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You can install Kaspersky Mobile security ( Java application) and then try scanning your phone with this.
The Facebook video virus, also know as Koobface entices unaware Facebook users with a video attachment. This is a short tutorial on how to remove "CryptoLocker" Malware virus from your computer and restore your files using "Shadow Copies". In the message, the virus entices you with either “check out this celebrity video," or “my friend catched you on a hidden cam," and even, “Is this you!
Some Facebook users also receive accusatory emails from friends who inquire as to why they are sending spam video messages.

Hi my Friend!" You may also receive a video that entices you to view it because it actually names the celebrity like Paris Hilton.
Because the virus gets into Facebook privary walls, it does indeed look to others like the message came from you.
When users follow the instructions to download Flash Player, the self-replicating worm Koobface virus infects the computer with malware including web hijackers, ad rotators, social network propagation components, fake antivirus programs and data stealers. If that weren’t enough, Koobface also displays Captchas that prompt you to enter codes or letter quickly or else your computer will shut down along with error messages such as “error installing codec." Others are finding extreme slow times including network and browser searches, popup ads and antivirus programs not previously installed. Indeed the Koobface Facebook video virus is dangerous and now some experts like PC Tools says it’s also been seen on Twitter and MySpace.

How to Remove encrypted by CTB-Locker virus from your desktop and recover your missing file.

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