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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Do you know how to get rid of that entire bar that holds that pictures instead of just the picture itself?
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged android or ask your own question. I have been uninstalling and reinstalling all kinds of apps since I did a mass update to some and suddenly my phone started acting funny.
I don't know what is causing it, but suddenly when I would click on a box, like in Kindle to put my password in, or even on a web page to read something, an orange line around highlight that section and a voice would read what it was! The problem with this is that when it highlights certain things, it doesn't allow the keyboard to pop up.
I thought that maybe I could just take the whole phone back down to factory specs and start all over again, but then something odd happened. I Tweeted it 3 hours ago and was going to reply here with it but got called away before I could.

It happens to me too and it is bugging me when I'm at school when i have to look things up on my chrome book.
Originally Posted by Bryanna Bailey It happens to me too and it is bugging me when I'm at school when i have to look things up on my chrome book. And sometimes when it will allow the keyboard to pop up, the delay is like having a 486 computer! I noticed that when I was looking on this website, that that same orange line is around boxes, like the search text input and then the little search icon, only on a smaller scale since I am on my computer. I have looked through every setting for everything I can think of and can't find a way to turn that stupid highlight off. It didn't say anything about the orange line around the text that keeps jumping as you click on another paragraph. This is a Facebook post, but it happens to just about any text and especially around the areas you are supposed to login.
That makes me think that this new thing is actually an Android update that when I do go down to specs and then install it's current update, I will still be screwed.

If it was just the highlight, I really wouldn't care, but it's messing with my ability to type in passwords or search words and it even made it so that when I was in the browser, it highlighted a section of an ad and wouldn't let me zoom in to the details. This is really starting to drive me nuts and totally frustrate me, which isn't good because I have ADHD and if it frustrates me too much I'll end up just throwing the stupid phone away and buying an iPhone and until now I haven't had any problems. And this is a huge problem because when it does make the boarder around the login area, it won't bring up the keyboard.
And if it does finally bring it up, it's only after a long time and since I get really impatient I keep hitting the box thinking it was me not the orange outline and so it closes the keyboard a few times and if I am lucky it ends up open.

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