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You get up in the morning every day and look in the mirror hoping to see a blemish-free face staring back at you. Overview Your skin is breaking out, and you want to get rid of your pimples as quickly as possible. Up until now there have been only two solutions for dealing with a pimple: popping it OR drowning it in acne medication in order to dry that mother out. Well, They Hate Pimples is the badass super hero that is about to swoop in and save the day. Whether you call it a pimple, a zit, acne, or a blemish (although I am not sure why youa€™d ever call it a blemish), there is finally a solution: zit camouflage for dudes. Toothpaste: A lot of guys swear by dabbing toothpaste on their pimple at night and then washing it off in the morning. Popping: You should avoid popping pimples unless you are absolutely out of any other options (for example, you already ordered They Hate Pimples, but you have a hot date before it will arrive). If you want to get rid of pimples and acne before they even happen, you need to cut the stress as it can cause hormonal imbalance and result in pimples.
Instead, you may find yourself inspecting each and every blemish as if it's an alien that's landed on your face.

If you don't have to wear it, don't--especially if you've been using heavy liquid foundations. Go from a dude with shame, to a stud with game in two dabs and a rub (very different from the rubbing you normally do in the bathroom). In fact, there are millions of people just like you typing these words onto their computer screens right now.
It turns out that an average person touches their face more than four thousand times a day without really realizing it. Going through your daily routine with pimples on your face can take a toll on your confidence.
For dry skin, cleansers with olive oil or cocoa butter will keep skin hydrated without clogging pores. Gently wash your face using lukewarm water, which opens pores and helps your cleanser get deep. Try to keep hands, phones or other objects from touching your face, to cut down on bacteria and oil exposure. You were mocked by your buddies and ignored by the ladies for the week it took for that pimple to disappear.

If anything, saying you a€?rubbed some skin on your facea€? is a great Thata€™s-What-She-Said joke.
Your final rinse should be with cold water, which closes pores and prevents more bacteria from entering.
Makeup that contains acne-fighting agents such as salicylic acid is less likely to cause pimples. Or, they can eliminate your pimples using a comedone extractor, a tool that shaves off the blemish to avoid pushing bacteria deeper into the skin, as opposed to popping. While we havena€™t tried the lemon skin remedy, we have read many articles that swear by it. Benzoyl peroxide also fights acne; this is a drying agent, though, and could leave your cover-up looking flaky. No literally, that is why you are here on this page right nowa€¦ because you typed those words.

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