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Mothballs emit a bad odor plus the chemicals present in them are not to be inhaled for far too long as they can cause headaches, confusion, and other health problems.
You shouldn't be living with the unpleasant odor of mothballs, and there are ways of getting rid of it. BackFrom BlanketsYou can also put the blanket in a dryer and switch on the 'air only' mode.
BackFrom WoodZeolite, a mineral absorbent used as an air freshener in bathrooms and refrigerators, can be spread across the wood or furniture.
There are deodorizers present in the market that are exclusively formulated to remove mothball odor from wood and furniture. You can also use the coffee pouch tip (if it is a metal trunk), sanding tip (if it is a wooden trunk), or sun basking tip mentioned above, to get rid of the odor. BackIn a ClosetIn order to deodorize the mothball smell from a closet, initially you should make all the clothes in it odor-free. Then after removing all the mothballs from the closet, put a bowl of vinegar or vinegar and lemon juice in the closet. Let the room be properly ventilated, and if there is a window to the room, then keep it open for the sun to kill the odor. Digg DiggHave you ever gotten back from a great workout, reached for a protein shake, and found that the smell coming from your protein shaker made you want to throw up? It’s important to take your protein no later than 30 minutes after you end your workout, otherwise your body will start feeding on what’s already stored in your body and you won’t maximize your muscle growth. I know the last thing I want to do after a workout and consuming a protein shake is to wash the shaker out.
I would always recommend washing your protein shaker by hand – it’s the best way to ensure you’re going to get rid of that old protein smell.
If you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, you may save yourself a little bit of time and effort.

If you’re in the unfortunate situation of having left your protein shaker un-cleaned for days, you’ll need to take a different approach to cleaning. Since we’re talking about mold here, you’ll need to disinfectant the shaker and all its parts completely. The odor has to be done away with for which this Buzzle article lays out methods to get rid of mothball odor from your house. Other than the many advantages it is endowed with, for many people, getting rid of its odor is a primary concern. Then with the help of a cloth, dab this solution on the areas of the cloth that emit mothball smell. For this, try turning the heater of the room (where the wood emitting mothball odor is placed) to the maximum.
Add some baking soda or small quantities of scented oils to the water (warm) used to wet the mop.
Using an air freshener is a method to quickly mask the odor, but this is just a temporary rescue option. That’s why every minute counts – if you have to take the time to wash your protein shaker out again, you’re wasting time and could be wasting your workout altogether. Not only do I never want to wash dishes, but I’m especially lazy after a workout and post-workout shake.
You can stick it in the dishwasher, but you’ll only get a near-perfect wash with your hands. For most protein shakers, a regular sponge won’t cut it because you won’t be able to fit your hand down to the bottom; and as you know, that’s where all the protein settles and tends to crust up.
However, I would still recommend washing out your protein shaker by hand before putting it in the dishwasher. If you’re like me and use milk as the base of your protein shakes, you’re much worse off than if you had just mixed with water.

Being formulated by a compound known as paradichlorobenzene or simple polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, these mothballs sublimate and spread around the place to provide protection.
However, if you or people at your home suffer with asthma, then strictly do not try this step.
Use gloves and a respirator during the process, and once you are done, paint a coat of varnish or penetrating oil over the wood. Nonetheless, if you want to maximize the chances of your protein shaker not smelling the next time you use it, it’s crucial that you at least start the washing process almost immediately after you’re done drinking.
You don’t have to clean it as good, but you still want to give it a bit more than a once over to ensure that old protein smell won’t creep back next time you use it.
The little drops of milk left in the protein shaker will spoil within a day and start to form mold shortly after that.
After you’ve completely disinfected the shaker, you should proceed to wash it by hand, and then put it in a dishwasher if you have one.
You can choose to wash it out altogether, or if you’re feeling particularly lazy, just rinse it out and leave some hot, soapy water in the shaker to soak until you’re ready to wash. Pay special attention to the cover and the little plastic shaker inside, as protein tends to stick to all the little nooks and crannies in these pieces. Do not expect the odor to vanish overnight; it will take time, at least a month or so, depending on the strength of the smell.

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