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Placing a few small bowls of baking soda throughout the rooms that are affected reduces the odor.
However, one of the most common solutions, washing with large amounts of tomato juice, is a myth.
The perceived reduction of the skunk odor when washing with tomato juice is due to the oral fatigue that inflicts the human olfactory glands when they are exposed to large amounts of the skunk smell.
If the burnt smell is coming from the microwave, citrus fruit freshens both the appliance and the air.
One-half cup of whole cloves in a heavy saucepan with two cups of water does the trick as it is warmed on a low flame for 15 to 30 minutes.

Some types of mold, such as those on rotten foods, have the typical foul odor of rotten eggs.
Other mold, like black mold, smells very musty, similar to a basement that is not properly aired. Leaving a container of the solution covered could be dangerous as the mixture can become violatile and explode a sealed container because a build up of gases.
Allow the mixture to remain on the affected surfaces for several minutes before rinsing with clean water. In addition to the solution developed by Paul Krebaum, there are also a number of over the counter remedies for eliminated the skunk odor from humans.

Before mixing the solution, check the pet’s eyes for signs of irritation and rinse them with cool water.

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