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Best solutions removing pet urine stains , Best solutions removing pet urine stains hardwood floors. Hardwood floors : clean pet urine stains hardwood floors?, Clean pet urine stains hardwood floors hardwood floors hardwood remove pet urine stains hardwood floors.
We are trying to remove dog urine odor from a wood floor where people left the urine for extended periods, maybe even months. The next method would be to soak the floor so the neutralizer can soak in deep.This takes a chance of warping the floor in areas.

The next method is to sand the surface of the wood taking off as much wood as needed to remove the urine. It?s exhausting to find educated folks on this matter, however you sound like you know what you?re speaking about! There are several degrees of severity when dealing with dog urine and this is true with hardwood.  To neutralize the odor you need to get the neutralizer to the urine residue.
With wood you will have urine soaked into the grain of the wood and possibly between the slats of the wood and maybe around the edges of the wood floor against the wall.  Dual action or Severe urine neutralizer will neutralize the urine it comes in contact with.

The trick is getting it to the urine.  If you just go over the surface of the floor you will neutralize a good percentage of the urine and sometimes this is adequate to  kill the odor.

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