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About half of newborn babies develop milia a couple of days after they are born, but the spots disappear on their own within two or three weeks, reports BabyCenter. This condition may not be life-threatening or even affect your health in a major way, but skin discoloration can be a stressful malady just the same. This line was used in Shakespeare’s Macbeth though the legendary bard wasn’t necessarily writing about the same type of condition we are considering. Doctors have developed a couple of laser techniques that are successful in removing the spots or reducing their size. The appearance of age spots may be slowed by avoiding long periods in direct sunlight and by using suntan lotion with adequate protection.
There are a number of more serious skin discoloration issues that should be inspected by your doctor.
In severe and persistent cases, a doctor can prick the milia with a fine needle and express the contents. It may be the reason you don’t wear some of your favorite clothes and it may keep you from going out to social events.

We can rid ourselves of skin discoloration and spots, at least to the point of covering them or reducing the amount of color.
You may also be able to improve this condition by massaging the affected areas with a Vitamin C lotion or even with citrus juice. Any time a new, dark spot appears on your body it may be wise to look at it a little closer and have a doctor provide his or her opinion.
Milk spots are not contagious, and their presence does not indicate future susceptibility to acne or other skin conditions. This is a way to “bleach” some of the darker color out of the spots without using harmful chemicals. If the spot is not a threat to your health you may be able to reduce the discoloration or eliminate the spot altogether with some natural methods. Vigorous washing of the milia may cause irritation, and squeezing them may lead to scarring. Red or brown marks of this type are usually caused by problems with small blood vessels at or near the surface of the skin.

The pigment of the skin is darker than surrounding skin and may even rise above the skin surface. Some people find that a mixture of yogurt and lime juice serves to clean the skin and provide the mild bleaching effect as well. In children and adults, milk spots sometimes develop following skin damage, such as burns, sun damage, skin resurfacing procedures, extensive use of steroid creams and conditions that cause blisters, states Healthline.
The most prominent is probably the chemical peel, but newer creams and lotions may help lighten the dark color of age spots. Typically, the rash develops from an allergic reaction to a food or medicine, or in response to exercise or heat.

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