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Halitosis is the other name given to bad breath and sometimes becomes the only reason for your low confidence level and affects your personality badly. Mix one tbsp of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and have it before your meals.
Alternatively, boil a cup of water and add 1 tsp of ground cloves, allow it to simmer for 5-10 minutes.
Alternatively use baking powder as dry tooth paste and brush your teeth with it to stop bad breath. It is rightly said, “An apple a day keeps doctor away.” If we say, “An apple a day keeps bad breath away,” that is also held to be true.
Drink some milk before or during the meal to neutralize the sulphide content that causes bad breath in mouth.
The flavor of coriander prevents the strong odors caused due to the ingredients like onions and garlic. Alternatively, add some salt to the roasted whole coriander seeds and chew them as a mouth freshener. Mix few drops of peppermint oil, lemon oil along with tea tree oil in a glass of water and swish in the mouth. In order to cure halitosis, pour a few drops of oregano oil in a glass of water.  Drink this solution two times a day to get rid of bad breath. The antioxidant present in green tea detoxifies your body and prevents further occurrence of bacteria. Add some myrrh tincture to water; or alternatively massage your gums with a cotton swab drenched in tincture. Steep 10-15 leaves of stinging nettle herb in water for about 5-10 minutes, and strain the mixture. Squeeze out roots, leaves or flowers of dandelion to extract its juice and have it once a day. Take a cup of water; add one tablespoon of baking soda and few drops of peppermint oil in it.
Consult a dentist in case of swollen gums, bleeding gums or pus in gums (a condition called pyorrhea).
Over-the-counter medications like decongestant or antihistamines helps reduce the production of mucus in nose; and thus, avoids post nasal drip bad breath. If none of the remedy seems to work, get yourself checked for tonsil stones, trimethylaminuria, sinus, diabetes, reflux or liver problems.
Make use of tongue scraper or toothbrush to clean your tongue as bacteria are generated after every meal. Stay away from refined sugars and concentrated drinks, as it promotes growth of anaerobic bacteria.
Previous article16 Health and Beauty Benefits of KaleNext articleHow to Make Homemade Buttermilk? Make a gargle using extracts of myrrh gum, calendula and sage by mixing these in equal proportions. Restrict highly spiced foods of garlic, onions and hot peppers as their odor re-circulates via essential oils that are left behind, causing bad breath that may extend up to 24 hours, in spite of extensive brushing. For Halitosis patients, chlorine dioxide containing mouth rinsing solutions are most beneficial.
Are you tired of seeing that paunch coming out right from under your snug t-shirts or paunch. A candy full of a good herbal extract with antiseptic properties – such as sage, for example – can help cure sore throats, minor mouth and gum injuries and infections, as well as provide a healthy cleanse for your entire digestive system. Before we move on to the actual homemade herbal candy recipes, take the time to look at this short video of the whole process, so you can understand the basics better. Also, please arm yourself with a bit of patience and prepare to give your full attention to these candies for about an hour or so, since the process of making them requires constant stirring and alertness. Without further ado, here are the variations we think are essential to try, for any fan of homemade remedies out there.
Sage candy – This recipe is great for mouth and throat sores, mild colds, coughs and gum problems. Honey and lemon candy – Few things can be better for a sore throat than a cup of hot tea with lemon and honey.
Elderflower candy – The elderflower extract is used medicinally to help the body fight against influenza, swollen sinuses, colds, swine flu and so on, and for more serious diseases such as diabetes or bronchitis. Thyme and rosemary candy – Thyme and rosemary are both known for their wonderful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and also for how well they go together in Italian dishes. Mint candy – The same recipe can yield a delicious mint candy, if you replace the sage tea with mint tea. Chamomile and honey candy – Another classic combination, just like the lemon and honey tea, the chamomile and honey flavored candy will not only remind you of the childhood cup of goodness, but will also help with colds, infected gums or micro mouth lesions and so on.
Maple candy with herbal bitters – Once you master the recipes above, it’s time to move on to a more complex flavor that would yield a more grown-up result.
Honeysuckle candy – Honeysuckle is a wonderful, wonderful flowery plant that usually blooms in the middle of summer and its extract not only tastes great, but can also help with the flu, no matter how broad the spectrum.
Green tea candy (or white tea, or black tea) – Of course, besides the purely herbal candy you could concoct, you could always use a strong infusion of green tea (or the tea of your choice) to make the candy.
Eucalyptus and honey candy – Last, but not least, we have to also introduce you to the eucalyptus and honey combination, since no serious list of DIY homemade herbal candy recipes would be complete without it. It can be really irritating when you wake up in the morning with a severe pain in the neck while being unable to move your head in any direction.
To relieve the pain caused due to a stiff neck, you can also use over-the-counter medication, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. A number of balms, like analgesic and rubefacient are available in the market to get rid of the pain, caused due to a stiff neck. You can also use a pain relieving gel, called ‘Biofreeze’, which is available in the market. Facebook Pinterest Approximately 7.5 million people in the US are currently suffering from psoriasis. Facebook Pinterest Extremely painful and unaesthetic, shingles is the type of affliction that needs to be taken seriously.

Major cause of bad breath is the bacteria at the back of your tongue, or the food particles that stuck between your teeth. This is one of the best home remedy to get rid of bad breath, as it inhibits the growth of bacteria. It is rich in manganese, calcium, oxalates, minerals, iron, malic acid and oxalic acid that help keep your teeth and gum healthy. The anti-bacterial properties and fiber content combines along with saliva and lessen the bad breath in mouth. Even if you cannot brush every time, swish some water in your mouth after every meal and then clean your mouth properly. Alternatively, make use of gums with xylitol; it thwarts the replication of bacteria in mouth.
Though, bad breath is not a disease, but if bad breath is caused due to bacterial growth beneath the tongue, it is considered a disease and referred as Halitosis. Then just keep the mouth hydrated, soon after the meal to flush out the harmful bacteria and food debris. Tongue can easily harbor plague and certain awful odor causing foods, leading to bad breath.
Always carry anise seeds, clove or fennel alongside to use them for chewing, post meals or specifically, after odorous meals. Keep it in a tight sealed jar at room temperature and use it for gargling four times in a day. Make use of a sprig of parsley for chewing or make a juice of parsley with watercress and sip it as many times as you need to refresh the breath. 100% xylitol sweetened gums are useful in reducing the oral cavities and also offer a cool and refreshing breath. Reduce intake of alcohol as hard liquor like wine, beer may lead to dry mouth and subsequent bad breath that extends for long hours. Tonsillitis is very commonly seen in children, but adults can get it, too.Tonsillitis occurs as a result of a viral infection or, at times, due to a bacterial infection that causes enlargement of the tonsils.
The bacteria or virus is transmitted through droplets in the air from coughing or sneezing or through social contact. Ok, so maybe they’re not really the healthiest treats in the universe, considering that they still contain sugar, but as far as hard candy goes, you couldn’t ask for anything better. It only takes 6 minutes, but it was shot and shared with extra love by a couple of lovely and enthusiastic amateurs, so they totally deserve a bit of attention and a thumbs up. A good heavy-bottomed medium pot or pan, a candy thermometer (no, you can’t manage without one, but the good news is that they’re easy to find, especially online, and they’re pretty cheap so don’t fret if you don’t already have one), a shallow square or rectangular tray or plate, and a sharp knife are all that’s needed. If you turn away for just a bit at the wrong time, it’s very easy for the whole mixture to burn out or for the bottom of the pan to become covered in chunks of solidified candy, since the mix is made at pretty high temperatures (hence the need for a special thermometer). If you find the idea of thyme and rosemary flavored candy weird, rest assured that these herbs have successfully been used for desserts as well, even if you tend to associate them with savory dishes at a first glance. The result will be not only a wonderful breath refresher, but the candy will also help with coughs, swollen sinuses, minor digestive problems like stomach pain, diarrhea and a lacking appetite. Follow the lemon and honey candy recipe, just with a strong chamomile infusion (4-5 tea bags in one cup of hot water) replacing the lemon juice. Also, from a strictly medicinal point of view, this recipe is sort of the jackpot: herbal bitters contain tens of different plants with different properties and have been used since medieval times to strengthen the body against all sorts of ailments.
Chinese traditional medicine has been using honeysuckle as a remedy for influenza for hundreds of years. This way, you’ll be getting your antioxidants for your whole day in a more delicious form, or you could impress your guests and friends with some of the best candy they’re ever tasted. And, as we all know, sometimes we have a case of the flu so bad that it seems no mint or lemon candy or tea will ever be enough to take the edge off and soothe or painful coughs and swollen sinuses.
Neck stiffness is characterized by the soreness of neck along with a difficulty to move the neck sideways. You can use essential oils, like pine, rosemary, lavender or juniper for massaging as it will provide the necessary warmth to the neck muscles along with increasing the blood circulation.
It is a useful remedy which will increase the blood flow while decreasing the stiffness of the neck. Now, cover the stiff part of neck with a small cloth or towel, then place the wrapped ice over it.
However, avoid aspirin for kids, who are less than the age of 18, as aspirin causes Reye’s syndrome, which results in swelling in the brain. This salt contains magnesium and sulphate, which regulates the activity of various enzymes in the body. Other effective homeopathic medicines are Bryonia, Gelsemium, Cimicfuga, Causticium, and Chelidonium. Other causes of halitosis are poor dental hygiene, alcoholism, large doses of vitamins, smoking, tonsillitis, blood disorders, dentures, menstruation, a throat or lung infection, sinusitis, cancer, gum disease, consuming a diet low in carbohydrates, cavities, gall bladder disorders, or medications.
Its bactericidal property will diminish the bad odor from mouth and prevent the further occurrence of bacteria.
Moreover, persons with xerostromia (dry mouth) have reduced saliva formation that may cause the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity, resulting in bad breath. Chlorine dioxide mouth rinsing solution have shown to remove bad breath effectively, in almost all patients of halitosis and hence, considered preferred bad breath treatment for such patients.
Drink it slowly while it is still warm twice daily for a few days.Alternatively, mix together three teaspoons of the powdered bark of slippery elm, one teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder, two teaspoons of honey and four teaspoons of warm water. Really appreciate ur efforts to help everyone live naturally and cure in a natural way… May the Lord always inspire and bless you in this direction. They refresh your mouth and your breath just like a mint or a piece of gum would, they’re sweet and yummy just like fruit candy is, but their flavor is awesome and their benefits go beyond the taste and the refreshment.
Also, if you’re feeling nervous about trying something as far from your cooking comfort zone as candy, perhaps watching a video that showcases the exact consistency of the warm candy will make you feel more confident about trying out your hand at it. Once you get those, all that stands between you and the delicious candy are the herbal extracts (which you can totally get from teas if you don’t have easy access to fresh herbs), water and sugar (or honey or syrup).
After you’re done, you’ll also need to wait for a few hours before the candy hardens up and is ready to be cut out and wrapped, so once again, you will need to exercise your patience and not just down the whole platter while it’s still in between states. To make the most intense honey and lemon flavored hard candy, just follow the recipe above, only replacing the tea with lemon juice and the corn syrup with honey.

To make the candy, follow the instructions in the sage candy recipe, only replacing the sage tea with a thyme and rosemary infusion. To counterbalance the flavor of the bitters, you need more flavorful syrup than corn or simple honey, and this is where maple will come in.
If you manage to get your hands on some honeysuckle tea (specialty organic stores usually have it, or try finding it online as a last resort), simply use it instead of the sage tea in the first recipe we presented and you’ll be left with a fresh batch of the best homemade honeysuckle candy you could hope for. Just replace the sage with your favorite green tea (or white, or black – whatever strikes your fancy) in the first recipe and you’re good to go.
This is where this candy recipe comes in, guaranteed to make even the most uncomfortable stuffy nose easier to manage. This remedy helps in increasing the blood circulation, reducing the muscle tension and stress.
Apple cider vinegar is an excellent remedy for stiff neck muscles as it gives great relief in just one application.
Spread few drops of massage oil on the area and gently scrape the skin of your neck with a spoon.
Symptoms of bad breath include a bitter metallic taste, thick saliva, post-nasal drip, and a white coating on the tongue.
Eating certain foods with a peculiar odor like onion or garlic may lead to temporary bad breath. Taylor February 16, 2015 at 7:02 am ReplyLuckily my tonsillitis is only mild but gargling salt water and whiskey and chewing on the ice in my whiskey has bin helping me with it and the whiskey helps you sleep and not feel the pain. There’s even the type of herbal candy you can usually get in a drugstore when you have an awful cold and you’re afraid you’re going to cough your lungs out; only to have the candy magically help and relieve the sore throat and the coughing in just a few days of religiously popping the little pieces one after another.
Teas are herbal too, so whatever strikes your fancy can go into the recipe you’re making: don’t be shy and feel free to experiment. It doesn’t feature herbal candy, but it’s a good place to start with when documenting the texture and consistency of homemade hard candy in general. Before you start actually making the candy, make sure your tools and the work surface (the table or the counter top) is squeaky clean, especially if you’re planning to store the candy for a while. To make a batch of elderflower-flavored candy, follow the instructions above, using elderflower tea instead of sage tea and elderflower syrup instead of the corn syrup. Therefore, just follow the sage candy recipe and use maple syrup for corn syrup and ? cup of water mixed with ? cup of herbal bitters instead of the tea infusion. To make this candy, simply replace the sage in the original recipe with eucalyptus tea (available in specialty stores) and the corn syrup with honey.
The best way to get rid of a sore neck is to try simple home remedies which work really well.
To avoid these symptoms we must cultivate the habit of regular tooth flossing, brushing, and tongue cleaning or scrapping. The eucalyptus kind always does wonders in this respect, just as the sage and the elderflower varieties do, too.
In what follows, we’ll provide you with 10 different DIY homemade herbal candy recipes and detail the properties and benefits of each of them; but you’ll see that the base recipe is more or less the same, so you can replace the specific herbal infusion with another infusion of your own choice, should you want something different. Germs are something you don’t want in your candy, and even if you’re not making it commercially so there isn’t any safety standard to stand by, extra hygiene never hurt anyone.
Then, bring the tea to a boil in a medium pan, and add 2 and ? cups of sugar and ? cup of corn syrup and mix well. Skin scrapping is a great stiff neck treatment, which improves the blood circulation while decreasing the stiffness of the neck. Generally, the odor is released from the upper digestive system involving stomach, teeth, mouth, esophagus and gums.
Salt WaterThe best and the most common home remedy for tonsillitis is to gargle with warm salt water. Margaret Anas November 16, 2015 at 8:26 pm ReplyThe remedies are just awesome, they work really well.
But let’s not stop at alleviating the discomfort of common colds, since homemade herbal candy are good for so much more. Keep mixing and stirring over medium heat, and allow the tip of the candy thermometer to dive into the liquid (but not reaching the bottom of the pan). The warm water will have a soothing effect and the salt will help kill the virus or bacteria.
Toby Hawkins January 30, 2016 at 3:53 pm ReplyThese really work a treat I started on the salt gargling then onto the cinnamon drink which actually tastes alight. Powder the surface of the dish or tray you plan to use with a bit of corn starch or confectioner’s sugar, and then pour the liquid candy on it. Wait a few minutes until the candy can be lifted from the dish, and then cut it into long strips and each strip into pieces. LemonLemon’s antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties take care of the infection as well as the inflammation.
If the candy gets too hard, you can always lift it out, reheat it into the pot and pour it back into the original dish.
Plus, its high vitamin C content improves the body’s resistance to infections.Lemon Home Remedy for TonsillitisIn a glass of lukewarm water, add the juice from one lemon, a pinch of salt and one teaspoon of honey. Drink it slowly, twice daily for a few days.Alternatively, you can sprinkle a little salt and pepper on a slice of lemon, and then suck on the lemon slice.
BasilBasil is another very effective home remedy for tonsillitis due to its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.
TurmericDue to its strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities, turmeric can also fight off tonsillitis infection and relieve irritating symptoms.Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of hot water or salt water. It will help get rid of the inflammation and soreness.Alternatively, you can add one teaspoon of turmeric powder and a pinch of ground black pepper to a glass of warm milk.
Slippery ElmSlippery elm contains mucilage, a gel-like substance that can ease soreness, inflammation and pain.
When taken internally, slippery elm soothes and heals inflamed tissues, including the mucus membranes of the throat.

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