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Oh, and the first mini-boss is Easy East, a mildly sadistic gal who hides her shame with a cape fastened in two places in the front instead of getting properly dressed. So, just as it was back when the original Futari wa Pretty Cure aired, I have gone back to watching Fresh Pretty Cure raws.
Through six episodes, Fresh Precure does feature a number of differences with the original Precure. Chiffon is a little annoying, but Chiffon doesn't talk and isn't nearly the troublemaker it could be. Ultimately what will make or break Fresh Precure for me is the quantity and quality of magikal girls getting really pissed off.
In other news, I am fully prepared to declare Easy the best Pretty Cure villain of the franchise. The biggest surprise of the Winter 2009 season was the rise of Shikabane Hime: Kuro and the fall of Toradora!
I had fully expected to drop Shikabane Hime after four episodes during the Autumn 2008 season, but I was hooked by the characters (except for Ouri) and the mystery. Everyone else's favorite, Toradora!, only managed to take the fifth spot, despite leading most of the season. Rounding out the final spot among shows I watched during the Winter 2009 season is the unofficial Touhou doujin anime. Posted in Asu no Yoichi!, BEST GIRL, Da Capo If, Fresh Pretty Cure, Ichigo Mashimaro, Major, Maria-sama ga Miteru, Melancholy of Haruhi-chan, The, Nyoron Churuya-san, Season Summary, Shikabane Hime: Kuro, Toradora!
Five will get you 10 that Easy switches sides and becomes the missing fourth Cure before the end of the season.
Aside from the potential stigma from watching Pretty Cure, Fresh really is a pretty good show. Through the first 20 episodes, I suggest watching episodes 01, 07, 10, 14, 15, 17, 19, and 20.
So apparently the matters I speculated about last month were already widely known among the die hard Pretty Cure fan base. The identity of Cure Passion was officially revealed in the end-of-show eyecatch to episode 19. If the Cure team completely overpowers the already strapped bad guys, how does that change the dynamic of the show? With a few exceptions, most of the shows I watched last season bear one thing in common: very few anime fans from my corner of the Internet (the best and worst of whom can be found at #raspberryheaven) would give them a chance. Nobody ever believes me, but Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom is actually really good—good enough to finish third for spring 2009 (and currently lead summer 2009).
Fresh Pretty Cure ranks seventh, but has moved up quite a bit in the summer 2009 rankings due to the fully awesome Cure Passion arc, currently underway.
Pandora Hearts is good, but weird, so anyone that might watch it probably is watching it already, and no amount of cajoling will convince anyone else to give it a try, alas. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood would have fared better if it hadn't felt like watching a really long clip show.
The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan got a lot better as the season went on, but it's still not as good as Petit Eva or the various Marimite specials, for example. Nyoron Churuya-san started out funny, but got a little tiresome towards the end, whereas its Haruhi-chan counterpart managed to improve and keep me looking forward to Haruhi II. Ran has to find excuses to bend over a lot because otherwise her head won't fit in the same frame as Conan's. Just a bit of advice, Shinichi: Don't ever lock your keys in the car during a date with Ran. I really enjoyed Seitokai Yakuin Domo and its relentless stream of sex jokes and short jokes. Shiki hit a long skid of tedious episodes, but the recent ones are quite good, especially if you enjoy hollering directions to idiot B-movie characters. Shukufuku no Campanella kinda sucked, but all the scenes with the Tortilla sisters or Agnes made it worth it.
I tried watching Legend of the Legendary Heroes which I figured would be tongue-in-cheek, but it wasn't very interesting.
Now, two shows I not only dropped but considered to be, ahem, WORSE THAN COSPRAYERS: Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi was inexcusably terrible. My favorite show this season thus far is Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt which I basically only started watching because it's a Gainax production.
Shiki is still the anime equivalent of a B movie, but I'm pretty pleased Megumi gets around a lot for a dead girl. Finally, I've probably dropped Psychic Detective Yakumo, but I may pick it up again if I get sufficiently bored with the above shows.
Shimizu Kaoru from the sixth season of Major got an automatic nomination by virtue of being last year's winner. I've decided to add Mouri Ran to basically every Best Girl of the Year list from here on out on general principle because Ran is one of anime's All Time Babes. Only people who watched Seikon no Qwaser will fully understand why Katja gets a nomination.
Yamada from B Gata H Kei barely makes the list for being outrageous (only medium outrageous in a year containing Seikon no Qwaser) and for being an excuse for Yukarin to say amazing things. Finally, our victor, Tsukishima Aoba from Cross Game wins the title of Best Girl of the Year for 2010 with her solid showing throughout the yearlong baseball anime.
It's easy to describe Aoba as another Haruka Tomatosauce tsundere, but I believe Aoba honestly hated Kou when they were children—jealous of the attention he got from her sister.
If you're wondering why Shikinami Asuka Langley didn't win by default, it's because Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 came out in 2009.
Posted in B Gata H Kei, BEST GIRL, Cross Game, Detective Conan, Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, The, Major, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Seikon no Qwaser, Shinryaku! Burn Cream MD is the perfect tool to keep on hand for minor burns from working in the house or professional kitchen or wherever quick relief is needed. Between minutes 58 to 60 in the Pretty Cure All Stars DX movie, you'll find wall-to-wall mahou shoujo beatdowns. The Fresh Cures also finally get into the act after spending most of the movie imprisoned in the La Brea Tar Pits.
The Pretty Cure All Stars DX movie didn't do too much with the experienced Cures overshadowing the newer Cures, but it's there.
Taking me completely by surprise, the two most telegenic of all Cure attacks in the movie belong to my least favorite Cures. Probably the second-best looking attack is the one where Cure Lemonade Spider-Mans the dog shit out of the Big Bad.
I noticed similarities in the Pretty Cure All Stars DX movie to the climatic battles in My-Otome to tell you the truth, but All Stars DX outperforms My-Otome in mahou shoujo beat downs by a mile.
Posted in Fresh Pretty Cure, Futari wa Precure, My-Otome, Pretty Cure (all), Pretty Cure All Stars DX, Splash Star, Yes!
However, after giving Splash Star a chance, I am prepared to suggest its similarities to the original series are more evolutionary than derivative. Because of this progression, Splash Star occupies a nexus of sorts between the two styles, combining the two forms to mix flowers and sparkles with kicks in the gut and energy beams blasting down from the sky.
Admittedly, I've not seen enough Splash Star to conclusively determine whether or not the criticisms levied against the show are wholly unjustified or not. Posted in Fresh Pretty Cure, Futari wa Precure, Heartcatch Precure!, Pretty Cure (all), Pretty Cure All Stars DX, Splash Star, Yes!
It turns out the second Pretty Cure All Stars DX movie is really the first Heartcatch Precure movie in disguise. All Stars DX2 does allow the Heartcatch Cures to take the first stand and act as if they're going to solo the newly discovered enemy by themselves, but then the movie subjects them to the humiliation of being patronized by the Fresh Cures (who themselves spent most of the first All Stars movie incapacitated by sticky, sticky goo) before being promptly bailed out of trouble. If the first Pretty Cure All Star movie was the Home Run Derby (and it kinda was, really, with Cures just teeing off at will), DX2 is the actual game. Although previously vanguished enemies return, it's obvious the Precure All Stars movies cannot be canonical.
In the case of Fresh Pretty Cure and Heartcatch Precure, it means the amount of time characters from both series are in the same frame simultaneously is limited, and the Fresh girls' famously pronounced bosoms are whisked away, leaving all the characters uniformly flat. Towards the end, this conglomeration of vastly disparate character designs gets mushed into a rightfully maligned CGI battle that doesn't fit with the rest of the movie at all, but probably heralds the future of Pretty Cure animation if I don't miss my guess. One thing All Stars DX2 did get right was addressing the disparity in the limitations each Cure generation faces. It's also nice how All Stars DX2 packs in essentially every single character that ever had a speaking role in any Pretty Cure series or movie.
I do hope there are more All Stars movies, although with the ever ballooning cast of Cures crowding the 70-minute-attention-span ceiling, maybe Toei will be better off making Pretty Cure Team-Up movies, wherein the (presumably) eventually competent Heartcatch Cures show next year's newbies the ropes. Oh, and to answer the titular question, the two hottest minutes of Pretty Cure All Stars DX2 are the combined sequences of all the times the Heartcatch Cures had their necks saved by other Cures.
Posted in Fresh Pretty Cure, Futari wa Precure, Heartcatch Precure!, Pretty Cure All Stars DX, Splash Star, Yes!
It took me 25 episodes to notice Saki doesn't let her top hand fly off the bat during her swing.
Unfortunately, aside from upgraded animation and a condensed storyline, this movie is essentially the anime's first season in a two-hour block. Then again, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha had already rejected Gripping Magikal Girl Melodrama by StrikerS. Surprising no one, I'm sure, they finally found an excuse to drag Cure Flower out of retirement and she promptly goes all Miss Maria on us to whale on some deadbeats that Cure Blossom, Cure Marine, Cure Sunshine, and Cure Moonlight weren't able to handle on their own because there were only four of them. Cure Grandma's rheumatism prevents her from breaking out her flashiest attacks, but she does pull a page from the Book of MILF Beat Downs by copying and pasting some Lena Sayers attacks before returning to her gardening.
I also had an insect bite wound on my left leg that probably let in a lot of calcium hydroxide and my left leg was alkali burned too. I would like to make this clear: The pictures you will see are alkali burns caused by my foot bath with 4 tablespoons of epsom salts and 1 tablespoon of calcium hydroxide in very hot water, alternate with plain very cold water.
These are books I have bought and read word for word and I feel are useful for your reference.
Fashion forward and beauty oriented, always interested in whatever is trendy and hot hot hot! For some reason, I've never watched a single episode of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon until now—not even dubbed. After two episodes, I've learned a few things I did not expect: I love Mitsuishi Kotono, but her Usagi voice is horrifying.
Speaking of which, if pressed to choose Usagi's closest Pretty Cure analogue, I'd say so far she and Nozomi have the most in common. Contrast this with, for example, Cure Black and Cure White who announce with authority their readiness to whoop some ass, both during their transformations and while powering up their finishing attacks. Posted in Fresh Pretty Cure, Futari wa Precure, Heartcatch Precure!, Pretty Cure (all), Pretty Cure All Stars DX, Splash Star, Suite Precured, Yes! If the first Pretty Cure All Stars Deluxe movie was the home run derby, and Pretty Cure All Stars DX2 the all star game, then Pretty Cure All Stars DX3 is the benches-clearing brawl.
As a result of this massive cast list, All Stars DX3 is not as good as the previous two Pretty Cure All Stars movies. Dividing the Cures up into teams was a good (and necessary) idea, but not entirely effective. Probably the greatest casualty of this megas crowded movie is, unlike the two previous installments, I am unable to identify the most telegenic attack. Posted in Fresh Pretty Cure, Futari wa Precure, Heartcatch Precure!, Pretty Cure All Stars DX, Splash Star, Suite Precured, Yes!
Most of my problems with Sailor Moon relate to its poor fight sequences which mostly consisted of Usagi shrieking until each Bishoujo Senshi used her ONE canned attack or relied on Tuxedo Kamen to subdue the opponent. Hopefully things will be much better in the later Sailor Moon seasons, but when a mahou shoujo series can't muster enough emotional resonance to get me to care about the characters' lives, it had better have some bitchin' moves. The number of Pretty Cure series has nearly doubled between the time I started my still uncompleted viewer's guide to Precure and the present day.
There's not a lot of detail and the look of the show just kinda suggests they're trying to save money. This is a departure from the original series (and from the clips of the other Precure iterations' EDs that I have seen). In fact, I will go on record as saying the first casualty in the War Against the Machines will be meatspace synchronized dancers. Besides being a solid sports anime, it's also starting to delve into relationship drama, although with its own flair, and thankfully without the typical animeisms that plague relationship stories. I should probably not include OVAs in these rankings for numerous reasons, but I'm making these rules up as I go along. I didn't care for these episodes as much as the previous seasons, but that's probably because of their Touko-centric nature.

As astute readers surely realize, this sudden drop is largely due to the dramatic turn towards the end of the season. Were these rankings based solely on my interest, it would probably place lower in the standings, although at no fault of its own. Like with the Ichigo Mashimaro OVA, that's probably not fair, and I should probably exclude it entirely, but I waited a long time for a Kotori route, so I'm going to include it, God damn it.
They pulled away from their Nyoron Churuya-san counterparts with that episode where Asahina Mikuru just starts crying from confusion and never looked back. Despite all the hype, it was merely adequate, which I guess is pretty good all things considered. The occasionally overeager Wester means well, I suppose, but he needs to learn to stay in his lane.
Easy has a street-clothes, secret-identity alter ego also that goes by the name Higashi Setsuna. There were definitely four color-coded Cure dongles during the opening bit of the first episode. It had a lot of really good sight gags and some genuine plot advancement—which is pretty damn important in a genre that tends to consist of 90 percent filler, even when said filler consistently benefits from numerous shots to the face.
Oh, it still is what it is, and I don't think potential viewers who are merely curious need watch every single episode. Also watch episodes two and three if you care about how Miki and Buki end up as Cures, add episode six if you care about Love and her mother, but you can skip 10, 14, and 17 if you only care about the PEACH-HAN Love and Easy Setsuna friendship. After catching up with what they know, it seems to me there shouldn't be any real surprises in the coming episodes to anyone already watching Fresh Pretty Cure raws.
Like I said, this is pretty obvious if you've been following the raws and watching Setsuna's and Love's friendship develop. The reason the original series worked so well for me was because there were only two Cures.
Even Hatsukoi Limited, which I previously mentioned is the best show from the spring 2009 season, attracted relatively few followers. I'm still watching it as there are still unsubbed episodes, but I won't be including it with the summer 2009 lineup. That it only places sixth should tell you just how good the competition is this time around.
It should also do better in the rankings this summer as it diverges more from the first anime. And I'm not just saying that because I watched a hundred-some episodes of Chi's Sweet Home so I could start Chi's New Address. I've avoided spoilers, but I have confirmed some of the gimmicks from the very first episodes remain staples well into the 500s. Considering there is a brutal murder nearly every single episode, you have to wonder if people will start to blame Conan and Ran since bodies seem to pile up wherever they go. I continue to enjoy it as I plow through the hundreds of unwatched episodes I have remaining. It was probably funnier to native speakers, though; it's tough to adapt verbal comedy to different languages.
That said, I still look forward quite a bit to each new episode as Potato-kun attempts to trophy-love every girl in the school. Starting with episode 591, this appears to be another solid season of the same sort of thing Detective Conan has been reliably churning out for years. Nevertheless, Amagami SS continues to provide mildly amusing episodes about Potato-kun's serial harem. Unfortunately, Shimizu did not get many scenes during this epic baseball show's final season, and had many of her presumably more important moments from the manga relegated to the montage during the last episode. Detective Conan doesn't change much and appears capable of running indefinitely, and Ran is enough of a sweetheart that she could potentially win this contest any year, so consider her a baseline metric of sorts. Too many people either did not watch the show at all or gave up on it far too early to fully appreciate just how ridiculous Qwaser managed to be.
Ika Musume until it was already half over, Ika Musume herself easily gains a nomination as one of 2010's Best Girls. Aoba nearly won the title last year, and was an early favorite to win even though Cross Game ended in March. However, Aoba grudgingly comes to respect Kou's physical talents for baseball and dedicates her considerable knowledge and love for the game into transforming him into the type of pitcher who can make her sister's dream come true. A patented blend of soothing analgesics is combined with healthy moisturization that delivers immediate relief at the pain, speeds healing and promotes less scarring.
It also starts off with Love doing that thing she does where the longer she talks, the faster and louder she gets. I'm still pissed they eliminated and then retconned out Cure Black's superfluous flip after she sticks, just so you know.
There is one extended sequence when the Fresh Cures see all the other Cures in battle costumes for the first time. Easily taking the top spot is the high altitude synchronized drop the much maligned Splash Star Cures execute just to show off. ALL the Pretty Cure mascots in one place at one time yammering back and forth at each other? It hits about all the notes you might reasonably expect, including making the Max Heart and Splash Star Cures more capable than the Yes! Obviously Toei realized it was giving Splash Star very similar elements to the original Futari wa Pretty Cure.
It's a good combination, and had I watched Splash Star before, I would not have been surprised Cure Bloom and Cure Egret had the most telegenic attack of the first Pretty Cure All Stars DX movie.
However, from my initial impressions, it seems very likely a lot of potential viewers simply dismissed the show out of hand (as I originally did) without giving it a chance. Whereas the first All Stars DX movie was basically a greatest hits album of fan-favorite Pretty Cure attacks and moves, All Stars DX2 sort of has a narrative as we watch the two least effective Cures of all time stumble their way through battles way beyond their abilities. Besides the temporal anomalies and the characters playing fast-and-loose with their secret identities and those of the mascots, there's just no clear way to rationalize the various inconsistencies and contradictions among the various Precure generations. For example, Nagisa and Honoka are unable to transform into Cure Black and Cure White unless (1) they are together, and (2) they have Mepple and Mipple with them. Well, the Splash Star Cures once again have the best looking moves of the movie, especially the part when they simultaneously Fastball Special the Heartcatch Cures into almost doing something useful. It didn't get everyone, or at least I didn't see everyone, but they damn near very well did.
In related news, I really hope All Stars DX3 includes an all-Cure baseball game wherein Saki gets her first at bat as a Cure and crushes a ball out of sight, going, "Eh? I suspect the Pretty Cure franchise probably generates more revenue as a whole than Nanoha, but Toei probably wastes it all on hookers and blow instead of pumping out improved fight sequences. I was hoping it would explore new ground by taking Fate's point of view, but I guess it is Nanoha's show, after all. Although the tension in the movie is thicker than I remember from the series, I believe Fate suffered more abuse during the series. Maybe I mixed the wrong things, maybe my body just does not like calcium hydroxide, maybe my old eczema wounds on my right leg had something in them that caused the calcium hydroxide to be absorbed and burn through.
Long heralded as a mahou shoujo classic, Sailor Moon ran for hundreds of episodes spread out over numerous season, although Pretty Cure has since surpassed it in terms of episode count. It's closer to her Ebichu or her Suite Precure Hummy animal voices than her Misato or Mireille voices.
Usagi is a self-described clumsy girl, but thankfully I've yet to see her in full-on dojikko mode. When a Cure goes through her transformation sequence, she gets a battle costume upgrade and some fancy charm points.
Given that Cure Rhythm and Cure Melody keep getting bailed out by a free agent Cure, it's no wonder even the scrub bad guys feel confident screwing with these rookie Cures. Before anyone responds by claiming I'm not giving Sailor Moon a fair shake because of its age, Cutie Honey predates Sailor Moon by more than 20 years and Honey certainly has no problems finding new ways of smoking Panther Claw deadbeats. I don't want to dwell on comparisons with Pretty Cure, the modern iteration of the Sailor Moon fighting-magikal-girl genre, but there are obvious similarities, such as the ages of the characters (14), the talking mascots, the transformation sequences, and magic weapons. If I'm lucky, I'll start caring in the later seasons whether these Bishoujo Senshi live, die, get date raped, or find true love, but I guess I'll have to power through the next 13 episodes at a minimum first.
In the past (even though it wasn't really the reason why), I was able to blame the plodding pace of Pretty Cure subs for my lack of progress on the treatise.
Second, the characters look considerably older despite being the same age as previous Cures. This is somewhat unexpected, because I was under the impression the Pretty Cure franchise was a cash cow. They could be speaking Latin and the viewer should still have no difficulty following the story. As I have commented before, the Fresh girls look considerably older than the original Cures despite being the same age.
Tart the talking weasel with the Osaka accent is lying low as Love's pet ferret a la Yuuno Scrya from the Nanoha series. It kind of freaked me out at first, to tell you the truth, but I have since decided it does not look so bad at HD resolutions—even upscaled.
A seemingly innocuous casualty with the extermination of the human race on the line, but a sure one. This is a formula that had better stay true to form during the quickly-approaching All Stars movie. Maybe it's because the characters in question are no longer in high school, so they aren't expected to act like twits.
As for the first Ichigo Mashimaro Encore OVA itself, it was another solid block of entertainment and charm that make the series so enjoyable. On the other hand, these episodes also elevated Touko three positions in the Marimite rankings.
Then again, if these rankings were driven by my appreciation of Chiba Saeko, it would place higher.
Hey, some of the middle-laterish episodes are all right, and that running gag with Washizu's crony had a great payoff that came completely out of left field. However, Easy is clearly the lead villain just as Love is the lead Cure and presumptive main character of the series. So far, the pink (Peach), blue (Berry), and yellow (Pine) dongles are accounted for, leaving the red one still in the wild. With episode 15, 10, and all the ones with Setsuna slumming with Love instead of doing her job, I'm elevating Fresh Precure to the third non-baseball, non-OVA slot of the season.
If precedent is any indicator, Fresh Precure should run at least 48 episodes, and possibly 96. I still don't know the exact details of the transformation, but I know who it is, and I can guess how it transpires.
Labyrinth already isn't exactly comprised of the most motivated crew of mahou shoujo villains I've seen. I enjoy it a great deal more than Touch and what I've read of H2, but the actual baseball games in Cross Game are not as compelling as the slice-of-life stories about Kou and Aoba. Every episode recently has had the kind of OH SHIT moments typically attributed to shounen jive or cheesy Gundam switcheroos.
It remains entertaining and funny, and definitely does not deserve the extra baggage that keeps many people from watching it. Then again, no Kotori arc is ever going to seem satisfying as long as Junichi remains such a putz.
At the time of this writing it has 570 episodes plus about two dozen movies and OVAs and it is still ongoing. As far as I know, characters don't age or change grades in school, leaving Detective Conan with the ability to basically run indefinitely.
I counted at least two occasions during the most recent episode of Detective Conan where she had to do this.
It stayed fun the whole way through, but I would have liked to see more of the evil-type Momiji. As you can see, I've long since realized there are no meaningful spoilers in Detective Conan, so I've started watching the currently airing episodes along with my backlog of older ones. Despite my dislike for dumb girls (Mouri Ran being a one of anime's All-Time Babes notwithstanding) and my loathing of dojikkos, the first Rihoko episode was rather endearing.
The presumptive love interest is a real dish, but I'm getting impatient waiting for her to shoot someone in the face.
I suspect Major probably has enough material for a seventh season, but I don't think we'll get any more in anime form unless there are OVAs. Katja's contributions are too numerous to list here, but I'll point to three key moments that cemented her nomination in 2010's Best Girl competition: (1) The scene where she connects her phone to her television.

Now, in order to answer the obvious question that people who have seen the movie must be asking without venturing into spoiler territory before those who have not seen it, let me just say this: Based on how Kyon views Nagato in the beginning of the film, the middle, and the at the end, I think the impact she has on him (and hopefully the viewer) elevates her into the upper pantheon of this year's nominees. A genius at everything (except invading) and filled with verve and imagination, Ika Musume should be on everyone's list of this season's Best Girls.
My memory is very hazy on this point, so the accuracy of the following anecdote is suspect at best: I believe Don Drysdale once lamented it was a shame the Los Angeles Dodgers did not have a pitcher with Orel Hershiser's brain in Kevin Gross' body. I might have to reconsider the possibility that what I originally assumed to be blatant ripoffs of the original duo are, in fact, actually re-imagined imitators in the flattery-type vein. She's actually one of the annoying mascots just transformed into a human dekochin ojousama form. I guess you can't really have a kids movie run too long, but were little girls even the movie's real target audience?
While these parallels were likely motivated by conservative financial considerations, they aren't direct copies. So far, these aren't ripoffs—they're the sincerest form of flattery, and they don't prevent me from declaring Futari wa Precure Splash Star the most underrated title in the Pretty Cure franchise. I've accused Cure Blossom and Cure Marine of being the worst Cures in history before, but that has always been part of their personae; Heartcatch Precure itself accuses Cure Blossom of being the worst Cure ever. The Fresh Cures end up saving the hapless Heartcatch duo twice during the course of the movie. Now you know how I feel!] They also don't stand shoulder-to-shoulder much, since Miki would be about two feet taller than Erika, for example. After the first All Stars movie and 26 episodes (and counting) of the series proper, I have newfound respect for Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. EEEEEHHHHHh????!!!!!!" There was already a softball segment in Fresh Pretty Cure, but it's just not the same. But most importantly, the content of the exchange between Fate and Precia at the end of the movie is critically different than how it played out during the series. Hopefully they won't back away from the darker elements of that season also, or we'll end up with a two-hour block of tensionless fights a la Pretty Cure All Stars DX. After her final battle with Dune (not the version with Sting), she's mostly been slumming around town and taking care of plants in her greenhouse. Usagi doesn't even have Excel's charm, so this is going to make for a long batch of episodes if things don't improve.
There's one important difference between Nozomi and Usagi, though: Cure Dream would beat the living daylights out of Sailor Moon in a fight.
But in most cases, the transformation doesn't just change a Cure's appearance; it also changes her personality, or at least her demeanor. Precure 5 crew yammers on about her purity a little too much, which admittedly is not an especially effective threat, but her soliloquy does signal some serious beat downs on the way that would be out of character for Rin.
I can't take Cure Sunshine as seriously because she is all smiles during her transformation sequence. Shiny Freaking-Thirteen-Year-Old-Girl-with-Zero-Offensive-Abilities-Not-Really-a-Cure Luminous. 21 by Nozomi's reckoning, which is surprisingly accurate, given that Nozomi only has 10 fingers.
If pressed, I'd have to nominate either the scene where Cure Dream does that thing where two people exchange blows while leaping past each other and the winner refuses to turn around until the loser falls, or the one where she plows through a giant pile of grunt suits, with an honorable mention for the MARBLE SCREW MAX that Cure Black and Cure White execute while in midair.
Compared to truly great mahou shoujo fare like Cardcaptor Sakura or Princess Tutu, Sailor Moon is really disappointing. Maybe they're diverting all the funds towards Pretty Cure All Stars, which will hopefully be one EPIC crossover movie. Your mileage may vary (and likely turn on whether or not you consider Dark Dream a villain or not).
The best part is everyone else dropped this show after episode two, so they have no idea what I'm talking about. 14 is good because it finally includes hand-to-hand combat between the Labyrinth goons and the Cures.
What I don't know is how this is going to change the shape of the Fresh Pretty Cure season. And what are these losers going to do when they're outnumbered two-to-one by Cures who beat their asses on a daily basis already? That's going to change if workaholic Miyuki becomes Dark Miyuki and starts smoking the shit out of Souler and Wester. Were I to include all five seasons of Major as one work, it would easily take the top spot. Why can't it just be about humping your ghost girlfriend and every once in a while robot fights? I could be burned out on all the kittenness, but Chi's New Address doesn't seem as good as Chi's Sweet Home. As a genre, mysteries are always popular, and Detective Conan has carved out a simple but effective formula that works well.
You know, now that I think about it, I guess Ran is eligible for Girl of the Year 2010 contention as well.
She's slow and clumsy and an unwitting compulsive eater with low willpower, but somehow manages to be a sweet kid. Well, I guess there is that technicality about whether or not squids can be girls, but I consulted the judges panel and they allowed it. Two solid minutes of hard core wall-to-wall ass kickings in a 70-minute movie that's 90 percent ass kickings anyway. I'm thinking that's the demographic that went to the theaters, but most of the movie is heavy on the fight scenes, even for Precure.
For example, the Splash Star fighting styles are noticeably softer, with many more circular sweeps and flourishes than straight linear strikes. While this is generally true during Heartcatch episodes because Cure Blossom is a dojikko, capable of only fighting bad feelings (no, really), it's especially true in All Stars DX2 because Cure Blossom and Cure Marine are the rookies and somebody at Toei does take the whole Cure Senpai bit seriously. Really, if you count Love keeping Tsubomi from getting pegged in the face by a plastic flashlight any other character in the Pretty Cure franchise could have easily dodged (including that walking mailbox thing), Fresh saves Heartcatch three times. Conversely, the Fresh-verse populace suffers the kind of gruesome fates you might expect of civilians on the mahou shoujo battlefield; they simply just don't care.
For example, in Futari wa Pretty Cure, Cure Black and Cure White are naked the way Marvel Comics' Silver Surfer is technically naked.
The franchise is at its best when it is about magikal girls trashing the dog shit out of each other.
Speaking of which, it's a pity All Stars DX3 won't have nearly the animation quality of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The First. I personally experienced being chemically burned; it is painful, ugly, and looks like it will take some time to heal. Only by learning the true causes and addressing those causes will your eczema or psoriasis be cured.
I'd have my doubts about the whole crew were it not for Erika's willingness to sucker-punch people in the face while she's transformed as Cure Marine. Despite only being 70 minutes in length like the two previous movies, DX3 seemed too long even though it split a lot of this time switching among four separate settings. The team-up idea is basically what DX3 does by dividing the characters into multiple camps, but by making time for all of them it really made time for none of them.
Speaking of which, I noticed the Cures that are able to fly conveniently forgot about this ability when it would have quickly resolved their predicaments. In Pretty Cure, romantic love is almost always unrequited, and there is never any fan service (unless you really want to see it). Well, ferret-weasel-mascot extraordinaire Tart with the Osaka accent still manages to not be annoying! Maybe it's because these are high school relationships in question, but I couldn't help thinking the principals were utter twits. Easy is the best Precure villain except for that that one movie where Cure White is tempted by the dark side and beats Hell out of Cure Black. She's even figured out all she need to do is keep them from transforming by stealing their magic cell phones.
I'd be filled with despair too if my job performance in any way depended on the contributions of a guy like that. During the bowling scene, each Cure picks a bowling ball matching her outfit (and mahou shoujo battle costume).
To that end, I've prepared a simple guide for the curious who don't want to commit to the full-length series.
Assuming the Labyrinth version is her true form, does this mean Easy is going to get stuck between the Setsuna and Cure Passion guises?
One piece of speculation out there involves Miyuki going bad after being spurned by Aka Linkrun in favor of Setsuna. There is too much beam spamming, though, but episode 23 is expected to include brutal fisticuffs, so we're back to the basics.
Even my attempt to watch every single Pretty Cure episode (about 300 and counting plus a new movie every 40 episodes or so) pales in comparison.
Don't get me wrong, it's a fun show; some lighthearted nitpicking just helps balance out the endless series of grisly homicides.
Finally, I realize I'm in the minority in not enjoying Mitsudomoe, but the only thing I saw in the one episode I managed to watch was ugly children doing horrid things. All Stars DX obviously takes place early in the Fresh timeline—before they could dance, even. As a result, Splash Star might have some of the prettiest fights in the Pretty Cure franchise.
By my count, one or both of the Heartcatch Cures is rescued no less than six times in the course of a 70-minute movie. I'm guilty of it too, but it really was overshadowed by the first generation and overlooked by Honoka & Nagisa loyalists. It really doesn't make sense to me to have supporting characters with superpowers of their own riding the pine, contributing nothing to the fight except some half-hearted Miracle Light waving.
And make no mistake, the first Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha movie is very much about Nanoha and Fate whaling on each other. I suppose I'll have to wait for The Second for more Top Fuel magikal girl brawls, unless someone talks Kajiura Yuki into writing that three-hour The End of My-HiME ~My Purest Heart Love for Thee~ opera.
I guess it was just the angle.] It is as if Toei saw the fan art designs for Dark Dream and had an epiphany.
Setsuna (wearing red) hesitates when choosing between the red ball and the black one before ultimately settling on black, matching her Easy outfit, which is mostly black, although it does have red accents. I also keep waiting for Chi to finally age, but for the time being she remains Yotsuba in kitten form. That movie should have had a Strike Witches crossover wherein the 501st Joint Fighter Wing wipes them all out in five minutes and the movie ends. If there's another All Stars movie (and I'm betting there will be, as long as Precure remains a cash cow), I wonder how the inclusion of Cure Passion will change up this dynamic? No wonder the other Heartcatch characters with cameo appearances in the movie pretended not to know them.
They'll probably always get the short end during future Precure projects, but they certainly make the most of the little screen time they do get. However, the franchise does have its merits, and I don't believe a single scene should discourage someone from watching the rest of the movie. Unfortunately, there will probably be some handwaving, and aside from a token reappearance before the end of the season, I suspect that will be the last we see of this old gunfighter. Finally, I understand Pretty Cure is unique for its heavy focus on combat, but I was under the impression Sailor Moon was a bit of a departure from the standard magikal girl party line for having a relatively higher emphasis on fighting than traditional mahou shoujo shows.
This total excludes Kaoru and Michiru (who appear, but get shafted from the movie once again, relegated to gawking from the peanut gallery with Bunbee), Cure Flower (who also has a cameo), and the Suite Precure characters Cure Muse, Cure Beat, and Cure [SPOILERS] who had not been introduced yet when the movie was released.
I say normal, because that's what she uses when she's just bumming around the house after work.
Way to be only as useful as the six-year-old girl sitting in the eighth row of the theater. You know it's just a matter of time before she dozes off in class and transforms into Cure Dream in her sleep. Five will get you ten Nozomi eventually levels the entire school with a stray somnambulistic PRETTY CURE SHOOTING STAR one afternoon after eating a big lunch.

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