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When many people develop a stiff neck, they do not an idea of what caused the problem and what they can do to heal the problem. It results due to injury, spending long hours in front (working) of your computer, improper posture while sleeping and stress among other factors.
Stiff neck will cause severe, throbbing pain while in some other times it is a constant dull pain.
Your stiff neck might be because of bad sleeping positions or using the wrong kind of pillow or mattress. A firm mattress will hold your body in good position as it will not develop compressed sections where your heavier body parts lie. A good pillow support will lower the stress placed on your neck and the upper back as a whole. The support from a pillow, which is not very thick, will reduce the stress caused on your nerve or muscle, it will help your ailing neck to relax hence with time no pressure will be exerted and your nerve will be functioning normally. That stiff neck that you are having can be treated by applying a cold material such as ice and later a hot material.
When applying the ice your neck never apply it directly but instead smear ice on the towel and tie the towel on your neck for the fifteen minutes.
A neck massage works the same way as when your car is being straightened from the deformations and dents from an accident. After you have engaged in various treatments and your stiff neck is now better and you can even make simple and light movements, then begin exercises. These are movements which will enhance mobility of your neck and the vertebral discs in it. Neck exercises help to stabilize neuromuscular parts.  Exercises will reduce muscle stress.
You will need to start off with simple exercises and as you heal from your stiff neck perform high impact exercises. The importance of this is it will allow the other normal joints and discs in your neck to remain healthy. After healing continue with the exercises, this will keep you strong and always at the top of your fitness. The Greek peninsula was originally settled by the Minoan people who originated in Egypt and came to the mainland via the island of Crete on the south, by the Achaeans who settled in the Peloponnese, and by the Dorians, Ionians, and Aeolians who entered over the mountains from Europe in the north. The name comes from the ruins at Mycenae where a large palace and many graves were discovered. The values that emerged from Homera€™s epic tales became the basic values of Greek culture and formed the basis for Greek education. Excellence (arete) -- doing the best you can, setting high levels of achievement, being the best at what you do, being superior in achievement to that of others.
Honor -- being a person of virtue, one who lends to neighbors without expecting repayment, and one who keeps promises and commitments. Bravery -- for the Greek man bravery during war and athletic prowess in peacetime were the goals.
Sacrifice -- being willing to give up self-comfort for the sake of the polis, choosing to defend the polis over family life. Glory (kleos) -- glory one achieves for parents, family, and polis through great deeds of excellence, honor, bravery. Impermanence of human life -- everything in life is impermanent, but glory (kleos) never fades. After the Trojan Wars, the Mycenaeans went through a period of civil wars and their defenses became weakened. This period extended from the beginning of the wars with Persia up to the death of Alexander the Great in 336 B.C.
The ideal Greek man was considered to be a brave warrior during war time and an excellent athlete in peace time. The olympic site at Olympia still contains the actual fields, large dirt berms where spectators sat, the tunnel through which the contestants ran onto the fields, and remnants of many statues to the gods.
Persia, a major power that developed to the northeast of the Fertile Crescent, expanded through military power into present-day Turkey (Anatolia) and into the western areas of the Black Sea, just to the north of Greece. The Greeks had established colonies in Troy, Ephesus, and other locations along the eastern edge of the Aegean in present day Turkey. Every modern marathon is exactly the same distance, whether it is run in London, Tokyo, or Boston. Xerxes is also well known to Christians and Jews because he was the husband of Queen Esther, a Jewish young woman who lived during the Babylonian Captivity of Judah. Xerxes took his time -- four years -- to assemble a huge army of 2 million men and 1200 ships to attack Greece. The Persians marched to a point to the north of Athens, burning and pillaging Greek villages along their path.The goal was to conquer Athens and burn it to the ground in retaliation for Dariusa€™ previous defeat at Marathon.
The Persians were like a herd of elephants attempting to crawl inside the neck of a Coke bottle.
The Athenians meanwhile began evacuating all the citizens of Athens to Salamis, an island south of Athens, which was separated from the mainland by the Bay of Salamis. Why was the Athenian army not present at Thermopylae if the goal of Xerxes was to destroy Athens? Why did Leonidas not dismiss the Thespians from the battle, as he did the other Greek troops? What can be learned from the example of how Leonidas chose Thermopylae to fight the superior forces of the Persians?
By the time the Persians entered Athens, the entire city had been evacuated except for some priests and priestesses who were supposedly given the job of defending the sacred temples on the Acropolis.
Why did Xerxes not head immediately into the Peloponnese to deal with Sparta, the hometown of Leonidas, who had angered him at Thermopylae? When the Persian ships entered the Bay of Salamis they were quickly surrounded by the more maneuverable Greek ships. The Athenians went on to build the worlda€™s largest navy and a merchant fleet that trading throughout the Mediterranean, while the Spartans developed the worlda€™s most powerful army. After the Persian wars Athens and Sparta continued to develop two radically different cultures.
The Peloponnesian League attacked Athens, but the outmanned Athenians under Pericles gained allies in the Peloponnese, thus damaging Spartaa€™s supply lines, and encouraged the Spartan helots (slaves) to flee to the Athenian allied city-states for safety and freedom.
Athens had built large stone walls from the city down the rocky slopes about 8 miles to Piraeus, its port on the Aegean. Eventually in following years Athens proved to be the city with the most resiliency, vitality, and potential.
What two confederations were set up in Greece in view of disputes and bad attitudes between the various city-states? Pericles was the leader of Athens following the Persian Wars and led Athens in its war against Sparta. Socrates lived during the Peloponnesian Wars that racked Greece and brought Athens and Sparta to exhaustion.
Socrates sought through his philosophy to teach a better way, and to do so through the education of the youth of Athens. Socrates was upset by an earlier group of Athenian thinkers, the Sophists, who maintained that there were no universals or absolutes in life. The elders of Athens were very disturbed by Socrates questioning tradition and teaching his students to do the same. Socrates was held in deep respect by his students, but resented by the leaders of the polis.
In the Apology of Plato (Dialogues 32, 41) when asked how he felt about his soon death, Socrates is reported by Plato to have replied that he had no feelings or emotions about death. What does Socrates believe about the soul that leads him to conclude that everything a person needs to know already exists in his mind, and merely needs to be allowed to come out? Since Socrates never wrote any of his teachings down, what is one source of his teachings that we can consult to discover what Socrates believed and taught? Early in life Plato wandered around the Mediterranean and was at one point captured by pirates.
In The Cave, Plato describes several people chained inside a cave who have never viewed what lies on the outside of the cave.
But if there are real Forms of chairs and trees and red apples, then there are real Forms of humans, also. It was Platoa€™s emphasis on the upper story that appealed to people in Northern Europe during the Renaissance and during the Protestant Reformation, as opposed to the man-centered humanism of Aristotle which was favored in the Italian Renaissance. How is this expressed in the statement by Plato to his teacher: a€?a€?And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul?
Aristotle was the son of a physician who had served the grandfather of Alexander the Great. An educated mind is able to listen to and entertain a thought without blindly accepting it.
Aristotle departed from his teacher, Plato, by maintaining, as did Confucius and Buddha, that there is not enough time in this life to worry about a life to come. Aristotle was a pioneer biologist in observing and classifying the plants, trees, and animals of Greece.
Aristotle, in similar fashion to Plato his teacher, saw two energies or components of the soul -- desire and reason. At the close of the middle ages, many Italians began to discard the traditions of the Roman Church.
All three of these philosophers, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, emphasized human reason as the major force of life. In Christianity there is the important matter of the necessity of being born again, having our minds made new, of submitting our minds and wills to God, in trusting Him for wisdom and understanding.
Some speculate that the gods and goddesses in Greek mythology were heroes from the earliest Mycenaean periods of Greeks history, preceding even Troy and Homer. This speculation comes from a careful study of Greek pottery, art, and sculpture, which gives, in the opinion of some historians, evidence that the gods and goddesses may have been the glorification by the early Greeks of major characters from the line of Cain who lived prior to the flood. For instance, Zeus could possibly be Nimrod, the first of the great warriors and the founder of the first city according to Genesis.
Thus Greek mythology, maintains Johnson, is a corrupted version of biblical history, a twisted memory. To understand the whole story that underlies the stories contained in Greek mythology, one must be aware of the clash between the older Titans and the younger Olympians. In other pieces of Greek art there is a continuous emphasis on capturing and grasping the tree that contains the fruit of knowledge and mysteries.
If Johnson is correct in his interpretations of the many scenes depicted in Greek pottery, Greek mythology deifies the pre-flood line of Cain and depicts Zeus as triumphant over Noah and his God for rule on the earth. Athena is consistently represented in Greek art as not only the patron of Athens but the goddess who possesses knowledge, wisdom, and access to the mysteries.
At the wedding feast celebrating Philipa€™s marriage to Cleopatra, her father made a toast, asking the gods for the birth of a son to become heir to the throne, obviously discounting Alexandera€™s legitimacy. In the melee that followed, one of his bodyguards, a friend of Alexander, stabbed Philip to death. It is interesting to note that about 700 years later when a Roman general demanded that all of his troops sacrifice to the Emperor to confirm their loyalty, the same Thebian elite unit, now comprising a legion of 6,000 men, refused to sacrifice and the entire legion was put to death. Alexander invaded Anatolia, conquered Syria and Palestine, became the only one in the history of Afghanistan to conquer it, and conquered mighty Egypt. His goal was to unite the entire known world under one leader, speaking one language, and possessing one culture.
Before you read the following account, please read the story of Paula€™s visit to Athens as described by Luke, Paula€™s companion, in Acts 17:16-34. The Athenians developed a complex mythology in an attempt to make sense out of human existence. By the time of Christ there were literally several thousand gods and goddesses in the religious system of Athens. Monuments and altars to the many gods and goddesses lined the highway from Piraeus, the port, to the center of the city of Athens. Paul stopped in Athens on his way to Corinth, waiting for companions to arrive from Thessaloniki. In describing Paula€™s reaction to the Athenian idolatry, Luke, the companion of Paul, uses the Greek word paroxysm from which we get paroxsymal. Epicureans taught that the basis of human life was to a€?eat, drink, and have a good time, because tomorrow we will die.a€? There are no moral absolutes. Sophists were an itinerant group of philosophers who emphasized the intellect as the basis of human success.
Paul was invited to climb up to Mars Hill, a large hill inside Athens about 300 yards from the Acropolis. Some have suggested that Paul made a mistake by resorting to philosophy and logic in an attempt to be accepted by the Areopagus. They asked the oracle at Delphi, what had they done to cause this plague, and most importantly, what could they do to end it? Further, the Oracle said, the Athenians must travel to the Island of Crete, to Knossos, a traditional enemy of Athens, to seek out the legendary prophet, Epimenides. Upon arriving at Athens, Epimenides noticed the hundreds of altars and monuments dedicated to the scores of Athenian deities. According to Plato, he states in his Laws, since the deity sacrificed to was unknown to the Athenians and unknown to Epimenides, the sites were named in honor of Agnosto Theo, the unknown god who had been appeased and who had lifted the plague. Plato further noted that Epimenides prophesied that in ten years Persia would again attempt to invade Athens but would be frustrated and turned back.
Within ten years, Persia, under Darius, attempted to invade Athens, just as Epimenides predicted, but was defeated at the famous Battle of Marathon.
Lest we become too enamored by Epimenides, however, he also claimed that Zeus was immortal. The refusal of the people of Crete to adore Zeus as the Immortal One caused Epimenides to make that classic statement, a€?All Cretans, liars!a€? This quote is cited by Paul in Titus 1:12. In the book, Peace Child, Don Richardson describes how the Gospel seemed to be a concept beyond the ability of the Asmat tribe in New Guinea to understand. Likewise, in the Ekari tribe of New Guinea the loss was lamented of the knowledge of Ajii, a place where the dead could go after death, where there was the absence of war, illness, sadness.
In this same way, Paul used the bridge of the agnosto theo to enable the Athenians to understand the Gospel.
Although Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were later revered by the rest of the world, they were not well received during their lifetimes in Athens. What truths did Epimenides declare about the true God when he made his four suggestions about the agnosto theo? What can we learn from this story to help us in talking with other people about the Good News of Jesus? Although Rome conquered Greece, Greece in its religion, philosophy, and language conquered Rome. The Christian faith grew rapidly in Greece, including such famous Christian communities as those in Corinth, Athens, Philippi, and Thessaloniki. After the fall of Constantinople to the Islamic Ottoman Turks in 1453, most of Greece in 1460 fell to the Ottomans.The Ottoman Turks were mountain people from the north of Persia who invaded and conquered present-day Turkey by the 12th century.
Facing Russian troops sent by the Christian tsar of Russia at the walls of Constantinople in 1829, the Sultan of the Ottomans finally recognized Greek independence. In the 20th Century Greece was occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II, and a communist government was elected shortly after the war. Greece is important and of interest to Western Christians because it was the birthplace of the Christian Church in Europe.
Greece is also the civilization that served as a bottleneck, preventing the domination of Islam in Europe.
What is not laudable, is the religious darkness that existed in Greece prior to the arrival of the Gospel.
What are the differences between the limited democracy of Athens and democracy as practiced in the United States?
What evidences are there for humane treatment of girls and women in the ancient Greek civilization? It is said that the Romans capture the Greeks, but in reality the Greeks captured the Romans.
The classical civilizations of Greece established institutions and defined values and styles that endured for many centuries and that continue to influence our lives today.
Alongside of these religions developed two divinely revealed religions: Judaism and Christianity. The first Greek civilization was the Minoan civilization, located on the island of Crete, with Knossos as its main community. The migration into the Greek mainland from the north by the Mycenaean people, and their subsequent invasion of Crete, resulted in a common language. Troy was a city-state strategically located at the Hellespont, where it controlled traffic to and from Europe and Asia Minor.
Athens served as one of the models for the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, but as a direct democracy functioned very differently than the representative democracy established in the United States. While Athens was experimenting with a direct democracy, Israel had received from Jehovah through Moses a form of democratic, representative government.
Israel, even though embracing a limited monarchy, considered itself a theocracy, with Jehovah at its center and the temple and sacrificial system centered in Jerusalem. The story of the plague at Athens and the wisdom of Epimenides led to the worship of the a€?Unknown Goda€? and to the eventual entrance of the Gospel to Athens and Greece.
Persia became the feared enemy of the Greek city-states, resulting in three major battles at Marathon, Thermopylae, and Salamis. Ironically, the wife of Xerxes, king of Persia, was Esther, a Jewish woman whose family had been takenA  to Babylon in the Babylonian Captivity of 566 BC. The refusal of Athens to share its democratic dream with the other city-states, as well as jealousy and rebellion on the part of the other city-states, resulted in the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC). Macedonia under Philip the Great conquered all of Greece and established the Macedonian empire. The values contained in The Iliad and The Odyssey that permeated Greek culture and Western Civilization.
The difference between a direct democracy, like that of Athens, and a representative republic, like that of the United States of America. The battles in the Persian-Greek wars at Thermopylae, Marathon, and Salamis, included the reasons why the numerically smaller Greek forces were able to ultimately defeat the vast forces of Persia.
1.Excellence (arete) --A  doing the best you can, setting high levels of achievement, being the best at what you do, being superior in achievement to that of others.
2.Honor -- being a person of virtue, one who lends to neighbors without expecting repayment, and one who keeps promises and commitments. 3.Bravery -- for the Greek man bravery during war and athletic prowess in peacetime were the goals.
4.Sacrifice -- being willing to give up self-comfort for the sake of the polis, choosing to defend the polis over family life. I know what it is to struggle and not see immediate results, but you absolutely must persevere.
Years ago, long before I began helping people correct their posture, I was suffering from chronic daily headaches. One morning in college (many years ago), while listening to an academic present a provocative speech on health and well-being, he asked us if the medication we take, knows how to find the headache – or, did with think the medication might possibly affect our entire body? Imagine that you are driving along a long stretch of road, late for a meeting one afternoon, and the oil light comes on in your car. Oil acts as a lubricant and prevents metal engine parts from coming in contact with other metal parts.
It's tempting to medicate when we have pain, because of the hectic pace of our 24-hour lifestyle.
A functional or generic treatment approach can never take altered spinal curves and straighten them out. The fifth common mistake people make when correcting their posture, is they use the wrong treatment approach.
We said that for the 10-20% of us whose bad posture has a structural cause (scoliosis, short leg, worn discs, reversed spinal curves for example), the appropriate treatment approach must also be structural. A functional or generic treatment approach (exercise classes, personal training, muscle strengthening) can never take altered spinal curves and straighten them out. If you have a structural problem, you need someone who is qualified to understand the structure of the spine and has hopefully spent many years measuring and interpreting posture from the study of spinal x-rays. If you have spent years trying to correct your posture with exercise programs and numerous approaches, but when you look in the mirror you see little change, then you may have a structural problem that requires a structural solution.
The fourth biggest mistake people make when correcting their posture is not understanding the real cause of poor posture.
Have you been everywhere and tried everything to correct your posture, but when you look in the mirror you see little, if any difference? When you receive a tailored structural exercise program to correct your posture, you will likely receive a program of exercises – many of which, you have never seen. For those of you who have tried many different approaches and still look in the mirror and see unattractive posture, consider you may have a structural posture problem.
The third biggest mistake people make when correcting their posture is beginning a posture exercise program before they've lost weight. Being overweight is associated with so many health risks that include – diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, metabolic syndrome, cancer, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, fatty liver disease and sleeping and reproductive issues. Swayback posture develops when the abdominal weight overpowers the weak stabilizing muscles in the lower back. It's understandable that those who are overweight have real concerns about their posture, and wish to address these concerns with specific posture exercises.
Most posture exercise programs involve movements that put gentle, but compressive loads on the joints – joints that are already under pressure due to excess body weight. For many posture pupils this will be a disappointing truth, but if the goal is to correct your posture and get results that can be maintained over time, I have found this approach, to be the best way forward.
If you put all efforts into improving nutritional lifestyle and take on an easy win, like fast-paced daily walking, (off piste – avoid pavement and get onto the grass, which is kind on joints and makes the heart work harder) you will bring down your weight faster. A US Study in The American Journal of Medicine found that 62.1% of all US bankruptcies are caused by medical illness. With statistics like that, we can no longer rely on the simplicity of one cause, one effect – in other words, poor physical health (cause) may lead to pain (physical effect), depression (emotional effect), lost productivity (career effect) and eventual bankruptcy (financial effect) for 62.1% of Americans. In Tom Rath's rather interesting book, Well-being, he points out that well-being isn't only about being happy, wealthy or successful.
When I work with my posture pupils, I start with a very long eligibility questionnaire designed to identify areas that need more attention, as well as pointing out areas of strengths. When most people think about their posture they focus on how they sit or stand, what chair or pillow they should buy, or the latest fitness fad to solve all their problems in less than a month.
The most effective way to address the physical causes of poor posture, is to make daily posture exercise a habit. Amy Cuddy (Ted Talks) explains that just two minutes of power posing (think Wonder Woman) can boost testosterone levels. If you are tired of getting just average results when trying to correct your posture, maybe it is time to rethink your lifestyle. Possibly the biggest mistake many of you will make when trying to correct your posture is leaving it too late - so don't. By the time we have aches and pains, spinal stiffness, lost confidence and an unattractive body image, many of us will already have degenerative changes. If we begin to develop a healthy Posturecise habit before the signs and symptoms begin in later life, we have a much better chance of improving our long-term health outcomes and are more likely to get the kind of results that other people notice! When you lie down on a hard, flat floor you will immediately feel all your tension (try it).
Chimpanzees and their common ancestors have been sleeping without pillows for millions of years – do we really need one? Humans are one of many species of primates - ancestors that lived in the trees of tropical forests.

Our ancestors eventually moved out of wooded rainforests; no longer dependent on trees for shelter and safety. Instinctive sleeping and resting postures: an anthropological and zoological approach to treatment of low back and joint pain by Michael Tetley, PT. It is clear that sedentary 'civilised' people likely have much higher incidence of musculo-skeletal lesions (especially low back pain) compared with native peoples, nomads and forest dwellers. Bernardino Ramazzini, an Italian Physician born in 1633, was probably best known for his book on occupational diseases (I have a leather bound collector's addition – geek alert). Not everyone has a standing desk and prolonged standing comes with its own warnings, so I like to recommend active sitting. Although I don't have an expensive office set up, I do slightly elevate my laptop using a laptop support – there are a ton of cheap options. As with any New Year, musings of financial security, weight loss, gym memberships, falling in love and dream jobs may fill your early 2015 thoughts.
Today is day one of a brand New Year and that means you get a fresh start on fitness and health. I began day one of 2015 with a gorgeous Florida grapefruit, followed by a swim and then ate breakfast while contemplating my fresh start - my plan for 2015.
I grew up in the 70s and this is significant for us sugar loving TOFIs – Thin on the outside and fat on the inside. Low-fat gave us food that tasted like cardboard, so the food industry had to find a way to make food palatable, so they upped carbohydrate – specifically, refined sugar.
Decades ago there wasn't the understanding of good fats and so all fats were labelled dangerous. In Dr Robert Lustig's excellent book, Fat Chance – The Bitter Truth About Sugar, he explains that up to 40% of us skinny types have insulin resistance and 20% demonstrate fatty livers – aka skinny fat!
The easiest way to determine if you are skinny fat (TOFI), if you don't happen to have an abdominal MRI to hand, is to measure your waist circumference. When energy supply overwhelms the body's ability to cope, the result is a build up of fat in the liver.
My health is what I value most in my life and so last Thursday December 4th, I had a gentle conversation with myself.
Tomorrow I am speaking at the Entrepreneurial Women's Cafe in Toronto on the topic of confidence. There is another issue here – What I perceive as assertive confidence, may appear utterly rude to someone else. So if I use this definition of aggression, then my bank manager was indeed rude, as her assertive behaviour was solely in the pursuit of her own aims and business objectives to score another client – my mother! Know What You're Good At: I was speaking recently to a group of female execs on how to be successful with business video.
I don't think the subject of assertive behaviour is quite as clear-cut as I've presented in this post (and do please let me know your own personal thoughts on this in the comments below) but I hope it stimulates some good conversation and debate. In this post I am discussing the fatty neck lump that develops due to Forward Head Posture (fhp).
There are many other possible causes of neck lumps that I am not making reference to here: The fatty lipoma, the goitre, lymph nodes and cysts, to name but a few.
If you know you have a forward head and also a lump on the back on your neck, you may benefit from x-ray investigation to rule out a reversed neck curve, known as cervical kyphosis.
Some of my posture pupils do have a neck hump at the upper part of their backs and it has a hard bony feel to it. Yesterday I was speaking to the R.U.M group – Retired and under-employed men and what fun we had! If you can't do anything immediately about the numbers of hours that you sit, you can learn to become an active sitter.
My wiggleosophy is all about active sitting, which involves learning to put a wiggle in your sit – it really is quite fun!
Next, start to wiggle and jiggle your body from top to toe – ok, you may get some really strange looks at the office, but hey it won't be long before your co-workers follow suit.
The American College of Sports Medicine's Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends revealed High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as the top fitness fad for 2014. Do you think our tribal brothers and sisters think about target heart rates, going to the gym or endure being screamed at by some ex-military fitness instructor? We evolved to move our bodies in order to run from threats, farm the fields, make and raise children, hunt for food, draw on caves and shoot arrows.
I believe that the solution to creating a lifelong habit of body movement is to stop treating moving like it belongs on a priority list.
The solution came for me when I decided to leave a successful private practice and take my posture work online in the form of video. When you switch from exercising to body movement you will be free – no longer trapped in a search for the next best fitness fad.
The switch doesn't happen over night and some of you will be resistant to the idea of replacing exercise with daily body movement – but you have to admit that daily body movement sure sounds more enticing than the grind and expectation of Boot Camp, Spinning or Kettle Bells?!
Like any new habit, it takes time for your brain to create a new pattern (neurological pathway). Body movement is natural and something you can learn to love until you no longer have to remember to do it – because you feel stronger, taller, slimmer and younger!
Migraines are intensely painful headaches often felt on one side of the head and before the eye. Though it is a widespread problem, it is mostly reported among people between the ages of 20 to 40. It would be wise if you started with relieving the pain so that you can be able to continue with your daily activities. It is important that you use a firm mattress when sleeping and always ensure your head is aligned with your spine.
A mattress that is not firm will develop compressed sections which will lead to high and low points in your bed. Continued pressure on the neck will have severe consequences as the stiffness will extend further. A cold pack will solve the inflammation hence reduce the pain and restore the functionality of your nerve but will not relief any trapped muscles.
Generally, heat is a natural muscle relaxant while cold is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain killer. Olive oil massage is most effective due to the heat of the warm oil combined with the healing properties of associated with olive oil. After an accident its body is deformed and it cannot sometimes move as some parts are completely deformed. Though you are experiencing that sharp pain as you try to move your neck it is necessary that you note the pain free directions. By moving your head the cause of the pinched nerve is weakened; you release the pressure and will definitely fully release it. Folks don't realize how big of an impact that their sleeping habits have on their overall health. Ita€™s most famous ruler was the legendary king Minos who established the capitol city of Knossos. It was a warrior culture mentioned by Homer in his two epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey, describing the events that took place during the Trojan Wars between the Mycenaeans from the mainland of Greece and Troy on the western shoreline of Anatolia (present-day Turkey).
They were carried into Roman culture by Virgil, were embraced by the Byzantines, and were carried into Italy during the Renaissance.
Art, pottery, sculpturing, and architecture developed, establishing the foundation for much of the Classical period.
Athenian democracy developed under Pericles and the Parthenon was built on the Acropolis in Athens in worship of Athena. It derived its name from the goddess Athena who in Greek myth competed with Poseidon to be the patron of the city. The Isthmus games were held every two years at the narrow isthmus of Greece, located near Corinth.
He was most angered by Athens and Sparta, because when his father Darius sent messengers to those two cities to offer them the opportunity to surrender prior to the Battle of Marathon, they killed Dariusa€™ emissaries by throwing them down into deep wells. The Persians arrived at a narrow, rocky pass, Thermopylae, which overlooked the rocky shoreline below -- a 50-foot wide narrow pass which only permitted a limited numbers of troops to squeeze through the pass at a time. King Leonidas of Sparta blocked the pass with 300 Spartans and 400 soldiers from other city-states.
A Greek traitor, however, revealed a hidden pass through the mountains that would by-pass Thermopylae and allow the Persian to attack Leonidas from the rear. He sent a messenger to Xerxes with the message that many of the Greeks were terrified, that they would not fight, and that if Xerxes sent his ships into the Bay of Salamis they could easily wipe out the Athenian navy. This would not bode well for the future of peace between the two city-states, however, and ultimately resulted in the Peloponnesian Wars.
During the Peloponnesian War Athens suffered from a plague, which took the life of Pericles. Pericles led a number of major building projects in Athens including the rebuilding of the Parthenon, constructing a large statue of Athena in the Parthenon, and rebuilt the acropolis.
Socrates maintained that the universe and life below here on earth pointed to a different reality. In the dialogue, Meno, Socrates set forth the idea that when a person is born it is a reincarnation of the eternal soul which contains all knowledge. He argued that the soul is eternal, lives on after the death of the physical body, and existed before the physical body. Although he disagreed with some of his teachings, Plato memorialized Socrates in his work, the Apology of Plato. In it he describes the ideal form of government and society comprised of three classes of people: producers (craftsmen, farmers, builders), warriors, and guardians (rulers). The goal is to follow the lead of the rational and spiritual portions of the soul and to make them masters over the appetite.
They can only speculate and guess, based upon the shadows they see moving across the floor and walls of the cave.
Plato seemed to these North European Christians to be saying that reality is above where God is.
After his education in Athens, Aristotle was hired by King Philip of Macedonia to be the personal tutor of this son, the future Alexander the Great in Macedonia. Too many good things go unaccomplished because of either a bad beginning or not beginning at all. During the Reign of Terror in France all Christian symbols were removed from the cathedral in Paris and a statute of the Goddess of Human Reason was placed in the cathedral. On the other hand, there is considerable evidence, some speculate, that many of the Greek gods and goddesses were reminder remnants of Biblical history prior to the Flood of Noah.
Eve may be the prototype of Athena, because invariably when depicted in Greek sculpture Athena is pictured with a snake at her one side and a sword at the other. Access to its snowy peaks was very difficult, it was shrouded in mystery, and was supposed by the Greeks to be the home of the Twelve Olympians.
He is the son of Gaea and then became her husband; together they had many offspring, including twelve of the Titans.
Because Atlas led the Titans in the battle, he was singled out by Zeus for a special punishment and was condemned to hold up for eternity the world on his back.
Earth (Gaia) presents the new-born child to Athena, who represents the reborn serpent-friendly Eve after the Flood. In Section One of the Cycle of Rebirths in Buddhism, the gods and demigods are continually engaged, as here with the Greek deities, in a struggle over who will obtain the magic fruit of the tree that dispenses wisdom and eternity.
To depict this, Athena is usually accompanied by one or several snakes -- the symbol to the Greeks of hidden wisdom.
As the story goes, Olympia, a mystical follower of the god Dionysus, often slept with a giant snake in her bed as both a pet and a spiritual symbol of Zeus.
Olympia immediately feared that Cleopatra would produce a son who would become the legitimate heir to Philipa€™s throne.
When he ran from the banquet, two of Alexandera€™s other friends caught him and killed him.
When a boy baby was later born to Cleopatra, Alexandera€™s mother Olympia arranged to have Cleopatra and the child killed to prevent a challenger to Alexandera€™s throne. In Egypt he left behind a Greek, General Ptolemy, who became the first of the Ptolemaic pharaohs.
Wherever he went he left behind Greek soldiers to intermarry with the population and in this way to capture the local culture. In other words, Paul was a€?deeply shaken.a€? he had a a€?sudden attacka€? or a€?deep disturbance,a€? and felt impelled to make a statement.
He informs them about the unknown God, the Creator, who is near to each one of us, the one whom they worship but whose identity is a mystery to them. The Greeks, whether from Sparta, Athens, or Thebes, would never think of going to war, embarking on a new project, or taking a long trip, without consulting with the Oracle. The Oracle's advice disturbed them -- an Unknown God was the cause of the plague, she said, who intended to punish the Athenians for having violated many years before an ancient Greek code of conduct against another city-state.
The grateful citizens wanted to reward Epimenides, but he declined any payment, asking merely for a treaty of peace between Athens and his home city, Knossos. He spent the majority of his time in front of them filling that empty concept of the unknown god with truth about the God they worshipped as the agnosto theo. That is, until he discovered the exchange of little children made between warring clans for the purpose of making peace. The Roman gods, for example, were for the most part simply re named Greek gods from Greek mythology.
It impacted the entire culture of Greece and the population were almost entirely Christianized by the middle of the second century. They destroyed most of the ancient Christian communities in Turkey, like Ephesus, Laodicea, Pergamum, and other churches listed in the New Testament. The long struggle of Greece to resist Islam and to serve as a guard for the rest of Christian Europe against the Islamic Ottomans was at last over.
It is interesting to travel through Greece to see white crosses placed virtually every hilltop to celebrate their independence from Ottoman rule. Churches at Corinth, Ephesus, Thessaloniki, and Philippi all had New Testament letters addressed to them.
Many school children in America study Greek mythology in school, thinking of it as some sort of fairy tale, cartoonish system, not realizing its demonic roots and total domination of the Greek culture. Thomas Jefferson seemed to have favored implementing a certain form of limited democracy in the United States. How might they have been modified and re directed after the Greeks embraced the Christian faith? They drove many of the Mycenaean people to the Ionian coast, and intermarried with the remaining Mycenaeans to form the Greek people.
700 B.C), authored two important epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey, the oldest known European literature. There is some indication that this mythology was the deification of a€?heroica€? men and women of old, who, before the Flood, composed the line of unrighteous persons. This was in stark contrast to the polytheism and idolatry practiced by its neighbors, including Greece and Rome. This really frustrates me, because I know what it is like to have unattractive painful posture, because I did. When you refuse to give up, you go from feeling fed up with painful, unattractive posture and arriving in a place you NEVER thought possible! You think that you haven't time to do anything about the oil, so you stick a piece of tape over the light. If you didn’t change your oil or oil filter in your car, dirt would accumulate in the engine and the oil would lose its lubricating qualities and eventually the filter would stop working.
If you've been following my 7 Biggest Posture Mistakes series, you'll recall our discussion that last week, when we distinguished structural problems from functional problems. A mechanic may be very gifted at recognizing problems from the external sounds your car is making, but they would NEVER give you a diagnosis or 'treat' your car, without first studying what is underneath the hood!
Many of you have tried several types of treatments and various exercise regimes in the past, but when you look in the mirror, you see little if any change. The problem is, most gym trainers and exercise classes that claim to correct your posture, use only a functional approach. You may go to see a personal trainer, and you'd be given functional exercises for weak core muscles or maybe to build overall strength, but again these exercises are generic. These mirror-image-exercises are designed to fit the altered shapes and asymmetry in your body - when the left side does not match the right side and your spinal curves have been altered (slouchback, swayback or flatback posture). Few practitioners and very few trainers and teachers are trained, qualified or even interested in using a structural approach because it takes much longer to train and should involve years of university-level-study in radiology. Once you receive a structural diagnosis, you can begin a tailored exercise program and it is then, and only then, that you are likely to be rewarded with real results – upright, attractive, youthful posture for life! The amount of weight I'm referring to is more than 25 pounds and certainly for anyone 40, 60, 100+ pounds over their ideal. I have found that overweight posture pupils struggle to get the most out of their posture exercises and find it frustrating, when they fail to see significant change.
It's crucial that the weight comes down before putting more stress and strain onto the knees, hips, and spinal discs and joints. Once your weight is within 25 pounds of your ideal, your body will be ready to begin a tailored posture correction program and one that you can easily maintain, until you get real results – flexible, upright, confident posture that lasts a lifetime! He cautions those of us who are quick to buy programs to get rich or lose weight or sort out our love lives, because when these single-focus programs fail, we may wonder what went wrong. If we are to truly apply the best formula for fixing our posture, we need an approach that addresses more than just our physical well-being. I often find certain elements lacking in those pupils not satisfied with their health results to date; those who have been working at fixing their posture for a long time, with little or no results. When you create a healthy posture habit for life, you hard wire it into the brain, until it no longer feels like a chore. Increased levels of testosterone have been shown to lower the stress hormone cortisol and to have a direct correlation with our levels of success in life. Good posture requires that you give attention to each of the three essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. I'll leave that detailed answer for another post, but be sure of this: The longer you leave it, the longer it will take to correct! With the exception of humans, most primates live in tropical regions of Africa, Asian and the Americas. Once you sense your tightness, you can do something about it and let go the areas that are holding stress and rigidity and release the stiffness. Choose whatever gets you a good nights sleep, but the firmer the better – think Chimpanzee in a tree!
Anecdotal evidence suggests that low back pain and joint stiffness is markedly reduced by adopting natural sleeping postures. I am seriously testing out instinctive sleeping and trying out no pillow – I'll let you know how I get on.
Our eyes pull us closer to the screen (especially if we are over 40) and our arms and hands, busy out in front of us, begin to round our shoulders and upper back and the head travels forward – not a pretty picture. You'll want to elevate your laptop high enough to keep your head from travelling forward and down. I want to actually help some of you create success in the area of fitness and health this year and I have 5 winning ideas for you. Most resolutions are doomed from the beginning because they lack planning and come with huge expectations – two sure ways to guarantee failure. I was in the gym last week (I rarely work out in a gym) and a man came in, got on the treadmill for under 10 minutes and then got off, turned to the man on the bike and said, “see you tomorrow.” If commitment and exercise has always been a challenge, start so ridiculously simple, you can not fail! Let your love handles be sexy, understand the real reason you exercise, make it ridiculously simple, allow failures and NEVER forget to play!
It was during this decade that fructose consumption began to climb, when studies showed that dietary fat increased LDL levels.
In 1993, The Women's Health Initiative began an 8-year study on 50,000 post-menopausal women. Insulin is the greatest cause of obesity, says Lustig and, “there is no fat accumulation without insulin.” High insulin is responsible for 75-80% of all obesity, he warns. Lustig warns that a waist size greater than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women is a good indicator of visceral fat and it's the visceral fat that counts most when measuring health. If we want to lose visceral fat and reduce our chances of metabolic syndrome – increasing risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, we've got to get serious about our sugar consumption.
I attend a lot of professional business events and I'm always amazed by the number of executives who shake hands with with only the tips of their please don't bit me fingers.
My lunch-and-learn was titled, “80 is the New 70.” I wish I could say that my generation is following in their footsteps but sadly we are not.
My clients tell me they 'feel ancient' and 'older than their years.'  Today's 40-somethings are aging badly!
When we sit for prolonged periods, our heads travel forward, our backs hunch and we lose flexibility in our rib cage. They grew up climbing trees, playing sport and probably walking miles to and from school every day!
Continue to vibrate, pulsate, shiver and quake for an entire minute and then notice the energy buzz of your awakened body. If we can't avoid long hours at the office sitting, we need to do the next best thing and put a wiggle in our sit. Well, it very well may be and I have the 5-minute headache cure to prove it - but be warned, this is a messy job! Migraines are intensely painful headaches often felt on one side of the head and behind the eye.
This article discussed a very severe headache I suffered following a busy day in private practice.
Positions like sleeping on your stomach may not be very good for you alternatively do not use pillows that are very thick. In case you are experiencing very painful moments, it will be advisable that you repeatedly apply the ice a number of times in a day. It therefore requires straightening of the parts to ensure no single part is exerting pressure on the other parts. The principal aim is to release the stress that is directed to your muscles and nerves that has led to the stiffness.
He probably did not write the Iliad and the Odyssey because handwriting was not discovered in Greece until about 400 years after the time Homer was said to have lived.There were Greek colonies all along the Ionian coastline. The philosophic schools of Socrates and Plato developed.The Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC) was fought between Athens and Sparta and their allied city-states. Darius and the Persians invaded Greece with over 100,000 troops but were defeated by 20,000 Greek hoplites in the famous battle at Marathon just north of Athens. Her story is recorded in the Book of Esther and through her efforts a major slaughter of the Jews was averted. When a spy told them that the Persians were so numerous that when they shot their arrows they blocked the sun, Leonidasa€™ response was, a€?Good! Xerxes sent about 400 Persian triremes into the bay where the larger Persian ships, loaded with soldiers who could not swim, were faced by 300 smaller, sleeker Greek ships built to sail from island to island and were much more maneuverable. These wars involved virtually all of the Greek city-states who allied themselves with either Athens or Sparta. He was so important to the life of Athens that his period of leadership is called the Age of Pericles (5th century). He is also known for his contribution to the further development of democracy in Athens, which also provided salaries for magistrates and limited eligibility for public office to those who were born to two Athenian-born parents. Confucius was the result of the Warring States period in Chinese history and he sought employment as a civil servant in order to sell his ideas to the rulers. Therefore, each child, upon physical birth, is a reincarnation of that eternal soul and hence possesses that ancient knowledge.

When he was ransomed by his friends they purchased a small property for him so that he could settle down. But we are trapped in our human bodies and cannot conceive of those Forms other than by observing their shadows down here in the lower story where we live. We only see his reflections down here but one day we will be fully enlightened when we go to heaven to be where he is.
For example, it is okay to laugh at a joke during lunch time, but probably is a bad idea in the middle of your grandmothera€™s funeral. They knew nothing about a personal God who lies outside of us, who communicates with us, and who has set out for us ideas and principles that are absolutes by which we are to live. Hera represents the serpenta€™s Eve before the Flood, and Athena represents the rebirth of the serpenta€™s Eve after the Flood.
The ruler of the Titans was Cronus (or Chronos, from which we get the words a€?chronologya€? and a€?chronometera€?). Gaea seems to have been an earth-mother who was worshipped before the Indo-European invasion into Greece that lead to the Hellenistic civilization. His rule ended when his son Cronus, encouraged by Uranusa€™ mother-wife,Gaea, castrated him.
190 BC), Nereus, the Greek Noah, standing in the rear to left, is the only one among the many other figures who is not actively engaged in the battle.
The figure to the left of Gaia and the child is Hephaistos, the eldest son of Zeus and Hera, the deified Cain, the eldest son of Adam and Eve. Is it possible that Athena, as with the other Greek deities, is a flashback to a pre-flood person -- possibly, Eve? Later she convinced the young Alexander that when she conceived him in her womb, she had become pregnant, not by Philip, but by Zeus, king of the gods. When Philip, drunken from wine, stumbled over a table in his attempt to strike Alexander, Alexander taunted Philip in front of all the guests by exclaiming, a€?Look!
The most famous of his descendants was Cleopatra, lover of Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony. He also created several cities which he named Alexandria, the most famous becoming the capitol of Egypt under the Greek Ptolemaic pharaohs. As each group of invaders swept into Greece, parts of their mythologies and deities of their religions were incorporated into the Greek religion. On the top of the Acropolis in Athens stood the Parthenon, the temple devoted to the worship of Athena.
Luke tells us that Paul attracted the attention of the Epicureans and the Stoics, the two main schools of Athenian philosophy at the time. They even founded a debating forum called the Areopagus, a unique Athenian group, at one time the ruling institution of Athens. Paul was a master at meeting people where they were, moving them in the direction of truth, and then explaining to them the Gospel. Every year a woman from a local village was selected to spend the entire year sitting on a stool at Delphi, next to an open crevasse created by one of the many earthquakes in the region.
All of the known gods either dona€™t hear us or are incapable of helping you with this plague. It was in this condition that the Apostle Paul found the Athenians when he visited them in the first century A.
When one of the warring clans wanted peace, they would take one of their own baby boys and, traveling under a truce to the enemy village, would offer the little boy as a peace offering.
Letters in the New Testament were written to Greek churches at Corinth, Thessaloniki, Philippi, and Ephesus.
When Constantine built the new Roman capitol at Constantinople, Greece became the host-area for the Byzantine Empire.
Christian monasteries in mountainous Greece became the safe havens for the Christian scriptures and other Christian literature. Many buildings in the United States imitate great architecture with their large marble pillars, built during the a€?Greek revivala€? in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The sixth year into private practice as a chiropractor, I saw a picture of myself from my own clinic opening and I was horrified by what I saw. When you refuse to give up, not only do you end up taller, leaner, more attractive and confident, but you learn to trust your body to heal. I didn't want chemicals affecting my entire body – I just wanted to be rid of my headaches. The metal parts in your car would experience premature wear and eventually your engine would seize up and break down.
When we take medication, we temporarily feel better because we don't feel the pain, but the problem still exists.
These generic exercises have nothing to do with the structure of your spine, and won't help the 10% of you who have structural issues. This rounding, slouched posture can lead to forward head, fatty neck lump, worn spinal discs and osteoarthritis. Although our physical lifestyles contribute largely to our body postures, it's essential to address all elements of a healthy lifestyle, if we are to get real results and results that last.
You would no more miss your daily posturecise, than you would miss breakfast, having a shower or brushing your teeth.
The earliest primates go back nearly 60 million years – primates have been sleeping without pillows for a long time!
Chimpanzees build their nests from a sturdy tree called Ugandan ironwood – perhaps suggesting firm is best, or more likely, firm branches prevent a weak branch breaking and leaving the chimp vulnerable to predators. Now, in my forties, I'd find it hard to relax and sleep on a hard floor, let alone a forest floor, or tree branch! When you get down on the floor, something has to give, and it's not going to be the floor; that's for sure!
Note, that even the Chimpanzee sleeping position is remarkable similar to this 'best' sleeping position. The neck then gently deviates towards the ground and gravity shuts the mouth (preventing insects from crawling in), and a slight traction and elongation is applied to the cervical spine.
When I talk about posture, you may already know that I’m not a huge fan of 'best position' or expensive ergonomic furniture. Over time, the front chest muscles get short and tight and the upper back muscles long and weak, making it very difficult to improve this unattractive posture and in time, we may start to notice declining health and well-being. For some of you, this habit isn't yet consistent, but I'm here to teach you just how to achieve success in the area of fitness and health so you can have an AMAZING body for 2015. When losing weight is the goal, you are declaring that your body is not good enough and I don't know how anyone can achieve success in fitness and health when starting out telling themselves they are fat and then make themselves wrong for being this way.
I've been helping my mum move out of her 4 story town-house into a condo and it has completely exhausted me. Starch is made only from glucose, isn't that sweet and every cell in your body can use this for energy.
The fat that is dangerous, is the fat inside your abdomen and inside your organs (especially the liver). I'm allowing myself red wine (I don't consume many units anyway) and fresh fruit for its fiber but I'm not eating cakes, or chocolate, or baked goods or anything that has sugar added – including sauces, jams, breads etc. Having shared with her that my mother just sold her house and how stressful that has been, she asked me how much my mother got for her house and then she asked me how much she paid for the new place. So I've been thinking a lot about executive behaviour and what makes someone appear confident. When we cannot stop apologizing for everything and everyone, what we are really saying is: “I'm sorry for being me.” Commit to stopping apologizing for one week and start living the life you deserve! With the head pushed forward, the lower neck (and spine) become more prominent and vulnerable. If this structural deviation has been there long enough, the body may lay down fat in an effort to protect the spine – or at least that's the way I like to simplify and explain a complicated process to my pupils. Some of us were lucky enough not to grow up with the internet but our desk-based mobile lives are quickly changing the appearance of our posture with harmful effects to our health and well-being.
Exercise is really about body movement and movement is what animals do – Around 500 million years ago, animals left the oceans and began to explore the land. There are days when I realise I'm still typing (trying to finish the blog post) and I'm desperate for the loo – good grief Paula, get a grip!
No longer seeing exercise on your endless to-do list, because body movement will become as much a part of your every day existence as eating and sleeping. If you've ever been afflicted with headaches (as I was before I corrected my horrible forward head posture), you'd probably try anything to relieve the pain! A cold pack will reduce the pain you are experiencing for the time being as the healing process continues.
Some sources of heat that can do for you are; warm moist towel, hot water bottles and microwave bean bags.
However, heat packs may aggravate the problem, it would be better for you to avoid them at least for the first few days of your stiff neck. The Iliad and the Odyssey were memorized by the Greeks and became essential components of Greek thought and culture. It is proposed by some that writing developed in Greece shortly after Homer in order to record his epics. It was in response to the aftermath of this war and the defeat of Athens by Sparta that Socrates (469-399 BC) grew to prominence in an attempt to bring order out of the chaos that developed. Pressure from Greecea€™s traditional enemy, Persia, prevented the idea of limited democracy from developing further and it was forgotten until much later under the leadership of Pericles (c. The Olympic games were held every four years at Olympia, in south-west Greece in the Peloponnese.
Darius, king of Persia, was furious to learn that Athens had aided the Greek colonies in their rebellion. A bad taste was left in the mouths of the Athenians because the promised military assistance from Sparta never materialized. The troops were recruited (usually by force) from all of the Persian colonies throughout the Middle East.
Hearing that the entire army and navy of Athens was on the nearby island of Salamis, Xerxes decided to postpone his march through the isthmus and to first annihilate the Athenians. Xerxes, who was overlooking the battle from a high cliff, watched in dismay as the Greeks used oars, spears, and heavy clubs to kill the Persians when their triremes were overturned. The job of the teacher is simply to induce it to come out by asking wise, guiding questions. He named the property Academus -- Academy -- because he quickly turned it into the site for a school, following the pattern of his mentor, Socrates.
Each has its own area of specialization and should not intrude into the areas of the other two classes.
It is okay to eat a doughnut, but probably not a good idea to eat a dozen doughnuts, especially just before you go to bed or just before running a race. For instance, even though every village and town had its own favorite god or goddess and each had its own temple or sacred place, there was one goddess to whom it was permissible to make sacrifice, and none of the other gods and goddesses would be offended.
To insure his safety and superior position, when each of his children were born, he ate them! The sculptors have placed him as a mute witness to the Greek godsa€™ defeat of the Giants (Nereusa€™ Yahweh-believing sons) signifying the end of Greek faith in Noaha€™s God.
Heracles, the Nimrod of Genesis, demands to know something that only the Salt Sea Old Man can tell him. Philip, King of Macedonia, assembled a powerful military and was intent on conquering Persia as payback for Persiaa€™s earlier invasions of Greece and, in his day, its current ongoing threat to the well-being of Greece.
However, he died prior to completing the second step, his planned invasion of Anatolia and Persia. This divine parentage elevated Alexander to be a god in the flesh, on a par with the noblest heroes of Greek mythology. Did Olympia and Alexander assassinate Philip prior to any chance of Philip fathering a son with Cleopatra? Beyond the beauty of the sites visited, however, Paul was deeply disturbed by the rampant idolatry.
While Paul seemed to them to be an ignorant babbler, still, it was new and interesting information he was babbling about! By the time of Paula€™s arrival it had become more like a breakfast club that gathered to hear all the latest ideas, fads, and philosophies. His approach at Athens was not a new tactic and did not result in a rejection of the Gospel.
Assemble also teams of stone masons and have ready a large supply of stones.a€? The next morning 100 goats arrived together with teams of masons and loads of stones.
Second, if there is an unknown god, that god must have the ability and the inclination to hear us when we sacrifice to him or her. The Greeks resisted conversion by the Muslim Ottomans and maintained a strong Christian culture, even in the face of frequent persecutions. I began eating, sleeping and dreaming posture and went on to gain a fellowship in the physics of posture. In other words your left and right sides are mirror images of each other and there are no obvious imbalances.
Creating a habit takes time; there is no quick fix, but if you do a little and often (ideally, every day) it's a habit you can learn to love! Use a wireless keyboard and find a nice puffy bean bag wrist support (aka mouse cushion, wrist rest, wrist cushion – find on Amazon, Staples or Best Buy) and you are ready to go – happy as Larry! Some of you who desire to lose weight have subcutaneous fat (big bum fat) but not the dangerous fat (visceral – I.e.
In response to these guidelines, the food industry modified their food products to meet the demand for low-fat.
Fructose on the other hand is VERY sweet and gets converted to fat and it is this carbohydrate that Dr Lustig dubbed, The Primary Villain.
The more that I read, the more that I realize there is a fine line between assertive behaviour and confidence and being rude. You know that feeling when you are at a business event and speaking to someone who is scanning the room for someone better? They looked at over 200,000 people over the age of 45 and what they found just might shock you – They discovered that the study participants who sat for more than 11 hours a day, had a 40% increased risk of dying within the next three years, compared to those who sat for only four hours. It doesn't matter what form your body movement takes, just as long as you are purposefully moving your body every day! I got home and had a bit of an unhealthy binge - a little out of character for me but I have my moments too. There were two early forms, one a derivative of hieroglyphics in Egypt, and the other from the Phoenicians. Famed military heroes and kings of the polis from the Mycenaean Age were included as gods in the growing mythology of the Greek religion. A two-tiered class system developed based upon onea€™s personal wealth, with the greatest power going to those at the top of the ladder; the lowest classes, however, were free from taxation. When they arrived at the Hellespont, Xerxes filled the channel with ships and built bridges over the decks of the ships so that the men and supplies could pass over into Greece. He did not dismiss the Thespians because not trusting their loyalty, he wanted to keep his eye on them. Furthermore, the Athenians, Corinthians, and other Greek ships were highly motivated because they were fighting for the survival of Greece. Not only could the Persians not swim but their long robes became water-soaked causing most to drown. Athens was viewed by many as the big, bad, prosperous wolf of Greece and potentially dangerous to the other city-states. His three principle featuring filial piety, he believed, would bring harmony and order to political, economic, and family life. This meant that it was not to the gods or the elders that we should run when seeking answers but through contemplating about onea€™s life, about what produces good, harmony, and happiness in this life.
From Socratea€™s death comes the expression, a€?Pick your poison.a€? He chose to drink a beverage made of a lethal poison, hemlock. The rightful goal of every person is to faithfully live out the role assigned to him by nature and should not seek to do any other business or seek another other role.
They probably would not believe him because what he saw and then reported to them would not necessarily conform to what they sightlessly imagined it to be.
Most of the Titans fought with Cronus against Zeus and were punished by being banished in defeat to Tartarus in the underworld. This worked fine until Rhea, unhappy at the loss of her children, tricked Cronus into swallowing a rock, instead of the newborn Zeus.
Herakles demands to know from Nereus, who is a living connection to the pre-Flood world, where he can find the enlightenment of the serpent. He wondered how the Athenians, who had developed their special brand of democracy and produce philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, could fall for such pagan concepts of spirituality. As she sat there on her stool, breathing in those toxic and perhaps hallucinogenic fumes, it was believed that she could predict the future. Rubbing his sleepy eyes, Epimenides said, a€?Now, turn the goats loose and allow them to graze wherever they choose. Third, in order to help us this unknown god or goddess must have the ability and power to actually do something about the plague. In this way the two warring clans were related together in one confederacy by the presence of this one a€?peace child. After the Ottomans failed in their 1683 attempt to conquer Vienna, Austria, Christian troops from Venice and Austria invaded Greece, attacked the Ottomans in Athens, and greatly weakened Ottoman rule in Greece, By the late 1700s, however, Ottoman rule was re established until the Greeks won their independence, region by region from the Ottomans.
Functional exercise programs work well as general rehabilitation for those with good body symmetry but not for the 10% of you who fail to see results, time and time again! If you are reading this now and haven't exercised in a long time, I want you to do this right now: Stand up and march on the spot as fast as you can for 60 seconds (count out loud).
Hilarious isn't it – have we really become so uninspired that we can't even think how to move our bodies without a $800 gym membership?
Unless you are exercising while you are on a diet, you are making your body more vulnerable. I never drink juice or pop (according to Dr Lustig, freshly squeezed juice is worse than pop); I exercise daily, sleep eight hours a day and my waist to hip ratio is normal. When we sit or stand with expansive power postures, we boost our testosterone levels and testosterone is associated with success and the winner effect. I dined on a few chips with humus and then spotted some leftover bacon and made a bacon sandwich. The Mycenaeans were adventurers, traveling to and trading with peoples in Anatolia, Europe, and throughout the Mediterranean. It was a a€?limiteda€? democracy because it only allowed adult males (not women!) (1) to vote and hold office, (2) but only if they were born in the city of Athens, (3) and if they owned land. The teachera€™s role is to encourage that knowledge to come out by use of proper questions. Therefore, ethics is personal and autonomous (determined by onea€™s own thoughtful insight and not something received from others).
We see the shadow of the Real Chair, the Real Tree, the Real Red Apple by looking at their shadows down here on earth.
During their rule the Titans were associated with the various planets and their names remained attached to the planets when the Romans adopted much of Greek mythology. Zeus revolted against Cronus and the other Titans, defeated them, and banished them to Tartarus in the underworld. While on his death bed, lying in a tent in Baghdad, his troops filed past in a huge procession to honor their great leader.
Since it is early morning, none of the goats will normally lie down, but will eat their full after a night with no food. And fourth, this unknown god or goddess will understand that it is in ignorance that we do not know his or her name and will forgive us for our ignorance.a€? With those words, the sacrifices were offered up to the unknown god. Greek honor guards at the presidential palace today in Athens have 450 pleats in their native uniforms, signifying the 450 years that Greece was subjugated to the Ottoman Turks.
Oh and I had two small glasses of white wine.I went to bed around midnight, already sporting the beginnings of a headache. Because of this the Athenians developed a€?overseasa€? colonies in order to grow wheat and other grains. To the women and to those who moved to Athens from other areas, this was hardly a democracy.
A soldier, Pheidippides, was sent running back to Athens, 26 miles to the south, to announce the good news of the victory. Zeus and his wife (first known as Dione and then Hera) are deifications of Adam and his wife Eve.a€? (Johnson, The Parthenon Code 2004, p.
The New Testament was not written in Aramaic (the language of Jesus and the apostles) or in Latin (the language of the Roman conquerors) but was written in Greek, the most widely spoken language. When we medicate, we fail to address the cause of the problem and therefore face the possibility of premature wear and chronic health issues.
No exercise for several days and I just allowed the laze of, I don't feel like it to take me over because I trust myself.
They invaded south to Crete where a blending of the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures took place. Some historians state that the United States acquired its concept of democracy from Athens. Did you know that a highly acidic diet (meats, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, soda, wheat, sweeteners, juice) cause calcium to be leached from bone? Lustig will convince you that sugar is the real poison and get you embracing your subcutaneous fat.
I know now, the reason I sold so successfully is that I helped a perspective new gym member find the real reason they wanted to join the gym and it was never to lose weight. I've created a habit out of daily exercise and when I do stop, I know it won't be long before I begin again.
I suffer the daily cravings of sugar and use sugar as a daily reward for finishing work projects. I downed the water on my bedside table, assuming I had a mini hangover (I'm a bit of a lightweight). The area with its moderate climate was ideal, however, for the development of olive groves, vineyards, almonds, and apples. The Saducees were hellenized Jews, and thus denied the reality of the resurrection of the dead. The headache didn't improve and I couldn't sleep and so at 8am I dragged my tired headachy body out of bed and discovered that being upright eased my headache to a small degree.I began some sinus and shoulder self-massage and that gave temporary relief but the headache was creeping up in scale.
In his honor and memory (his kleos) the Greeks established the marathon of 26 miles, exactly the distance of the modern marathon race.
Kronos (Chronos), the father of time in Greek mythology, a€?could very well be,a€? says Johnson, a€?Greek religiona€™s equivalent of Yahweh, the Lord of Tome. They constructed gymnasiums and athletic stadiums in Palestine, to the horror of the traditional and legalistic Pharisees.
Your chemical lifestyle may be just as important as your physical lifestyle when it comes to fixing your posture.
Maybe you want to be an amazing mum who is physically active with her children, or perhaps your parents died young and you literally want to live!
Again, this provided only slight improvement.If you're a bit weird like me, you get very interested in your pain and always seek to ask your body what it needs vs. I'm all about discovering the underlying cause and don't like to mask symptoms and so I never medicate.

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