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Over the past week, there have been increasing reports of a viral gastro outbreak in Cape Town.
Staying healthy during countless doctor visits or hiding the cold and flu season from the rest of the world, there can be a daunting task,  even for the healthiest of people.
If you have a grandmother, mother or concerned parent, you will know when you say, “I feel sick,” they serve up chicken soup for you. Spices that are often added to chicken soup, such as garlic and pepper (all ancient treatments for respiratory diseases), work the same way as modern cough medicines, thinning mucus to make breathing easier. Some people swear by hot and spicy foods such as garlic, onions, mustard, horseradish, chilies or spicy sauces to help ease congestion. This fragrant bulb contains a flavoring agent called alliin, which acts as a decongestant and a broad-spectrum antibiotic with powerful antibacterial properties. Many people find fresh ginger root helps treat the coughing and fever that often accompany colds and flu. Grandma Barton is mother to Joe Barton (founder of Barton Publishing), grandmother to 6 grandkids and 28 step-grandkids, and over 3000 Home Cures That Work members. If you are a member of Home Cures That Work, click on the image above to download your monthly issue in pdf format. Gastro is a stomach flu, and symptoms range from mild to severe and include: nausea, fever, diarrhoea, and general aches and pains.
Your body needs rest in order to fight off the virus and replenish energy levels, so get plenty of sleep and avoid doing unnecessary work or activities.
If you can eat a little bit, stick to plain, bland food like crackers, toast, rice and potatoes. The easiest way to avoid getting the stomach flu (and illness in general) is to wash your hands regularly.

Throw in chronic disease, sedentary lifestyles, a lack of essential nutrients, and a compromised immune system; you could be looking at a long winter. This is because food spicy enough to make your eyes watery will have the same effect on your nose and promote drainage. Garlic is also believed to act as an antioxidant and destroy free radicals, the active oxygen molecules that damage cells. Hot beverages work better for some people, so consider chamomile or peppermint herbal tea, or sip on hot water with a slice of lemon.
Drink orange juice for breakfast, snack on half a grapefruit, or add tanger-ine slices to a lunchtime salad. For many people, ginger (such as in ginger tea) works to boost the immune system during the cold and flu season.
At least one study has shown that a compound in milk triggers the release of histamine, a chemical that contributes to runny nose and nasal congestion, which can make chest, sinus, and nasal congestion worse.
Put chicken, celery, 2 garlic cloves, 1 cup carrots, the oregano sprig, and half the onion into a large pot.
Put oil, jalapeno, chopped oregano, 2 remaining garlic cloves (minced) and remaining half onion (chopped) into a large pot.
Traditional methods of healing treatment have included fruit juices and water by the quarts, comfort foods, hot blankets, hot baths, cold compresses for headaches, additional fiber and other colon-cleansing remedies.
If you’re unsure about what medication to take, talk to your doctor first – they’ll be able to give you advice based on your symptoms. The steam produced by hot chicken soup helps clear clogged airways, and the nourishing broth will give you more energy. Drinking plenty of fluids will also help your body recover faster and fight off the virus better.

Potatoes, green peppers, strawberries and pineapple can also be added to your daily cold-fighting food arsenal. Ginger tea is safe, easy to prepare, and good to have on hand all winter long and can help ease throat pain and upset stomach. This information and products described are not recommended for pregnant women or children.
And while there is unfortunately no cure for stomach flu (besides not getting it in the first place), here’s what you can do to help relieve nasty symptoms. Avoid eating foods which are spicy, fatty or contain dairy –these are common culprits when it comes to aggravating your stomach, and they can make symptoms worse. An amino acid released from chicken during cooking chemically resembles the drug acetylcysteine, prescribed for bronchitis and other respiratory problems.
Please note that we have a material financial connection to the provider of the goods and services from links on the website in that we receive payment for each qualified sale or potential customer referral. With tips she’s learned on the farm and along the way, Grandma Barton brings a time-tested and trusted voice when it comes to home remedies. You should also avoid coffee, alcohol, caffeinated tea and fizzy drinks as, these drinks can upset your stomach even more.

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