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The third series of Hotel Babylon aired on BBC1 last night, with a cameo appearance from Paula Abdul.
Just put my TLR back together, and run it for the first time this year, when warming her up water temp gets to 63 C and i get a C13 fault code and the engine spradically revs up and down. I realize water temp & fault code are not related but included this for your guys reference.
This is the first time i have run the bike since i done the air box mod (I done complete air box mod removing flappers, cutting away internals. I know what you're talking about, we just need to figure out exactly which vac lines you removed. This (VD) Vac canister (this one is normally mounted at front of the airbox) and also the orange thing (VTV) can be removed also. Much appreciated for your detailed answer, i will throughly check i have removed all components in the above pic.

I will revert in a couple of days when i have checked what i have removed, got a feeling i plugged both throttle bodies !!!!!!! Max Beesley might be coming to our screens in a different role in the not too distant future, but last night he was suited up in his role as Charlie. For the IAPS, there should be a vac line coming off the front TB, right side, I routed mine through the space between the throttle bodies.
Replay GalleryKate Bosworth's beautiful mismatched eye colours first caught our attention in Blue Crush. If you did, the Vaccuum nipples on the left side of both TB's should all now have caps on them. It’s actually a rare medical condition called Heterochromia Iridium.Victoria’s Secret angel Karolina Kurkova has no belly button, making some peeps wonder if she really was sent by God. You need to keep your IAPS plugged in electrically and also to a vac line (with restrictor jets) and vac damper canister (right vac canister, other vac canister you can eliminate).

The cause of her absent navel is down to an umbilical hernia, which is common with newborn bubs. The quick surgery to fix it usually leaves the person with a smooth indentation as opposed to a “button”.Joaquin Phoenix’s signature scar, which runs from his nostril to his lip, worked wonders in making him look hard-core in Gladiator. That’s right, no mascara or false lashes needed, ever.Seal received his facial scars via a form of lupus, which only affects the skin above the neck.
The unformed foetus was removed when he was a toddler and he still has the scar to prove it.Did you know Mila Kunis has two subtly different eye colours? Fox has a genetic condition called Brachydactyly, which gives the ridiculously-gorgeous actress stubby thumbs.Gerard Butler has one ear that sticks out more than the other because of surgery he had as a kid.

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