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Alfalfa.  It feeds the skin and is clinically proven by dermatologists to reverse aging of facial skin. Hi Charolette, could you give some specif tips on what you mean by lifting ribs and setting lats? Lifting ribs is really just good, tall posture, keeping the entire spine as long and straight as possible. I'm a happy wife and mom of 12, Plexus Sapphire Ambassador, T-Tapp Master Trainer, homeschooler for 29 years so far, and baker of a million cookies. Before I had kids myself, I was a personal trainer, and I just told these unsatisfied customers to accept that some new curves would always be a part of the blessing of motherhood.
My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 11 weeks, and I wondered why my abs didn’t go back to flat when I had barely even been showing. Three years after having my daughter, I had my son, and my belly didn’t even attempt get flatter no matter how many crunches and planks and cardio sessions I did. Women all over the world are reading those three pieces of my personal history and nodding their heads, because our physiology is the same and most of us have experienced this… and accepted it?
I went in search of exercises that truly help minimize and treat diastasis recti (Diastasis Recti Abdominus–a split in your abs that’s wider than normal).
In the July, 1988 issue of Physical Therapy, an abstract was published that showed EVERY pregnant woman’s abs splitting into a diastasis in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Has anyone ever explained how the wider your gap is, the more your lower back, digestion, pelvic floor health, and many more problems will increase?
Because that is what is happening with traditional core work: the stress of crunches and planks and situps upon injured abdominals just stresses the connective tissue more! You can start activating your TA three days after vaginal birth and 10 days after surgical birth. Nothing is more effective at working your whole body in a safe, effective, gentle manner than walking. Read this incredible article about how to push a stroller with good posture by Lorraine Scapens of Pregnancy Exercise in New Zealand. If your hurt it, you cannot trade it in for a new one, and replacement parts are very expensive. Fitness should be a fun time of healing and re-energizing your body so that you can be a better mom, partner and volunteer.
I LOVE what Fit2B has on their About Us Page:  “Our goal for members of Fit To Be Us is that you will feel fit to do anything! This just confirm what I myself realized couple months ago, when working out hard and trying to fix my abs, every time i did crunches or sit ups, well I see I got an even worst belly, so I decided to leave it alone and never do crunches again, thank you so much for confirming this, I got an umbilical hernia I plan to get fixed in the future, it won?t even notice unless I gain weight or do crunches, so for now I know is there but you don?t see it.
First of all, you say that my information (which is based on years of research and backed by core rehabilitation experts and physical therapists worldwide) is false, but you didn’t give any research to back yourself up.

But after all the research I’ve done, it boils down to best practice and functionality. Since having my daughter three years ago I have never truly felt that I have gotten my pre-pregnancy figure back. I just happened to be online for a brief bit on this sunny Sunday afternoon where I’m at, and I saw your comment! Ok when i first saw these pics all i could think was "skinny b*tches!" lol :-) u guys look awesome, looks like u ladies r ready for bikinis!!!
This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. We've kept things together (and mostly sane) at home in the meantime, so look around the blog to find practical help for home, family, health and business!
After an incredibly hetic summer with barely a full workout, it’s good to get a remotivating reminder! Weak abs want to let the ribs sink down into hips, causing the belly to relax and pooch out. After I gave birth to her, I wondered why my tummy got flat right after having her, but then pooched out when I started exercising again.
In fact, he was over 2 years old when I realized my stomach was still making an inverted V-shape whenever I sat up.Yet I was doing core work almost every day. Walking naturally stretches and flexes your pelvic floor and activates your whole core without stressing your abdominal connective tissue.
If your ribs are thrust forward, that stretches the diastasis, so pull your ribs down while keeping your spine tall.
I plan to do a before and after photo and touch base with you in a few weeks to see how it’s working. While we’re on the topic of healthy abs and all that, make sure you check out Healing from Autism, Hypoglycemia, Eczema, and More.
She and her husband just moved to a 7-acre farm where she’s learning to milk 1 stubborn goat and get eggs from 10 hens. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. A muscle is a muscle no matter how old, and studies show that they stimulate the same way regardless of age.
Why do an exercise that will pull someone’s ribs down over and over when they’re already sitting slumped? It's been 4 weeks and I'm ready to get rid of my tummy but just happy I can see my feet again. It's my guest room that I had done in pink with black trim and my heels on floating glass shelves.

When you stand up tall and straight, you not only look more confident, younger and slimmer, the muscles on the sides of your back (lats) tighten and are engaged. It was the kind of core work I was doing (crunches, situps, planks) that was making my belly rip more! She runs Fit2B Studio from her laptop between homeschooling, picking berries, wiping noses, hodge-podging meals together, race-walking with two separate teams, and teaching at her local fitness center. I had read about diastasis recti before but your explanation and the questions are very precise. She reported that most of them had small DR separations but major inactivity and malfunction in the core with corresponding lower back pain, incontinence, general weakness, etc. Over 60% of women who have ever had children are dealing with core and pelvic floor trauma that debilitates their TA. Why do an exercise that works so few muscles when you could spend that time doing a multi-joint motion? As I had lost all of the rest of my baby weight I figured it was just something that I would have to put up with. They are simply and lay the foundation for harder workouts later which I progress you towards.
My tummy looks pretty bangin too but I don't wanna make anyone feel bad by posting a pic ;). Her hobbies include fitness {duh!} and crocheting rag rugs out of recycled t-shirts she cuts into yarn.
A knowledgeable instructor can definitely teach them correct activation, and that’s what I do on Fit2B. For someone with a complete core, no scar tissue, no frayed fascia, a few crunches as part of a total body program will likely not do much damage…. I am excited to try the exercises that you have recommended and to see if these will start to finally improve my figure. I’ve been T-Tapping for about three months, and it is exactly what I needed for so many reasons.
I do a lot of walking already, but will start to really concentrate on my posture as you have suggested. I have been doing those exercises for a while as well as other post-natal exercises, but they don’t seem to fix the problem, just help it a little. I’ve had members in their 80s and mothers with multiple cesareans experience improvement and regain function and feeling again.

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