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This medical condition is an infection of your hair follicles, which is a little pouch from which your hair grows from. If there is more than one hair follicle it can appear as clusters of small red pimple-like bumps that develop around your hair follicles and has hair in the center of each bump and looks like a skin rash. If it is just one hair follicle it will just be a red bump with a hair in the center of the bump.
The symptoms of this type of folliculitis will usually appear approximately seventy-two hours after you have been in the spa or hot tub.
The main cause of folliculitis is the hair follicle is infected by bacteria, fungus, or viruses because the hair follicle is damaged or blocked. Friction from tight clothing that rubs against the skin in areas such as your thighs and groin areas. If your ability to fight off infections is compromised by having diseases such as HIV or diabetes. A man could get a staph infection in the hair follicles of their beard, especially on their upper lip.
Make a warm compress with white vinegar and apply to the areas to help promote healing and to help with the itching. If the infection does not seem to be going away or appears to get worse you may need to contact your physician or dermatologist for a prescription for antifungal cream or an antibiotic taken by moth or applied to the skin.

With this type the physician may prescribe an antibiotic that you take by mouth, put on your skin, or both. With this type there is usually no specific treatment that is needed but to help with the itching your physician may prescribe a topical or oral medication. Although you can use the self care methods, in order to prevent it from spreading you should visit your physician to get the proper treatment. Most cases of folliculitis are not contagious but if it is caused by an infection it could be transmitted through person-to-person contact of their skin. If the treatment does not work the physician may send a sample of one of the red bumps to a laboratory to be checked for the presence of any bacteria and what type it is that is causing this medical condition. If these do not help or it keeps coming back you may need to use laser hair removal to destroy the hair follicles so they cannot get infected again. Proper treatment will also help it to heal faster and can help reduce the chance of having permanent scars left behind. It is considered a skin disorder and can develop any where on your body where there are hair follicles but the most common places for you to get folliculitis are on your scalp, armpits, legs, or arms. The physician wants to make sure that you do not have another medical condition such as heat rash or impetigo. The type of treatment that your physician uses depends on how severe it is and what type of folliculitis it is.

If not shaving is not possible then you should use a clean razor blade each time you shave or use an electric razor. If you prefer to use a razor blade, before you shave massage the area to be shaved with a moist warm washcloth in order to lift the hairs so you can cut them easier.
You will not find it on the soles of your feet, your mucous membranes, or the palms of your hands because there are not hair follicles in any of these areas. Afro-American men may get pseudofollicultis barbea if their curly beard hairs are cut too short.
You should also use a shaving gel instead of shaving cream and always make sure that you are shaving in the direction in which the hair is growing.
When you are done shaving make sure that you rinse your face completely with warm water and put on a moisturizing aftershave.

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