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An extra sharp razor blade or careless shave might give you a rash, something that is surely very irritating. Good quality antibacterial cleanser or antiseptic soap are among the best remedies that you can use to get rid of shave rashes. The second useful remedy that you can use to get rid of after-shave rashes is to make use of an Aloe Vera gel.
Take a small, clean bottle of daily use, and place 5 drops of sandalwood essential oil, same quantity of lavender essential oil and ? teaspoon of vegetable glycerin. Another effective remedy for shaving rashes is the cream made up of the calendula, which has both anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.
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Shaving rash is also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae and is usually sensitive skin condition of a face skin that hurts when in contact with water or any sort of moisture. Hydrate you face with mild or warm water and place some amount of an antibacterial cleanser or antiseptic soap on your hands. You just have to rub some of it to the affected area of your face and wash after few minutes.
Of course, if on any visible part of the body, it can reduce your confidence level when interacting with others. You will feel the difference thanks to the anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities of the Aloe Vera gel.
With regular care during shave, you can effectively soothe your skin and can avoid these painful rashes.
Now, take some cotton balls and dab the tea tree oil mixture to the shaving rashes on your face.
This is probably a question that you never thought you’d asked yourself, however, rest assured that this is a very common thing.
Tea tree oil contains anti fungal and anti bacterial qualities, which are helpful in reducing the redness and burning of the rashes. When the hair actually grows out of the follicle, then proceeds to fall back into the skin this can lead to something known as an ingrown hair follicle.There are a number of ways that this can happen such as shaving, waxing, and other things as well – if you like to wear clothing that is especially tight; you may see in-grown hair in this regard as well! A soft bump means that there may be a bacterial infection; while a hard bump means that there has not been an infection as of yet. An in-grown hair can cause pains in all of those regards, and if it is inflamed, it can hurt even more!

Just make sure that you don’ t have any specific allergic reactions to specific ointments or petroleum jelly. This means that if the bacteria try to spread, it will eventually fail due to the influence of this type of oil. The best thing that you can is to simply let the hair grow out naturally.Keep in mind, before you apply any of these treatments, please seek the guidance of a medical doctor. These are simply suggestions that have worked for others, but are not proven to be fail-proof depending on your specific situation.Steroid Medicine –This is something that can definitely help the cause in the end. These are great because you can either apply this to the affected ingrown hair, or you can simply take it by mouth. If you are trying to get rid of the in grown hairs by shaving, then you are actually increasing your chances because you will have sharp edges show up. You want to use a razor that has a pivoting head; and also has multiple blades for that close shave.
Waxing : This is usually the best way to do it because it removes hair follicles at the root.
Well for starters it’s going to last a lot longer; you won’t have to worry about in-grown hairs or them being affected again!

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