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An ingrown nail in the toes can be very painful and unpleasant problem, but on average it happens to every fifth person. The purpose of regular baths is to soften the nails, but also to prevent possible infections of the foot. Remember that this toe will be in contact with others toes in the socks and shoes during the day, which will inevitably lead to sweating. Soak your feet at least once a week in a bowl of warm water & tea tree oil (this is antibacterial). Then scrub the cuticles back away from the nails & always cut nails STRAIGHT ACROSS not curved or rounded.

Before the bath, prepare all the necessary accessories for nail editing and put them within the reach of your hands: from nail clippers to cotton and scissors and tweezers patrons. Using a sterile needle lift the ingrown nail from the toe and gently place cotton in the interspace. If there is infection of the toe, the color of this part of the foot will change to intensive red to dark blue. Once you notice a toe infection, it is best to go to the doctor, who will prescribe you the appropriate medication. If you maintain hygiene in this way, the problem with the ingrown nails should be history for only two weeks, once a new and healthy nail grows.

Place the cotton under the ingrown nail to prevent irritation and infection of the toe, and then wrap gauze around the toe.

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