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There are several methods you can utilize, depending on the severity of the build-up on the pan and the materials you have available.
If the build-up is inside of the pan, place it back on the burner and allow the water to continue to boil as you scrape the pan with a spoon or spatula. If the inside of the pan is scrubbed with soap or any kind of cleaner, it will need to be re-seasoned before use.
Some have had luck spraying oven cleaner on the outside of the pan and placing it inside of a large Ziploc bag for a couple of hours.
I have tried the daily oven cleaner (used for cold ovens) on the exterior of my cast iron, and it works, however it takes several applications and a heavy scraper if build-up is severe. The question involved buildup on the outside, but the answer deals mostly with buildup on the inside.
My mom used to put the skillets in a hot fire to burn off the grease build up, but you do have to reseason after they have been cleaned. Very disappointing answer – as Peter pointed out, the question was about the OUTSIDE of a pan, and the answer was about the INSIDE of the pan. But I do know that cleaning pieces by burning them in a fire is NOT recommended; it reportedly can ruin them by turning the metal flaky and an irreversible, reddish color, and making it impossible to properly season them again. These sources include direct questioning of professionals in the field, a library of well-vetted cleaning books, manufacturer guidelines, and our own testing and personal experience. Now that I have made pizza in a cast iron skillet I think I can say that yes I use a cast iron skillet for everything. Another thing that is really great about cast iron is when you have left over pizza and you want to heat it up.
Punch down the dough (deflate it by pushing on it, basically, no need to go all UFC on it or anything.) and cover it again for another 30 minutes.
When this happens place the crust in your oven on the lowest rack for 10 minutes to pre-bake it a bit.
If you are a Pinterest fanatic like I am, you could also drop by and follow me there, and pinning my images is always appreciated! If you would rather have every recipe delivered to your inbox, the morning after they are posted, please sign up below to be on my email list! Mince the garlic and sautee in olive oil until it begins to brown, then add the crushed tomatoes and tomato paste. This site contains affiliate links which earn me a small commission if you click through and purchase something I recommend. Cast iron pans actually look quite striking when displayed in the open, whether packed in clusters on a pot rack or hung side by side on the wall.
Cambria was an editor for both Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn for eight years, from 2008 through 2016. Ah, camping.  Is there anything better than waking up in the forest surrounded by the songs of birds, the rushing sound of a breeze through the pine and fur needles above, and the sweet smell of a rhododendron nearby?  Well of course there is!  All of that with the addition of some tasty biscuits and gravy for breakfast! As if you really need any help figuring this out!  But for resolution to this post, I will show you. Take two of your Dutch Oven cooked biscuits, split in half, and place on a camp plate.  Then spoon loads of delicious sausage all over them.  Eat quickly, humming loudly to inform all your neighboring campers and wildlife that you are the best cook in the woods! Using a large Dutch Oven, or 2 small Dutch Oven’s stacked, rub a bit of oil on the inside bottom and sides of the Dutch oven to prevent the biscuits from sticking. Check the biscuits after about 10 minutes to see how they’re coming along and if you need to change up any of the coals. Once your fire has dropped to a hot bed of coals, place a 12-inch cast iron skillet over the heat using a campfire grate. Once your sausage is browned, add two handfuls of flour and mix to coat the sausage with it. Next, season the sausage with thyme, seasoning salt, onion powder, and lots of black pepper. When looking for antique or brand-new skillets, look for ones that are deep, in addition to the width you are looking for. If you’re looking for legitimately old cast iron, which I do believe is the best cast iron, look for a heat ring on the bottom of the skillet.

When you come back the next day and pull it out (or whenever the coals have cooled completely), you’ll be left with a shiny-like-new bright silver skillet! There are lots of instructions out there for using oven cleaner and chemicals to burn off the seasoning, but I get skeeved out by putting oven cleaner on the tool I use to cook a frittata. For your average greasy bacon -filled skillet (which I highly encourage you to cook lots and lots of bacon in your skillets), you’ll be left with a lovely layer of bacon grease, as seen below.
There will probably be some bacon bits in there, some of which may be stuck to the bottom of the skillet. IF there is some food still stuck to the skillet, simply pour a couple teaspoons of course sea salt into the pan and scrub it with a paper towel and a teency splash of water (or grease left in the pan). This skillet actually needs to start the entire process over and be re-seasoned, but ignore that for now. Now, I am aware that sometimes there are unavoidable extreme kitchen episodes which result in certifiable disasters, and sometimes the salt trick ain’t gonna cut it. Any time your skillets are looking dry, give them a mineral oil rub down, and always store them with a piece of paper towel in the bottom of them – especially if you live in the oh-so-humid South. I know that cast iron can bring out some passionate and heated opinions on the best way to care for them, but this is how I care for mine and it’s always worked well for me.
This entry was posted in DIY, House & Home, Kitchen Lessons and tagged cast iron, cast iron care, how to restore cast iron, how to season cast iron, how to season cast iron skillet, kitchen lessons, pan, pot, seasoning, skillet on September 10, 2013 by oystersandpearls. The antique store with lots Of old cast iron cookware was on the back side of the strip of shops on the right as you are going north through Dillard. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Whether it’s your first skillet, or one that has been handed down for generations, the quality never seems to diminish. Choose the one that works best for you or work your way down the list until you pan is as clean as you’d like. In this case, apply a chemical cleaner such as Comet or Ajax and scrub with a nylon scrub pad.
Inside buildup is an easy problem compared to the thick coating of burned-on grease (not food) that occurs around the outside bottom rims of iron cookware. We make use of a myriad of cleaning information sources in our efforts to write the best and most useful cleaning guides possible.
If you heat it in the microwave your crust will not be crispy but if you heat it in your iron skillet it will crisp right back up and taste like you just made it. Turn on your oven to preheat now to 450?. When you come back, it will have risen some more and be beautiful and ready to shape. I used half and stretched it out onto a 16 inch pizza pan (the kind with holes in it, LOVE that pan!!), pre-baked for 5 minutes, and then saved it for later.
He recently made my deep dish pizza featured in this post, and send me a picture and had this to say.
Slid sliced provolone around the edge for that caramelized cheese ring, then halfway through parbaking the crust, added the cheese.
One of the skillets used to belong to my grandmother, which means the interior is super smooth (great for eggs).
Put the lid on the oven, set on a bed of coals, and add coals to the top of the lid.  Walk away and tend your fire. Is there anything better than waking up in the forest surrounded by the songs of birds, the rushing sound of a breeze through the pine and fur needles above, and the sweet smell of a rhododendron nearby? It’s a good idea to have it raging before you get things started so that you have a nice bed of coals. If your pan is very hot, you may need to add a touch of oil to keep your sausage from burning.
If your coals have cooled and your milk doesn’t seem to want to come to a boil, add some more fire to raise the temperature.
I used Jimmy Dean’s sage sausage because the store was out of regular and I really liked it. My parents use their skillets from when they were newlywed s and I would love to snag those.

The guy had spray painted ten to fifteen skillets instead of just putting them up for sale I educated him on the waste he had done and how. I have a favorite one that doesn’t stick and I do make milk gravy in it but the only way to clean off the flour and milk when done I thought is to wash it out just with water then put it on the stove with heat on to dry it.
I have tried all but the oven cleaner method (that one does not seem seem safe enough to be a better idea than buying a new skillet). I make both pepperoni and barbecue chicken pizza in my iron skillet and they both turn out delicious.
I finally perfected not only my regular pizza crust recipe, but made an awesome deep dish as well.
That is so exciting for me to see that people out there are getting some enjoyment out of my little corner of the internet. Use the comment form below to interact, or if you like what you see, and want to see more, please feel free to jump on over to my Facebook page and like me there. If you want to republish any of our recipes, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or link back to the specific post for the recipe. I had never heard of anyone doing it that way first hand though, so I am so glad you commented! Their inventory fluctuates but we have managed to catch him just back from a buying trip a couple of times!
Follow these steps to clean either the inside or the outside of your skillet and keep it working great for many meals to come. Another thing that we love about it  in a cast iron skillet is that the pizza stays piping hot until we have eaten it. Sweet As A Cookie shares this recipe for pizza in an iron skillet, and I am sure you will love it too. So I started googling, and researching different bread techniques (turns out I have been using too much yeast, and not giving a long enough rise time for most of my breads.
Basically the purpose for this is to let the flour fully absorb the liquid and start developing gluten. If you liked this post, please pin it, share it, or stumble it using the buttons available too.
I post teasers for upcoming recipes, answer any and all of your questions, and every recipe from here gets linked to there as well.
Thank you for supporting Or Whatever You Do, and allowing me to continue doing what I love, and loving what I do! On some of the passed down pieces there was a good bit of build-up on the bottom(wasn’t heating so even), so I took to the bottom with a scraper and safety glasses! They taste great still, and are fast, but to develop a deeper and richer flavor I need PATIENCE!), different recipes, and this is the result of the combination of all of that knowledge and reading.
Thanks!A good cast iron skillet is one of the most important tools in a kitchen, if you ask me. I take it out to the cutting board and slice it then put it right back into the skillet to stay warm. I can clean that with a wire brush on my drill or on the grinder wheel!” This would be only for the outside of course.
Turn out into a well oiled bowl, turn to coat, and cover to let the dough rise until doubled, approximately 1.5 hours.
I clean mine by draining them and immediately dousing under HOT water with no soap I use a scrubber with plastic bristles and then return to the burner I had cooked on or turn the oven on 350* or so till it’s good and dry. Place on your stovetop over high heat until the skillet is hot and the oil under the pizza crust is bubbling.

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