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There are many over-the-counter products for treatment of ingrown toenails, some contain natural agents and others contain chemicals, or both. Fill a basin with 8 liters (2 gallons) hot water and several tablespoons epsom salt or sea salt, stir until it dissolves then soak your foot for 20 minutes, then rinse, dry, and apply clean socks. Another option is to add one tablespoon of salt, or sea salt, to a pint of lukewarm water, soak gauze in it and apply to your ingrown toenails for 10 to 15 minutes.
Previous articleHomemade Nourishing Baby Food Next articleAre You Aware of How Addicting Caffeinated Beverages Can Be? Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Moccasin foot, tinea pedis or athlete’s foot is a contagious, fungal infection of the feet. Athlete’s foot is generally treated with over the counter or OTC medications. However, there are numerous natural remedies to effectively treat athlete’s foot.
Natural Ways to Get Rid Off Athlete’s Foot Try Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak This is an extremely simple, inexpensive, yet highly effective natural treatment alternative to cure athlete’s foot. The natural acidity of apple cider vinegar kills the fungi which causes the athlete’s foot condition.
Use Crushed Garlic The potent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of fresh garlic cloves can kill the fungi responsible for athlete’s foot.
Sprinkle Organic Corn Starch The warm, humid conditions which exist in the inter-digital spaces between the toes, present the perfect environment for fungi to multiply. Apply Onion Juice Take advantage of the powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties of onion to treat athlete’s foot condition. Smear Fresh Aloe Vera Gel Fresh aloe vera gel which is extracted from succulent aloe vera leaves contain two important hormones namely Gibberellins and Auxin. Applying neat or undiluted lemon juice will sting the cracked and peeling skin on the feet due to athlete’s foot condition. Furthermore, the astringent properties of lemon juice can dry out the skin and control the fungal infection from spreading any further. Daub freshly squeezed lemon juice on the infected areas of the feet. Try Himalayan Rock Salt Foot Soak Himalayan rock salt is mined from the Himalayan Mountains. Organic ginger contains a powerful healing compound called caprylic acid which can cure fungal skin infection. Some of the lice products available in the market use poison that are banned to be used on crops and many of these products are flammable too. In addition, these products can cause awful problems if they are left for too long, if are used quite often or are used on very young children. In case, you continue to find lice and nits, then you can use Vaseline or mayonnaise 7 to 10 days after the initial application. In case, you are not comfortable using Vaseline or mayonnaise to smother nits, then you could prepare your own natural shampoo, which will kill the lice and also it is non toxic.
Now, add a little bit of regular shampoo and apply this mixture to the hair completely, even to the edges. Peel and cut the onion in big chunks and place them in a food processor until it is pureed.
The hair has to be parted in tiny sections and then checked thoroughly, especially behind the ears, around the hair edge and on the neck. However, they can be anywhere. Besides taking care of the hair, even your child’s clothing and the towels used in the past one week has to be washed and rinsed in hot water. Lice could live only for 24 hours away from the host (human), but to be on safer side, you can leave the bags covered and sealed for about 2 weeks. The comb could be soaked in a solution containing bleach or vinegar and cleaned thoroughly. Bronchitis is a respiratory disorder that causes irritation and swelling in the mucous membranes in the bronchial tubes, which primarily carries air to and from the lungs. Mix together 1 teaspoon of linseed or flaxseed, a pinch of common salt, teaspoon of sesame seeds, and 1 teaspoon of honey. Prepare herbal tea by mixing 1 teaspoon each of black pepper and ginger powder to a cup of boiling water.
Simply drink orange juice and water for a minimum of 2 days to get rid of bronchitis in an easier way. Prepare a liquid paste by mixing 1 tablespoon of mustard powder, 4 tablespoons each of flour and water.
Humidify your surroundings with the help of a cool mist or warm humidifier to moisturize your surroundings.
Prepare an herbal chest rub by mixing 10 drops each of thyme, rosemary oil, eucalyptus and peppermint oil and one-fourth cup of olive oil.
Instead, mix 2-3 drops of anise essential oil and 1 teaspoon carrier oil (almond, jojoba, etc.) and massage your chest and throat with this oil. Note – If you have stomach ulcers, gallbladder stones, obstructive jaundice, or hyperacidity, don’t try this remedy. The anti-inflammatory properties of this herb boost up the immune system and lower down the lung inflammation. Although, ginseng is available in capsules and tablets form, but tea is considered the best for treatment of bronchitis. Add dried or fresh bay leaf to a cup of boiling water and allow it to stand for a couple of minutes.

Eat raw basil leaves for instant relief; or else, you can also drink basil tea prepared from its leaves. Chew leaves of this herbal plant along with the leaves of holy basil to obtain best results. Increase intake of food that are rich in vitamin C such as lemon, oranges, and other citrus fruits.
Avoid crowded places, smoky rooms, or any direct contact with anyone suffering from flu or cold.
Wasps usually reside in temperate climate and are attracted by strong smells, and bright or dark colored clothes, especially with floral print. Remove any stingers that remain in the skin by scratching or scraping it immediately, to prevent further infection.
The best natural options for ingrown toenails contain tea tree oil, menthol, or other essential oils.
This will help the nail grow outward and stop it from growing into the soft surrounding area. Tight socks and improperly sized shoes worsen your pain, it’s better to go without socks when possible and opt for sandals when appropriate. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship.
By using natural ingredients which can be easily sourced, you can cure this contagious foot infection in next to no time. In a bucket of luke-warm water, dilute two to three tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar. If you have a particularly bad case of athlete’s foot, repeat this natural remedy a couple of times over several days to get rid of this fungal foot infection completely. To soak up the excess moisture and to keep the space between the toes bone dry, you can use organic starch. These two powerful hormones present in fresh aloe vera gel can hasten the natural healing process of the infected skin. Freshly extracted aloe vera gel should be applied thickly on the infected areas of the foot.
However, the antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties of fresh lemon juice can destroy the fungi responsible for athlete’s foot. Permit the infected regions of the skin to soak up the pure lemon juice for ten to fifteen minutes. Himalayan rock salt which is one of the purest salts available on earth possesses powerful anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that can cure numerous infectious diseases. To prepare the Himalayan rock salt foot soak, dilute one to two heaped tablespoons of Himalayan rock salt in a bucket of luke-warm water. Coconut OilMassaging with coconut oil is another effective natural remedy to lighten dark circles.
Parties, playground, daycare and school are some of the places, where even the cleanest kid can get lice. All you need to do is to get a new mayonnaise jar from the grocery store or your kitchen shelf.
Continue to check your child’s hair every day at least for a couple of weeks, as the child might still be around the kid, who is infested with lice. The concoction is made as follows: Mix Coconut Oil or Olive Carrier Oil (5 tsp), Tea Tree Oil (5 drops), Rosemary Essential Oil (5 drops), Lavender Essential Oil (5 drops), Peppermint Essential Oil and Eucalyptus Essential Oil (5 drops). The nits can be pulled from the hair shaft using your fingernails, combing them using a nit comb or cutting the hair off, which contains the nit. All bedding (mattress cover, comforter, pillowcases, pillows, blankets, sheets) must be washed using hot water or put them into a plastic cover and seal it. Also, stuff like barrettes, hair ribbons, necklaces, helmets, ponytail holders, hats, stuffed animals or any other item that might have come in contact with the child’s brush or comb must be sealed in a bag.
Vacuum the couch, mattress, car seats, car rugs, chairs, floors and rugs and also upholstered church pews and then dispose the vacuum bag. You have to check every day for nits that might have been missed and also the tiniest ones, which by now would have grown bigger. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Add this powder in orange juice and lemon and drink it once a day to get rid of bronchitis. Steep for about 10 minutes, remove the wet leaves and consume this prepared tea three times a day regularly for quick relief.
Boil the mixture and apply it on the back side and over the front side of your chest twice a day. Alternatively, prepare a liquid extract of the plant, mix it with some honey and consume 2 teaspoons of it daily.
To treat the problem related to bronchitis place some drops of this oil under your tongue once a day. The acid content in the vinegar will neutralize the venom present in the sting; thus, lessens swelling and inflammation. The cooling effect of cucumber will help alleviate itchiness and redness on the bitten area. Keep a slice of potato on the wasp sting to get relief from pain, swelling, itching and redness. Apply it on the affected area for about 15 minutes, in order to ease out the pain caused due to sting venom. The most common site is the big toe, you may have a painful and swollen red area that’s sensitive to touch and vulnerable to infection.

The hot water will soften the skin around the ingrown nail and the salt will help combat infection and reduce swelling. Cut your nails with more precision, or have them professionally cut to avoid ingrown nails in the future. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. Sprinkle organic starch between the toes just before you slip on a pair of clean socks or your shoes. Leave the aloe vera gel on the affected foot for at least half an hour to forty five minutes.
Individuals suffering from athlete’s foot should apply raw honey on the infected regions of the skin just before turning in for the night. This tonic can be prepared by placing a slice of crushed organic root ginger in a cup of boiling hot water for five to ten minutes. Take a handful or more of mayonnaise to cover the entire hair of your child. Make sure, to spread a little down the neck and also behind the ears. You need to first soak the hair completely in the baby oil and then squeeze out the Vaseline as much as possible. Some of the essential oils like the rosemary and peppermint oil must be avoided during pregnancy. The peppermint oil may elevate the blood pressure and in case the above mixture is used in children below 5 years then the respiration could be slowed down, if the oiled hair is too close to the child while breathing. Now, rinse the hair with hot water (make sure that it is not too hot, as it may injure the child). The nits (most of them) are rinsed after using vinegar.
Apply olive oil on the child’s hair and cover it using a shower cap for a few hours. Comb the hair using a nit comb and later shampoo it. Wrap the hair with the help of a shower cap for about 3 hours. Make sure the onion puree does not drip into your child’s eye. Make sure to put every hair or nit into a hot soapy water or vinegar bowl with ammonia in it.
Even if a single living nit remains in the hair, it can hatch and the whole process will begin again.
The acute bronchitis normally lasts for a short span while chronic bronchitis may take months or even years.
Alternatively, you can also mix 2 tablespoons of water and one-half teaspoon of dry sesame seed powder and drink it two times every day. The symptoms associated with wasp stings are – nausea, vomiting, fever, headache, dizziness, etc. The acid content in lemon neutralizes venom and helps reduce redness, itching and swelling. This will soothe the skin, along with reducing the itching and redness caused due to wasp bite. They are caused by improperly trimmed toenails, too tight shoes and socks, or plain bad luck.
Squeeze the onion slices placed inside the muslin cloth, until you can extract every last drop of juice. After applying the honey thickly and evenly on the infected foot, slip on a pair of clean socks.
Tea BagsThe caffeine and antioxidants present in tea can be highly beneficial for getting rid of dark circles as well as puffiness under eyes by shrinking the blood vessels and reducing fluid retention.
Therefore, take necessary precaution and use the above recipe by avoiding the peppermint oil, if it is unsafe for you.
You may also suffer from increased heart rate, low blood pressure, swelling on body parts like face, throat, lips, lungs, etc., itching in the areas of the body not affected by the sting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, narrowing of air passage and some kind of allergy, which can prove fatal if not cured in time. For palpable results, apply aloe vera gel regularly till the fungal foot infection heals completely. Daub the ginger tonic evenly over the fungal skin infection. Repeat this home remedy till the fungal foot infection clears completely. Other causes may include infections, allergy, changes in the atmosphere, dusty air or fog, smoking, pollution, cough and cold. For chronic bronchitis treatment, carry out this process two times a week and if you have acute bronchitis, perform this each night.
The most common symptoms for bronchitis include fever, tiredness, tightening of chest or chest pain, muscle ache, complications in breathing, nasal congestion, and coughing with mucous (yellowish or greenish). In case of absence of immediate medical care, victim must seek one of the following home remedies to get rid of wasp sting. The newest nits are just off the scalp, while the older ones are more or less an inch from the scalp. While you working on the computer, its better to wear some special(cool)glasses to your eyes Marian January 29, 2016 at 4:42 pm ReplyGrind potatoes put in a container and apply around the affected eye morning nd night or only at night, do it every day, also always have ur night bath everyday concentrating mostly around ur eyes.
Im in secondary schooland I havdark circles its really bad so I want to get rid of them I hide them under my glasses but I want to stop wearing my glasses but everyone looks at my eyes when I take them off!

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