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Bad breath can ruin even the best moments if given a chance, and can be especially frustrating when you pride yourself on taking care of your smile. Please note since early 2013 you can now book with any of our hygienists for a scale and polish if you are not a member of our practice and without the need to see the Dentist.
We have three caring and gentle Hygienists as part of our team who are here to provide an unparalled preventitive service to help you keep your teeth for life. If you have bleeding gums, gum recession, loose teeth or even suffer from simple bad breath; then we have the cure. 90% of the population suffer from some form of gum disease and this is the most common cause for early tooth loss or extractions. We take gum disease very seriously and often value the Hygienists work above that of the Dentist especially at the beginning of courses of treatment.
Emphasis is always placed on good oral hygiene maintenance as without your help none of our treatment can be very effective.
Thanks for the excellent job you have done with my son who as you know had really severe Tourettes. The TMJ treatment has of course been most challenging and I would like to thank you for diagnosing and treating this problem.
Many people prepare for menopause and andropause a€“ some start on hormone therapy, some take supplements with adequate Calcium and Vitamin D, while some even make dietary changes like avoiding pork and beef as well as caffeine and alcohol.

There a number of reasons for bad breath to last past your morning hygiene routine, and if it’s indicative of an illness, then treating your condition may be the only course for relief.
If you normally stick to your hygiene routine, then skipping once in a while may not seem so bad. Bad breath bacteria are anaerobic, meaning they thrive    without oxygen, and the lack of saliva, which is 99% water, can create a hospitable environment for them to flourish. Before brushing and flossing your teeth in the morning, eat a well-balanced breakfast to kick-start your saliva flow and decrease the chances of lingering bacteria fouling your breath.
This is a double appointment, to go through your medical and dental history and to find out all of your requirements. For more serious gum problems we use the latest methods available including the exciting Guided Bone Regeneration and antiobiotic treatments which are proving to be excellent.
Another unexpected benefit is that I noticed that I am happier in general, but it wasn't just because of the improved look. In addition, you have also referred me to other specialists to treat my dizziness and postural problems which have helped me a great deal.
In many cases, however, halitosis (chronic bad breath) is due to inadequate dental hygiene practices. However, dental plaque, which contains bacteria that cause bad breath, can harden after 48 hours.

Ben Reyhani believe in improving patients’ lives through high-quality, personalized dental care. I am very grateful for all the treatments Iv'e had on the way and for the people who have helped me.
You have such a wonderful team working along side you and I would like to thank them all too.
Hardened (calcified) plaque, called tartar, is impervious to your toothbrush, and can increase the likelihood of lingering bad breath.
Reyhani, examine steps you can take to help cure bad breath and restore your smile’s confidence. Reyhani, and our West Hills Smiles staff strive to provide state-of-the-art treatment to all of our patients and their families.

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