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Our tongues say a lot about us, including our health.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has developed a unique, effective diagnostic approach using inspection of the tongue. For thousands of years, various areas of the tongue are believed to correspond to different organs and their meridian systems (left image). Changes in the tongue happen when changes occur first in the diet, emotions, lifestyle and state of health. This week’s health tip is to encourage people to examine their tongue as a way to inspect their personal health. One of the meanings of a thick, greasy tongue coating is that there is fumigation of improperly digested food, combined with internal pathogenic factors rising upward to reside on the tongue. Scraping or brushing the tongue temporarily removes this thick coat and the stale or bitter taste that may accompany it, but unless the root of this turbidity is dealt with, no amount of scraping will permanently resolve it.
There are several ways to treat these imbalances in the body that manifest on the tongue – cupping (all types), acupuncture, herbal medicine, and changes in diet and lifestyle are the main methods used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is a very brief introduction on how to read your body’s health through inspecting your tongue.
Mouth health is also an important component of dentistry.  A healthier tongue and mouth also means healthier teeth. In combining the wisdom of a 4000 year-old field of medicine and modern day dental health practices, we can significantly raise awareness about how to improve overall mouth and tongue health.  This is where TCM and dentistry can effectively be used in collaboration together.
All information herein provided is for educational use only and is not meant to substitute for in-person advice of a qualified health professional. As mentioned, having a swollen tongue is usually a symptom of an underlying cause and you may experience other symptoms.
The cause of having a swollen tongue could be due to a variety of conditions, disorders, or diseases. A hormonal disorder called acromegaly which is when there is too much growth hormone and over time the body tissues get larger. A decrease in your red blood cells due to the poor absorption of vitamin B12 known as pernicious anemia.
Angioedema which is a serious disease and happens when there is a rapid swelling of the submucosal and mucosal tissues. Transient lingual papillitis which is where the taste buds become red, inflamed, and swell and usually manifests at night as a swollen tongue. If you notice that your tongue swells after eating or drinking certain foods you will need to eliminate them from your diet. If it is due to a side effect or allergic reaction to a medication you are on you need to contact your physician so they can change your medication.
If it is due to an infection you should see your physician to see if they need to prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the infection.

Many times when you have a swollen tongue, it can be difficult to swallow anything, including your own saliva so to help decrease the production of saliva you should avoid any sour or salty foods until the swelling goes down and it is no longer difficult to swallow.
To avoid any complications with a swollen tongue make sure that you are maintaining good oral hygiene.
Blisters on Tongues A diagnosis of a condition at this distance would be dangerous no matter how There are a range of conditions which may cause spots or blisters on the tongue. Blisters on the tongue usually indicate that the animal has been  eating toxic vegetation or that the animal has hoof and mouth  disease. Home remedies natural cures common illnesses, Home remedies, natural cures and information on causes, symptoms and diet conditions for common ailments and diseases.
5 natural cures crohn' disease - cure crohn', How cure crohn’ disease naturally fish oil. This can be very unpleasant and the pain can last up to three days depending on how you burned your tongue. Burns of the tongue are similar to those of any part of the skin, but the problem is bigger because we cannot use the same methods that we use on other parts of our body. From a Western viewpoint, the tongue tells me how a person is digesting, how their lymphatic system functions, the quality of blood circulating in the body, the presence of yeast or other growths in the body, and any longstanding or constitutional conditions.
A normal tongue should be pink, with no cracks in the body, neither swollen or atrophied, absent any sores, and with a thin white coating on top. As you can see, the tongue can vary a lot more than you might think, and it can even vary in a single person from the start to the end of a day.
If you notice something strange with your tongue, that’s a good time to go see an acupuncturist or herbalist, even if you have no real symptoms or diagnosis.
The tongue gives clear clues as to the health of different organ systems and the body-mind-spirit as a whole.  It is also the changes in the body and coating of the tongue that are important in TCM. This is usually seen because of a side effect of medication, especially hypertensive medications. If it is an allergic reaction to the medication that is life-threatening then you need to seek immediate medical attention. The yoga pose that is recommended is the Lion Pose which is where you vocalize the sound “AHHHHH” as in the roar of a loin while you stick your tongue out.
Therefore, if you burn your tongue, the first you need to do is to drink cold water and hold the water at your tongue the water warms up, then immediately spit the water and do the same again.
The yogurt cools better and faster and will restore the damage faster which is caused by the heat of the drink or the food which caused the burn. Other acupuncturists might only do one or a few of them, depending on their skill & specialty. When I look at the tongue I’m looking at its length, size (eg swollen or not), shape (eg cracked or not), color, and any details about the coat on top of it.

If there’s a problem with any one of those things, I also get a general idea as to which organ is most affected and the prognosis for resolving it. If you’re interested in checking out your own tongue, the best time to do it is right after waking and before brushing your teeth or taking your morning coffee. Changes in the tongue can predate any serious medical issues, and it is better to be safe in getting an assessment than waiting and having to fix a major problem later. When you have a swollen tongue it can be just a portion of it that is swollen or it can be the whole tongue.
Your tongue could swell up to double its size and interfere with your breathing, which can be fatal.
Repeat this many times as the cold water will prevent the burning and tongue will not be damaged. Doctors advise to be especially careful because the hot food, and hot drinks can damage the tongue papillae. Each one of these things tells me something different and relates to something within Chinese medical theory. Your tongue is what helps you to chew, talk, taste, and swallow and is make of muscles with the upper side lined with taste buds. If you have never done yoga you should consult someone who practices yoga before attempting this. Was told in no uncertain terms that this is a symptom of the herpes virus -- the same one that causes cold sores!
But I noticed that these medications generate so much heat in your body that it shows on your tongue in form of small blisters and sometimes it is swollen too. But blisters come back after you take pain-killers, so better you take pain killer with vitamin.
In pain one night, I remember placing my tongue between my teeth to avoid my gums being massacred in the night by my upper jaw. I woke up the next morning with a sore, sore tongue as I had bitten it overnight repeatedly. One week later of painful eating and slurry speech, I have been diagnosed with a tooth infection, and my tongue has a .75 cm wide blister.
This started for me after taking Biaxin for bronchitis, approximately 4-5 days after finishing the medication i began noticing a gritty, chalky taste in my mouth, and recently small blisters on my tongue. Branded Potato Chips follow certain standards in their addition of ingredients which tried and tested and in most cases do not affect people.

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