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Leta€™s Get Plantinga€¦ for temporary planting, spread out in a trench and working soil into roots. Dig a hole about 2 feet square, deep enough to take the roots when topmost roots only just below ground level. When all soil replaced, firm gently and replace chopped-up turf upside down (not immediately adjacent to stem).

If you cant get to training - get a book such as a€?Pruning and Traininga€™ from the Royal Horticultural Society. Do not allow fruit to set in first year (assuming 1-year tree planted) unless tree growing very well, when just one may be retained!
If unable to find any unfrozen ground, pop them in a polytunnnel or near a hedge etc., then wrap roots well in moist material (compost , old blanket etc) and keep cool, not frozen.

020 7834 4333), which is a good source of information for the many different forms of tree.

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