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Keeping the head clean and staying away from people suffering from the infection, are the ways of preventing the occurrence of head lice in your head.
To eradicate the condition of Pediculosis, specifically made pesticides like pediculicides are used. Olive oil is believed to help in the process of removing the infection by killing the lice as well as the nit.
Like Tea tree oil, kerosene also has a repulsive smell that makes the lice come out of their hiding place. This is a very simple topical treatment of lice that involves applying Vinegar or lemon solution to the head scalp.
These parasites infest on human blood and may cause bothersome symptoms like continuous itching.
The particularly prepared lotion or topical cream kills the grown up lice along with some additional products such as Nix. Being acidic in nature, these products are known to have an inhibitory effect on the growth of the nits.
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Both neem oil and clove oil are very bitter and hot respectively which a louse cannot stand. For best results, wrap a scarf or a cloth around the head after you have applied Mayonnaise. Oils with this component can be applied all over the head and then tied with a scarf for at least two hours. Keep your hair clean and always dry it out before tying a knot because moisture laden hair is a breeding ground for these parasitic pests. It is a wonderful substance which suffocates lice with its pungent smell and ultimately kills them. This prevents the supply of oxygen to the nits and lice for further growth, eventually killing them. Apply it on your hair and scalp and tie a thin muslin cloth on your head to cover the hair.
Massage lemon juice mixed hot coconut oil on your hair and cover your hair with a shower cap. Onions are high in sulfur that kills head lice and fenugreek has antibacterial property which easily kills these little creatures. You may get lice when you come in close contact with an infected person or use his or her belongings like comb, brush, pillow cover, bed sheets and towel.

Castor oil is sticky oil and has antiseptic property which helps to kill lice and prevents growing in large number. You will get various readymade medicines in the market that not only make your hair louse free it will damage your hair to. Wash the head with a pesticide as mentioned above.Tea tree oil and olive oil can also be used as a defensive treatment to prevent the occurrence of the infection.
Whatever may be the cause lice infection needs a prompt action otherwise it will go out of control and there will be infection on your scalp. Apply garlic mixed castor oil on your hair every alternate day and leave it for some times. You may get some medicines in the market to treat your lice, but they are actually pesticides like harsh chemicals which damage the health of both your hair and skin.

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