prevent any troubles with their tummy.
When choosing toys for your little kittens, make sure that they are safe and will not put the safety of your kittens at risk. They are great pets and fairly simple to take care of as long as you know some easy cat training tips. Commercial dry cat food can amount to nothing more than meat flavored cereal, which will not meet the metabolic needs of your cat. I read that it can be caused by a variety of things, one of them being rolling around in something they're allergic to. I think your energy comes from your drive, you have the need to accomplish this goal thus the energy to go and do what you believe. In dogs, the "monthly" preventives are effective if given at six-week intervals, and possibly even at seven-or eight-week intervals. Its action is so gentle that it can be retained by delicate stomachs when other substances are rejected.Slippery elm is a safe herb. They are known to drive all the negative energy away, they are very clean, sensitive, independent and of course they can help you impress most women. You will find below are some of these species as well as information on the characteristics of race and history. In the United States, about 22,000 cases are diagnosed annually, most of them in people under the age of 21. That’s why it is advisable to check your pet's body to know which part of his body is sensitive or if your pet has any kind of injury.
Stiff paper (higher quality junk mail) or cardboard (cereal box tops) are perfectly good alternatives.
All of our foster kitties are housed in actual homes with foster parents - so they get used to being in a home environment. Thompson brought one of these remaining cats, Wong Mau (who may have actually been a Tonkinese), to America in the 1930s because of his interest in Wong Mau's markings. New and unsuspecting cat owners may be surprised when they find their cats regularly do the following. Most people do not get that - they see Albacore Tuna and Yellow Fin Tuna or they see Steak and Vegetable --- they don't see Flavor.
As a result, these children are more popular with classmates than those who don't have pets at home. You will need to do this six to ten times per day, around the clock, just like a newborn human.
In order for a feline to utilize carbohydrates from plant sources, they require very specific amino acids. After thinking hard on that one, I did remember that she rolled in some straw for the very first time in her life last night.
These drugs kill any larvae that have been injected within the previous six to eight weeks, so the drugs protect for the prior period, not the future period.
It is very soothing to the mucus membranes of the mouth as well as the entire gastrointestinal system. The goal of acupressure is to reverse the pathological state and restore the normal flow of QI (energy within the animal).
This would obviously be a huge savings to the pet owner and MUCH safer treatment for the pet compared to the standard veterinary approach (arsenic injections).
CAUSES The most common cause of congestive heart disease is from a heart valve (mitral Valve), that doesna€™t close properly.
Once you know those areas then you can avoid it when you try to groom your pet but just make sure that you stop whenever your cat is starting to feel irritated.
The primary goal in hairball removal is to not exert any downward force on the hairball, thereby driving any moist content further into the rug. Read and follow the instructions on the bottles as these may lead to worse staining than the original cat spew. Most pet owners just assume that since the front of the pet food bag - in big bold letters says Albacore Tuna on it - it's got Albacore Tuna inside the bag.
To eliminate any risk of accidentally passing this on to your kittens, use eggs that have been pasteurized in their shells. If the bottle gets cold, just warm it up in a small bowl of very warm water, but always check the temperature before offering it to the kitten.
Newborn kittens will need a little over one ounce of formula per day, divided between feedings. Deal with anything that could strangle your kitten like ropes, ribbons, and cords to provide a safer place for your kittens.
You will not have to get worried about their safety inside your home and you can be sure that you will able to provide them with anything they need for them to grow happy and healthy. Some other common feline health problems include kidney failure, bladder stones, diabetes and cystitis. Thus, it is correct to wait until about six weeks after the first mosquitoes appear and continue until you see no more mosquitoes, giving one dose after the end of mosquito season. The glands can become blocked if your pet isna€™t having regular bowel movements, or there is only a small stool volume. More than 90% of people with the illness have had some kind of contact with cats, often with kittens. Read the following pointers that you should remember in order to make grooming session with your cat will be stress free and enjoyable.
Thinking of other ways how to groom your cat like what I already mentioned can help your cat think that grooming is also pleasurable for him. The "daily" preventives are almost a thing of the past, but these are usually effective if given every other day.Although the prescription preventive drugs are considered to be generally safe, they can initiate an autoimmune disease in susceptible animals.
To review the AHS veterinary guidelines click here.PREVENTATIVE TREATMENTWhat if you can't afford the bloated veterinary cost of expensive name brand heartworms medications? The problem may be more common in small dogs.SOLUTIONS HOW TO EXPRESS ANAL GLANDS YOURSELF.
This includes thyroid diseases.Natural Remedies to Prevent HeartwormThere is a homeopathic nosode that is made from heartworm larvae that is employed commonly by holistic veterinarians as a preventive to avoid the drug side effects.
In some dogs the heart muscle fails and can get very thin, a condition called dilated cardiomyopathy. However, many question its effectiveness, though I have several clients who use the nosode (apparently successfully) with animals in heartworm endemic areas. Add one slightly rounded teaspoon of slippery elm powder (or you can open and empty the contents of 5 capsules into the pan).
Muscle soreness, back pain, disc disease, osteoarthritis, and degenerative joint disease comprise the largest group of problems that can be treated with acupressure. For many years kennel owners and dog breeders have used at home treatment programs that cost as little as .30 cents a month per dog! Though most dogs given the nosode have no trouble with heartworms, I am aware of some cases where the nosode did not protect.
This gives people who want to protect their dogs but can't due to their present budget, the advantage to do so.
The good news is that heartworms can be prevented for less than one cent per day for a 20 pound dog (Beagle size). If you add the powder to warm or hot water it will be lumpy.Bring the ingredients to a simmer over a low flame, stir constantly. Acupressure is very successful as an complimentary treatment in Cushinga€™s disease, hypothyroidism, infertility, asthma, cough, behavioral problems, geriatric weakness, irritable bowel syndrome and skin diseases. Squeeze your thumb and forefinger together on the right side of the anus (4 oa€™clock) and the left side (8 oa€™clock).
Simmer about two minutes or until it slightly thickens to a syrupy consistency.Cool the mixture then refrigerate in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid. It can also be used in emergency first aid to resuscitate an animal who has collapsed.In many cases, acupressure and Chinese or Western herbs are successfully used in medical conditions that have not responded to traditional western veterinary medical practices. Many breeders and kennel owners along with myself have used the prevention described in this article since the early 1980's, with no heartworm infestations. I have seen no problems with this schedule, and though I use it myself with success, I cannot say for sure that it is fool-proof protection for your dog. However, I want to remind everyone that I am not prescribing, but rather, sharing information with you as to what I use and do. If you decide to try the nosode, you must understand that its effectiveness is currently unknown and it is not FDA or Veterinary approved.I generally do not recommend vaccines and drugs for most animals, and when possible I try to avoid the conventional approach of using heartworm drugs because they are especially risky for animals with thyroid disease.
If your pet is suffering from an illness or injury, obtain veterinary care as soon as possible.
Monthly heartworm preventives as well as "sulfa" drugs are known to occasionally trigger autoimmune thyroid disease. This article is presented only as a documentation of how I prevent heartworms in my dogs at a fraction of the cost that a Veterinarian will charge for the Merck Heartgard a„? (Ivermectin), chewable tablets. If you pet shies away from being touched in a certain spot, an injury, a localized infection, or a behavioral problem could cause this sensitivity. The sensitive area may relate to a meridian line and sometimes to a specific organ associated with that meridian. Also, if you are giving your dog a year-round preventative in areas of the country with a harsh winter climate it would be a waste of money. If you are able to pinpoint a specific area that is extremely uncomfortable when touched, consult a veterinary acupuncturist to have it checked.Some health problems can be aggravated by acupressure if you are working around an injured area. Do not apply acupressure directly to wounds, bruises, cuts or surgical incisions, you could damage tissue and increase pain. You should be able to safely discontinue the preventative dosing during the freezing months. However, it can be helpful to press points that are near an injury in order to increase circulation in the area.
If you suspect a dog may already have heartworms, before putting a dog on the following prevention it should be checked by a Vet to be sure it has no heartworms. If your pet indicates he is in pain when you touch a point, you are too close to the injury.Preparing to Give an Acupressure Treatment Before starting an acupressure treatment, wash and dry your hands thoroughly. It is a lot cheaper to have the exam to make sure your dog is not already infected, than it is to have a Vet save an infected dog during the advanced stages of heartworm infestation. Acupressure should not be preformed on an animal that has been traumatized, just exercised or has just eaten.Locating Acupressure PointsUnlike acupuncture, acupressure doesn't have to be totally "on target" to be effective. If you are near the acupoint, you will be doing lots of good whether you've hit the precise point or not.
By pressing in the vicinity of the point, you will still increasing energy flow in the associated meridian line.
You should never press into a major nerve, on bone, the spinal cord, or a body cavity.Pressing the PointsAcupressure is done by exerting pressure with one finger on precise places on the body. Sometimes, you will find it easier to use one or the other, depending on the exact spot you are treating. To determine the amount of pressure to use, experiment on your own body, pressing your thumb or middle finger against various places on your face, chest, arm and on your other hand, for 10 to 15 seconds. The pressure should be firm enough so that you experience it as hard and steady, but it should not be painful or damaging to the skin.
Always go into a point slowly, beginning with light pressure and increasing it to tolerance. The technique involves applying light to firm pressure, or circular massage over an acupoint.
When holding the point maintain steady, firm pressure, this will help you to avoid angles that may cause you to slip or slide in to or out of a point over the animals fur. If you work a point on the right side you should also work the corresponding point on the left side of the body. However, in cases of pregnancy (certain points may cause abortion), open wounds, or infectious diseases, acupressure is contraindicated.Closing the Session After an acupressure session you should preform The Closing. The Closing phase helps the body to maintain the state achieved during point work.Flat Hand Closing TechniqueTo perform the Closing, position your hand flat with your palm and fingers in full contact with the animal your working on. Hawthorn has been shown to increase the ability of the heart to contract, as well as causing the outside blood vessels to dilate, making heart contraction easier. Post TreatmentAllow your pet to rest for several hours before resuming work or strenuous exercise.
An excellent source for beautifully illustrated acupressure charts and in depth information on the location of acu-points for dogs, cats and horses can be found at Pet Remedy Charts.ResourcePet Remedy Charts are tools that will help you easily learn to use herbs, homeopathy, flower remedies and acupressure for dogs, cats, horses and birds.

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