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The emergency contraceptive pill that you can have if your contraception fails accidentally was a great invention.
Melbourne, Aug 14 : US regulatory agency FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved an emergency contraceptive pill that can prevent pregnancy if taken up to five days after unprotected sex. FDA approved the pill, called Ella, following two phase III clinical trials tha confirmed its efficacy and safety. Manufactured by French firm HRA Pharma, the pill "prevents pregnancy when taken orally within 120 hours (five days) after a contraceptive failure or unprotected intercourse," News.

The drug has been available in Europe since May 2009, under the name ellaOne, and will be distributed into the United States by New Jersey-based Watson Pharma. And yet many people believe that a morning after pill and an abortion pill are one and the same. During this time, even if the egg has been fertilised by the sperm, it is one single cell or a cluster of some cells which is too small to even be detected. An abortion pill contains oxytocin that makes your uterus cramp, detaches the foetus from the uterus walls and then dissolves it.

However, the emergency contraceptive pill doesn't cause abortion because it works before the foetus implants itself. Moreover, within 72 hours after fertilisation what you have is not a foetus but a zygote or a cluster of cells that is not a life on its own.

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