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Body piercing has become a fashion norm nowadays and it is common to find people who have had some kind of piercing done on different body parts, including the eyes, ears, tongue, nose, fingers, and the navel etc.
Although you may agree that sporting a body piercing would make you look more stylish and get you a place in the ‘in crowd’, you need to understand the possible complications that might arise if you do not take care of the pierced area properly. The issue increases manifold in the case of belly button piercings that are more prone to infections and wounds.
If you have already opted for body piercing in the past, you would know how painful the process would be. How To Clean a Belly Button Piercing How Infections are Caused Wounded areas usually attract disease causing pathogens. Bacterial and fungal infections in these areas are generally caused due to trivial reasons that are usually overlooked during the piercing process. Taking Care of Belly Button Infections Belly Button Piercings need to be handled carefully, especially if the pierced area is infected. Are you struggling with obesity and trying out every possible means to curtail the fat from your body?
The quest for a family begins with an overall assessment of the personal health and fertility of both the partners. Bael is a very significant tree which has been used for treating variety of illnesses since ancient times.
You may develop an allergic reaction even though you are properly taking care of your piercing.

So if you have got your belly button pierced recently, here are some essential pointers you need to know about possible infections and precautionary measures to treat the same. Added to that is the increased risk of infection in and around the pierced area if you do not take proper care of the wound. These include the actual procedure or method used for piercing, and the cleanliness of the place where you get it done. Of course, belly button infections are not hard to diagnose once you start noticing the initial symptoms, including extreme pain, irritation and redness in the pierced area. You can also use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant to remove the pus and clean the infected area. You may be allergic to the piece of jewelry or your piercing may have been done with contaminated tools.
Have the piercing done by a trained and licensed professional in a clean and sterile environment.
So be completely sure that you want to have your belly button pierced before you go ahead and do it.
Once pierced, it would take a few days to heal and would be more prone to infection within the first few days.
Simple facts like piercing your body with unhygienic tools or even dirty hands can cause infections.
If you notice pus coming out of the pierced area, you need to get it checked by a doctor immediately as it could lead to the formation of an abscess in the navel.

If you remove the piercing, then the pierced area will close up and block the pus, thereby creating an abscess which is more painful (and harder) to take care of.
In such cases, you can use a hot press (make sure you disinfect it first) to liquefy the pus and help it come out of the navel easily.
However, if you are allergic to the jewelry, the reaction can be less-than-beautiful; it can be downright ugly, sore and a little disgusting. Do not apply the cold pack directly to your belly button, use a shirt or a towel as a barrier. Ignoring these vital signs can increase your chances of being infected by other abdominal infections later on. Using a hot press over the affected area would also improve the blood circulation in the area and quicken the healing process.
Stick with jewelry that is made of 14 or 18 karat gold, titanium, surgical-grade steel or niobium.

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