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My grandparents, Norman and Mary Litvak, founded the Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy back in 1944, originally planning on selling the usual items found in drug stores at the time—medicine, alcohol, soda, cigarettes. Norman had been trained as a pharmacist at the University of Buffalo and understood the side effects of medication and the nutritional deficiencies caused by them. When customers came in with allergies or aches and pains, Norman started giving them a homeopathic remedy instead of a drug. Homeopathy is a system of medicine founded in the early 19th century by German physician Samuel Christian Hahnemann, who claimed that the medicine he had been taught to practice sometimes did patients more harm than good.
Modern medicine often addresses a single symptom and not the totality of symptoms, whereas homeopathic physicians take into account all symptoms, including how the patient is reacting to the symptoms. For example, to treat allergies, a conventional pharmacist likely will dispense an antihistamine like Claritin or Zyrtec in which the active ingredient is designed to calm down your body’s immune reaction to allergens like pollen or animal dander. All homeopathic remedies are derived from plants, minerals, and animal sources and are prepared in minute dosages. There are limits, of course, to what homeopathic medicine can do—Homeopathy alone is not for life-threatening emergency situations. There are many misconceptions about homeopathic medicine, including that it’s merely a placebo therapy. One misconception about our pharmacy, especially from first-time customers, is to assume that everything in our store is homeopathic. Such controversy belies the consistency with which we have run our pharmacy for almost a century.
Steven Litvak wrote this article with the help of family members Kimberly Litvak, Robert Litvak and Donald Litvak, who also work at the pharmacy. Of course, if you or your child has a serious infection, you must see your doctor, or a health professional for advice.A  The purpose of this article is to give information as toA  some homeopathic alternatives, which you may discuss with your doctor or health professional.
Most infections will respond just as well with homeopathic treatment, and this alternative medicine should be used where possible instead of anti-biotics.
Bruising, shock, tetanus (treatment and prevention), croup in children, flu, hay fever, whooping cough, measles, mumps, chicken pox, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and behavioural problems are just some of the many troubles which can be helped with homeopathic treatment. Below are listed some of the main homeopathic remedies which could be useful in the making of a home treatment kit.A  If a pharmacy or health food store cannot be found to stock these homeopathic remedies, most can be bought by writing to Weleda Products, Havelock North, Hastings, New Zealand. CROTALUS:A  This remedy is supposed to be good for infections such as malignant diphtheria, malignant jandice, malaria, and alcoholism. LEDUM:A  I never used Tetanus injections for my children, and stopped them for myself once I discovered Homeopathic Ledum. SAMBUCUS:A  Another remedy for croup in children, especially the sort which strikes around midnight. Reading these posts might be helpful if you have decided to forfeit those much-promoted and often dubious flu injections. In this post you will discover all the facts, causes, symptoms and (DVT) Deep Vein Thrombosis treatment in the light of homeopathy. In this disease patient’s blood becomes thick and there develop blood clots in one or both of legs, therefore this disease is given the name of venous thromboembolism.
Legs arteries get swelled and skin become sensitive, sometimes even a minute touch cannot bearable.
Mostly this disease is found in non –O blood type of people but found in other blood groups also. The bad effects of the hormonal medicines, heparin drugs or chemotherapy can also gave birth to DVT disorder. Today’s spicy diet, fast foods, fizzy drinks and chemically preserved packed foods or juices becoming the major cause of DVT.
Obesity and lazy living without any exercises can also give birth to venous thromboembolism prophylaxis.

In homeopathic repertory mention these remedies, Arnica, Bothrops Lanceolatus, hamamelis virginiana, Lachesis, etc for this disease but it is very important that observe patient instead of disease and suggest most likely remedy according to the symptoms. Besides this the second most worthy remedy for DVT that come under my observation is Bellis Perennis. Avoid completely from more salt in taking in daily foods, processed foods, spices, red chilies, junk foods, vinegar, cold drinks and sour fruits for example oranges and citron. If the patient gets relief by bending one leg (it could be affected or non affected leg) then Stannum Metallicum will be the final remedy. Use Crataegus and Cactus in mother tincture if the patient has high blood pressure complaints. If you discover a heave use of vinegar and sour foods in patient’s history then Aceticum Acidum will work fine. If the patient feel irritation in legs with cold outside and heat sensation inside then the medicine is Secale Cornutum and Agaricus Muscarius will be use for the vise versa.
If the patient is also suffering in Vitamin K deficiency then the bio chemical salt Calcarea Fluorica 6X will work great. Beside the above stated remedies, Bothrops, Hamamelis, Collon Sonia, Sulphuric Acid, Natrum Mur, Pulsatilla and Sulfur are also the useful remedies and use can use any according to the symptoms.
A 6 months old baby girl, suffering from atopic eczema on the whole body since 2 months of age. Before we explore homeopathic remedies and treatment for various food allergies, let me define the allergy state. Small boy, 10 months old, has troubles with very difficult falling asleep, difficult dentition and strong anger. Little did they know that within just a few years, they would be pioneering the first fully integrative retail pharmacy in the United States.
When the pharmacy’s customers weren’t doing as well as he and Mary had hoped, they decided they should provide customers with education and other alternative methods of healing, even though it was far more profitable to sell just prescription drugs.
The word “homeopathy” comes from the Greek words homeo (“similar”) and pathos (“suffering”). A homeopath, however, might prescribe Histaminum 15C, a remedy that is made from purified chemicals called histidines, which come from living substances, such as plants.
They can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding; they don’t react with other medications and substances like alcohol. It can be used for the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation, but not alone for cancer. But infants, children and animals—living beings who can’t “overthink” themselves well—get results from using our remedies. However, we are a completely integrated pharmacy and also offer a few safe prescription medications. As recently as April, the FDA announced it was considering enforcing more regulations for homeopathic medicine.
At any given time during business hours, Monday through Saturday, people enter our doors knowing that they can have a free consultation with any of our staff members, all of whom have been trained and certified in a field such as homeopathy, herbology, acupuncture, pharmacology, and nutrition. Weleda are connected to the Rudolph Steiner movement, and grow all their own organic plants for use in their Homeopathic and herbal medicines.
Coffea is also an anti-dote to many drugs.A  It is important not to be taking drinks of coffee while you are taking homeopathic coffea, or any other remedy. There becomes hindrance in the supply of blood and the patient becomes a victim of painful torment. In my personal experience Stannum Metallicum and Bellis Perennis are giving miraculous results for this disease. During or after pregnancy, if someone becomes victim of DVT you can give Bellis Perennis mother tincture or 3X with full confidence and your patient will recover to normal in a miraculous way.

When a homeopathic sales rep entered their store shortly after purchasing, they were intrigued and decided to see what would happen if they offered these remedies to their customers.
A form of treatment that used to be considered snake oil or a placebo remedy proved to be an effective, non-invasive approach to a wide range of health issues. It is based on the principle that a disease can be cured by smaller doses of a medicine that, at full strength, creates similar symptoms to what the patient is experiencing. Rather than blocking the action of histamine, one of the body’s natural chemicals, as a conventional allergy medicine would, this homeopathic remedy works by gently helping our immune system reduce the histamine load on the body without any drowsiness.
Homeopathic remedies can be dissolved in water for animals and babies, and most have a pleasant taste, so children accept them with ease. And, scientific double-blind randomized clinical trials, many of which have been recorded and repeated, also prove homeopathic medicine’s effectiveness. We also offer flower essences (commonly used for emotional problems), Western and Chinese herbs, professional nutritional supplements, essential oils, and natural skin care and household products. Bub and Pop could never have imagined that their small, family-owned pharmacy would still be in existence so far into the future, or that the city where it was based would become an upscale tourist destination. Usher’s Odeon Pharmacy in Tutanekai Street, Rotorua used to stock the Weleda Homeopathic remedies.
A few days back I went to see a patient whose left leg was becoming double due to swelling and she cannot walk even a single step. Most patients notice a difference in their symptoms within the first 10 to 15 minutes after taking the remedy.
But we have found that homeopathy and other alternative medicine work well for chronic diseases and certain diseases where there are no modern treatments available. A few years ago, the Swiss government affirmed that homeopathic medicine works and is safe to consume. Candy and soda was replaced by healthy snacks and beverages that do not cause sugar spikes in the blood and other negative effects on the body.
But they would recognize that, just as they did, two more generations are continuing to find the best ways to cure what ails their customers, no matter what tradition the treatments might come from.
I recommended Arnica and Bothrops in the light of repertory to dissolve blood clots in the vein but the patient got only a minor relieve. As word spread, many local doctors and individuals came to inquire about alternative ways of treating their ailments. Moore’sA  Pharmacy was always the best supplier of Weleda Homeopathic Remedies in Auckland.
Usually allopath doctors suggest low molecular weight heparin (anticoagulant) medicines for the patients and patient gets only temporary relief from it.
When I keenly observe the patient, I notices she was sit by bending her effected leg, even though she was unable to walk or move. Sometimes the blood of patient become too thin with the use of those medicines and there starts bleeding from nose, mouth or anywhere from the body and it becomes more chronic situation.
And we now have hundreds of medical doctors and hospitals that send their patients into the pharmacy to get help. It is the pet symptom of Stannum, therefore, I gave single dose of Stannum 200 to her and the next day the swelling of the patient leg almost finished and she get busy in her household activities once again.

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