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Mononucleosis is also known as mono, glandular fever, Filatov’s disease or colloquially as kissing disease because it is a viral infection which is contaminated by oral transmission.
Most people are affected by the virus when they are children and then the disease does not produce any noticeable symptoms and if it does, it shows only symptoms which resemble flu. Other major symptoms include abdominal pain with nausea and vomiting, breathing difficulty, tiredness and headache. Cold water fishes like tuna, salmon, halibut are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like linoleic and alpha linolenic acids which are agents that help to get rid of the viral infection. Thus, if you can include one cold water fish in your daily diet, it will help you to fight off mono effectively. It is better if you get fresh cranberries everyday because this will ensure full effectiveness of the remedy.
Coriander has  antiviral and antibiotic properties and it is easily available in your fridge and coriander leaves helps to reduce the symptoms of mono by fighting the EBV virus. To counter mono with coriander leaves, grate and blend some fresh coriander leaves into a paste and take this paste with your lunch or any other proper meal.
Fresh lime juice has antiseptic and antiviral properties that fight off the EBV virus which causes mono and hence helps you get relief from mono to a large extent.
Garlic contains a particular phytochemical called allicin which is produced when garlic is chewed, crushed or minced. Adding significant quantity of garlic juice to green tea and drinking it every morning will help considerably.
Pain in the ears, sore throat, headache and clogged nose, are some of the symptoms that you will experience when suffering from an ENT disorders (Ear, Nose and Throat Disorder). However, this practice should not followed, as some infections that cause serious infections can produce bearable symptoms and cause high internal damage involving the chest and lungs.  A large number of home remedies such as steaming, warm oil therapy, saline water gargling, and eating foods that keep the throat clear, are commonly used for bringing relief to the person suffering from some common ENT disorders.
Addition of essential oils that are beneficial to the ENT system enhance its medicinal worth. Warm garlic oil is found to be one of the best home remedies for earache and other ENT disorders because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Care should be taken to not pour hot oil into the ear, as this may burn the delicate membranes of the ear. Saline water gargling is one of the most recommended home remedies for treating throat disorders.  Saline water gargling removes throat irritants. Gargling is performed by holding water in the throat and making gurgling sounds so that the water swirls in the throat and cleanses it. Black pepper is one of the common household items that work effectively against ENT problems. Ginger tea should be sipped slowly to allow it to work on the congestion and infection of the throat before passing down to the stomach.
Eucalyptus oil comes as a boon to persons with ENT disorders.  Eucalyptus globulus, a major ingredient of Eucalyptus, is found to be effective in the case of sinusitis. Hence, it takes care of a number of ENT disorders such as asthma, sore throat, nasal congestion, sinusitis and cough.
Headaches, fever, clogged and running nose, sore throat, muscle pains and weakness are just some of the symptoms of having a cold or flu.

Even the best medications have its own share of side effects so it’s wise to take a closer look before buying one from your local pharmacy. Let gravity do the work for you and elevate your head with an extra pillow while sleeping or resting.
If you’re searching for any type of treatment then going natural will always be your best bet.
The actual symptoms are revealed at a later stage during adolescence and young adulthood which include sore throat, fever, fatigue, swollen glands, and acute pharyngitis. These fatty acids not only help to fight off the virus but also increase the body immunity so that the mono is not allowed to move to a more complicated stage. Intake of cranberry juice regularly every morning, for about a month will reduce the symptoms of mono. An intake of the coriander leaves paste regularly for a month will give you relief from mono. In order to get help from lime juice, take a glass of lukewarm water and add two to three tablespoons of fresh lime juice to it.
Fresh lime juice fights mono by increasing your stamina thereby reducing fatigue and also by detoxifying your body.
This allicin acts as an effective antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent and thus helps to reduce the sore throat, inflammation and irritation from mono.
Raw garlic will release the allicin in it, which will act effective on the throat problems caused due to mono. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. ENT disorders are best attended to by an ENT specialist and one should not deny timely medical attention to ENT problems, as these may cause serious damage the organs concerned. However, if the symptoms do not subside or aggravate it is mandatory for one to opt for professional medical treatment for the same. Steaming is one of the safest methods of treating ENT disorders, especially those involving sinus blockages. Also, the oil should not be poured in large quantities into the ear, as the liquid will simply overflow resulting in wastage of the medicinal fluid. Salt water gargling is seen to be one of the most effective remedies for cleaning upper respiratory tract virus infections.
Black pepper is most effective when it is added in the powdered form to hot vegetable soup and sipped slowly so that it gets adequate time to work on the infectious microorganisms in the throat before passing down the digestive tract to the stomach.
The gingerols, volatile oils found in ginger, are seen to have antipyretic, sedative and antibacterial effect.
Apart from clearing clogged respiratory passages, ginger tea also aids in digestion and works as a medicine for a number of bodily problems. This oil is replete with antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This is because colds and flu are caused by viruses which cannot be treated by any medication. So if you’re searching for the best natural treatments for your everyday cold or flu, take a simple look at these all-natural remedies.

Getting some rest while suffering from colds or flu helps the body focus these resources on fighting the disease. Cold and flu has always been with us and there are no shortages of good old home based remedies. Genetic predisposition and structural disorders in the ENT system may also cause ENT disorders. Treating ENT disorders requires understanding the type of the ENT disorder a person is suffering from. Steaming should be done once or twice a day and maximum benefit should be derived from it by deeply breathing in the vapors while undergoing steaming.
Once, the oil is warmed, it should be dropped into the aching ear, dropwise, with the help of a dropper. Warm garlic oil can be poured in the night or 2-3 times a day into an aching ear, to relieve earache.
It relieves swollen throat muscles and loosens the mucus.  The gargled water should be spitted out and not swallowed. The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of black pepper aid in clearing up throat congestion.
Medications could be effective in relieving some of the symptoms of colds and flu but wouldn’t it be better if we first tried natural remedies? For people who are feeling too weak, a hot sponge bath could give you similar health benefits.
Mom always had her chicken soup to help relax us during those difficult times and medical science has proven that many of these natural remedies are based on medical science. It raises the internal body temperature, thereby clearing any clogging caused in the nasal and sinus passage due to nasal congestion. Ginger tea can be flavored with honey and lemon, both of which increase its antibiotic and immunity boosting properties. It can be applied on the affected area after dilution with another oil such as coconut oil.
But in fact, these medications are only effective in relieving the symptoms of the ailments. Honey mixed with warm water, a popular home remedy has also been proven effective in providing temporary relief from sore throats. Remember to wash your hands after blowing as direct contact with another person can transfer the infection.
So the next time you’re thinking of popping in that pill, why not try some of these cold and flu fighting natural remedies. Gargling should be done in privacy, as it is not considered good social etiquette to gargle in public.

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