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You know the power of speaking up at work, but what good is it if you're never allowed to finish your thoughts?
Lolly Daskal is a Leadership Development and CEO coach and consultant and founder of Lead From Within. Do I speak to the points people already know before I bring in new data because it feels safer and less nervous? If the answer to any of these is yes, then part of what you need to do is make some changes to your own communication style.
You may want to give some mock responses and make a video recording to help you assess yourself. Rodrigo’s paws become itchy after he plays in fresh mowed grass, during the spring, and when it rains after a dry spell. A Species Appropriate Diet – the problem I found with commercial dry and canned dog food was the number of ingredients. A week after I switched Rodrigo to a raw food diet, his rashes went away and he’s never had another ear infection. After we began adding Olewo carrots and red beets to our dogs diets, we noticed that Rodrigo had stopped licking his paws obsessively and Sydney’s stopped getting rashes on her tummy. Today, all of our dogs enjoy Olewo carrots and beets, which you can order on Amazon, in their meals four to five days a week.
Although I don’t have the answer to every canine ailment, I have learned that there are many natural products that treat dog allergies effectively.
I want to start by first sharing an “idea” that I have realized at a very early point in my life – you can make absolutely anything in life, but you can’t make time. Okay, now we know that time is actually the only “currency” in life, so let’s save up on some. I surrounded the term “wasting their time” in quotes because I honestly believe that there is no such thing.
However, again, there are far more time-efficient things to do on Facebook than liking photos, commenting on your regular status update, and scrolling through a news feed filled with “please like me so I can feel better about myself” information. Related  The Transformative Power Of Letting GoI’m not gonna lie to you, I was also “wasting a lot of time” on Facebook right up until I started my own business. And I quickly became aware of that, because I felt that I wasn’t utilizing my time on “the social network” the way a CEO should.
Most people want to satisfy their “primal” instinct of knowing what their friends are up to and letting them somehow know that they are superior to them.

But Nature has also given us the default feeling of never ever reaching a full point of satisfaction from where you are at in life. Related  How Your Good, Bad, and Even Ugly Past Can Make You More ConfidentWhy am I telling you all this? Now that you are feeling those chills running down your spine, let me cool the words a bit and tell you the steps you need to take in order to become more efficient (time-wise) on Facebook. I don’t care if it’s your best friend, brother or sister – if they are sharing information out of your context, then you need to unfollow them.
Understand this guys – in life, we can do only so many things, so we don’t have the luxury of doing many things in an average manner. Again, the same principle as in step one applies – you need to like only pages that provide information in your context and nothing else. And based on this fundamental knowledge, you now know how you can, in two simple steps, create a growth-friendly news feed that is the solution to your “I feel like I’m wasting my time on Facebook” problem.
To keep people from taking your spotlight, I think you have two challenges ahead of you: to make yourself persuasive and listenable, and also to find out if you may unknowingly be part of the problem.
You need to feel valued and worth listening to in order to speak with authority and presence, and if your colleagues aren’t giving you that, you need to develop it for yourself. Meetings are bound to be stressful experiences for you by now, but the more relaxed, confident, and unfrazzled you are going in, the more respect you can command. Soft voices are perceived as being more passive, and they’re interrupted more often. Looking down or away gives people a signal that you are nervous and they may or can interrupt.
Speak in short, direct sentences and get to the point of what you’re saying without a lot of elaboration. When they pause to take a breath or recall something, find a related thread and bring it back around to what you were saying. According to analysts from Needham who cited comScore data, “monthly active users around the world spend an average of 20+ minutes per day on the social network, liking, commenting, and scrolling through status updates” – reported BusinessInsider.
And believe it or not guys, most of the people surfing through Facebook are more or less “wasting their time”. In the world we live in, there’s quite simply more effective use of time and less effective use of time. Because I believe that everything happens for a reason and that you learn from everything that you comprehend – both consciously and subconsciously.

Well, it’s quite simply because I don’t think that browsing through photos and meaningless status updates will satisfy this hunger you have in you. You need to unfollow every single one of your friends who shares the general status updates and selfies. So if you are a marketer, you’d probably be not interested in content related to plastic surgery for example.
I remember back when I first got on Facebook, I used to like page after page just because some of my friends liked it or because I saw some image or quote that fired me up. Now you know that time is the only currency in your mind-wallet and that there’s no such thing as wasting your time – there are just less time-efficient activities and more time-efficient activities in the context of your “target information”.
It will be harder for others to elbow you if you speak in a voice that’s clear and strong (but not loud).
But, I’m sure you know just how engaging it is to scroll through your friends’ status updates and photos – you just can’t get enough.
Ergo, the step-by-step process I will share with you that will help you utilize your Facebook time to the absolute maximum – again, in your own context of valuable information.
How is humanity supposed to progress through time if you are “wasting your time” on these less time-efficient activities?
We should focus on doing just a few things, but doing them like no one before us has ever done it before. They are holding you back and at the same time stealing from the one currency you have – time. I mean you need to take your craft to a level nobody has ever even thought of before and the only way to do that is to maintain a laser-like focus on that thing that you are innovating, yes that’s the word. For those interested, for me those pages were providing information on business, finance, investing, marketing, and other similar topics. It may be more effective to pause in the middle of a sentence so that there is still the expectation that you're at least going to finish that sentence.

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