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Dry cough, wet cough, barking cough, or whooping cough, etc., are all quite annoying, and can steal away your peace and good night's sleep.
Herbal remedies for cough are easy to make and effective in fighting against the infection. Before going for any over-the-counter cough medication, it is extremely important to know what type of cough you have. A cough accompanied by green, or yellow phlegm, in the actual, is a sign of lung infection. Itchy, dry throat accompanied with cough can be a symptom of common cold, flu, allergy, respiratory disorders, etc. In ideal conditions, mucus generated by the body is clear and thin and helps in purifying the air inhaled by it. When a person says 'right or left side of chest hurts when I cough', the causes may vary from common cold to severe lung problems such as bronchitis or pneumonia. Home remedies for cough can be very effective in curing as well as preventing the condition. Coughing after a meal can be caused due to several reasons, from common to the most obscure.
Chest pain accompanied by burning and coughing can be caused due to a number of ailments, both, curable and chronic. It is a common fact that honey is an age-old remedy for various health problems, including cough. If a dry cough is accompanied by a sore throat, then it can be a symptom of several conditions, right from bacterial and viral infections of the respiratory tract to acute bronchitis. If you find yourself waking up in the morning with intense bouts of coughing, you should probably visit a doctor and for a careful diagnosis of the condition. Apart from common cold, cough and fever can be symptoms of many other conditions like bronchitis, croup, etc. Cough, accompanied with chest pain, is usually a symptom of a lung or respiratory disorder.
Croup, a respiratory disorder, is a highly contagious infection that lasts for four to seven days and needs to be diagnosed faster to provide proper medical care and attention. A scratchy throat along with a dry cough is a common condition experienced by most of us, which happens due to inflammation or irritation in the throat or lungs, especially during the winters. Apart from taking an over-the-counter medication, following natural remedies can also help minimize the congestion and inconvenience caused by cough, cold and other respiratory problems. Coughing up phlegm may be caused due to infection in the respiratory tract or some other serious lung problems. While mucus is a slimy secretion that is produced by the mucus membranes, the terms 'sputum' or 'phlegm' refer to congealed mucus that may accumulate in the throat or lungs. The effectiveness of mullein herb for combating respiratory ailments is attributed to the presence of mucilage, saponins, and antibiotic agents.
Choosing the right cough suppressant for kids can no doubt be a difficult task, with the array of cough suppressants available. Your quest to find the perfect solution to stop you from coughing constantly is to identify the underlying cause and act on treating it. Herbal tea for cough is an age-old effective remedy to relieve irritation of the throat, caused due to various factors.
Practicing natural remedies for getting rid of phlegm involves the use of herbs for expectoration.
Find here an easy recipe to prepare turmeric milk for cough, along with some other easy homemade remedies that make use of turmeric in treating cough. Easy home remedies for sore throat and cough that you need to try out before consulting a doctor, if sore throat and constant cough is causing a great deal of inconvenience for you.
When you are bothered by a severe cough at night, the only thing you want is instant relief. For sinus cough, home remedies are abundant, provided we are ready to give up on our pill popping activity. It is essential to get a wet cough in children treated as soon as possible to prevent it from getting intense. A dry cough is very frustrating to deal with and at the same time, embarrassing for the sufferer.
Persistent cough is quite a common occurrence in infants, children, adults or elderly and they all suffer a lot because of this problem. Home remedies for chronic cough often turn out to be the most effective and inexpensive way to get rid of cough as compared to general allopathic remedies.
Irritating coughs can be easily curbed by utilizing some natural remedies with ingredients right from the home.
The discussion in the following article, will help you learn the difference between these two types of respiratory reflex actions of the body. Cough and fever in children can be a symptom of simple common cold, or it can be a symptom of a serious condition like pneumonia. Honey and lemon for cough is an age-old remedy that helps one combat the condition and has soothed many scratchy throats.

There are a wide variety of natural ingredients which can be used to make an effective ayurvedic medicine for cough.
An effective cough suppressant for toddlers is prepared with readily available ingredients from the kitchen counter.
There are many natural cough remedies that can help you clear your irritated respiratory passages.
It is quite disturbing for a mother to see her baby coughing as it can disturb his sleep and make him cranky. Though the use of expectorants, suppressants, decongestants, or antihistamines is often recommended for treating cough, one can also follow certain home remedies to cure it naturally. Chronic cough and shortness of breath can be experienced by a person due to a number of reasons.
Commonly referred to as barking cough, croup is a dry, harsh cough that occurs due to the inflammation around the vocal cords, windpipe, and bronchi. Coughing is one of the most common health issues that a person is likely to experience when he quits smoking. Homemade cough suppressants made from easily available day-to-day food items, are really very effective. Chronic cough in adults is a condition that not only takes a physical toll on one's body, but also creates problems in everyday life. Following chronic cough remedies and refraining from triggering causes are effective for reducing cough.
The presence of phlegm along with chronic cough is normally caused due to an infection of the respiratory tract. There are plenty of cough remedies for babies, which are very effective, and more importantly, safe. While selecting a remedy for a cough while you are pregnant, it has to be ensured that it is safe for the unborn baby. Hemoptysis refers to coughing up blood or blood-stained sputum, which can be an indicator of several health conditions.
A cough is an abrupt, often recurring, spasmodic contraction of the thoracic cavity, following in violent release of air from the lungs, and frequently accompanied by a distinguishing sound.
Coughing is an action the body takes to get rid of matter that is irritating the air passages. Coughing during an injection can decrease the pain of the needle stick caused by a sudden, temporary rise in pressure in the chest and spinal canal, inhibiting the pain-conducting structures of the spinal cord. The physiological result of coughing is responsible in part to the vagus nerve, which goes through the lungs to the brain. Beyond the physiological reasons for coughing there are also psychological reasons for coughing otherwise known as psychogenic or habit coughing. Albuterol is one of a group of medicines called Adrenergic Bronchodilators, and is breathed in through the mouth to open up the air passages of the lungs. Proventil HFA is one of a group of medicines called Adrenergic Bronchodilators, and is breathed in through the mouth to open up the air passages of the lungs. Since many of these symptoms may overlap with other nasal and sinus conditions, the timing, specific combination of symptoms, and other tests can often help to find the correct diagnosis for your problem.
If your symptoms do not improve as you reach 10 to 14 days, you may be suffering from acute bacterial sinusitis. The scope used for a nasal endoscopy is a lighted tube that allows the structures in the nose and sinuses to be seen more easily than by simply looking into the front of the nostrils.
X-Rays: X-rays were used in the past to image the sinuses, but plain X-rays are no longer routinely performed to help in diagnosing sinusitis. CT scan: Usually, radiologic studies are not performed for the initial diagnosis or treatment of sinus infections.
Viral Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) or Common Cold: While many of the symptoms of a viral cold are the same as bacterial sinusitis, these conditions are treated differently. Environmental Allergies: The symptoms of environmental allergies and sinusitis overlap to some degree. Acid Reflux: Acid reflux (stomach acid coming up to irritate the esophagus or throat) may contribute to a number of symptoms that are commonly associated with sinusitis. We have discussed the most common symptoms, time course, and diagnostic tests for sinusitis. A cough can be caused by a respiratory illness, allergy, pollutants, influenza, common cold, etc.
Most of the over-the-counter medications and cough suppressants are not quite effective in relieving the symptoms and can cause side effects. The infection may lead to coughing up phlegm every morning, or after eating, which may continue for months. As it is usually not a severe condition, it can be treated with home remedies, in most cases. However, inflammation because of cold or allergies tend to change the color and amount of mucus produced in the body.
The change of mucus' color to green or yellow is the body's reaction to a viral infection or a bacterial attack. But, if a person is experiencing persistent dry cough and finding no relief with common treatments, it is important to get oneself checked. Here is an article to know about the possible causes, symptoms and treatment options to treat wet cough. Read on and understand the many reasons your body may choose to cough each time you decide to eat. This article tells you what may cause the condition, and also lists the treatment options carried out to manage the same.

Sudden episodes of dry hacking cough have been attributed to exposure to allergens such as smoke and dust.
As these symptoms are typically found in children, knowing about the potential causes and remedies will be helpful. But, the good news is with some home remedies you can soothe the throat and get rid of the infection. In this article, we will have a look at various dry cough causes, along with their remedies.
Mild cases of cough with phlegm resolve with effective home remedies and over-the-counter medication. An expectorant aids the individual in loosening up the congestion caused due to excessive mucous accumulation. This article presents a list of common expectorant herbs, which help to induce productive coughing and shorten cough episodes.
This is one of the many symptoms that may be experienced by those who have quit smoking in the recent past.
Home remedies are time-consuming - agreed; however, the long-term relief they are known to provide, is second to none! All you want when you are persistently coughing is a quick fix that will stop it almost immediately. If you are experiencing the same, adopt effectual home remedies for curing a dry cough and minimize the use of medications.
Honey is much better than over-the-counter cough medications for dealing with cough in children. Adopting the tips for curing a persistent cough is a better solution rather than using cough suppressants, decongestants and alike medications. This is because this problem can be caused by various factors, some of which may be severe medical conditions. Only a few medications and certain home remedies can be used to get relief from cough and cold during this phase. Knowing about the different cough remedies will help you take care of your baby and relieve the symptoms. Discussed in this article are various causes of the same, along with some effective measures to ease the problem. This article provides some information about the condition and the causes of the same in adults.
More commonly, certain ailments of the respiratory tract or the lungs can cause this condition. This article provides some information about this condition, its causes, and some remedies for the same. The vagus nerve is triggered when capsaicin is released, which stimulates the sensory nerve endings. Acute complications include cough syncope, fainting spells when coughs are extended and forceful due to lessened blood flow to the brain, secondary to raised intrathoracic pressure due to cough. Dry coughs are treated with cough suppressants (antitussives) that stop the body's urge to cough, while productive coughs (coughs that produce phlegm) are treated with expectorants that breakup the mucus in the respiratory tract.
In longstanding cases of sinusitis, also known as chronic sinusitis, non-infectious conditions are often the cause. This article speaks about the causes of dry cough at night, and lists some measures to manage the condition. Try and understand the cause behind the incessant coughing and how you can get some relief. That is why there is a need to find the most effective solutions and remedies for the same. Coughing can also be initiated by a bolus of food going down the trachea instead of the esophagus, due to a malfunction of the epiglottis, although this may result in choking instead. Centrally acting cough suppressants, such as codeine and dextromethorphan, lessens the urge to cough by hindering the capsaicin-induced sensory nerve by depolarization of the vagus nerve. If one has ever sat near a person who seems to enjoy coughing or sneezing loudly they may have hay-fever, or they might possibly be a steruphiliac. Other acute complications include insomnia, cough induced vomiting, chest pain due to muscular strain of constant coughing, rupture of bulla causing pneumothorax. A recent study shows that, because of the presence of theobromine in chocolate, 50 grams of dark chocolate may be helpful in treatment for a persistent cough.
In critical cases, prolonged coughing can cause fatigue fractures of lower ribs and costochondritis, an swelling of the connective tissue between the breastbone and the ribs. If the patient is a non-smoker and has a normal chest X-ray, then the cause of chronic cough in 93% of all patients is due to asthma, reflux (heartburn) or post-nasal drip. Other causes of chronic cough include chronic bronchitis and medications such as ACE inhibitors.
When cough exists for more than a couple of weeks vaious causes are likely and only when all the causes are treated will the patient be asymptomatic. Finally, if more serious complications of a sinus infection are suspected, such as spread to the orbits (eye sockets) or brain, a CT scan may be obtained for diagnosis.

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