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If you suffer from heat rashes in summer (some people even get them in winters), then you must be on the lookout for ways to get rid of heat rash. Ancient Greeks and Romans often used lavender baths to lavish their bodies with its soothing and therapeutic fragrance. Lavender is now being recognized for its anti coagulant, anti convulsive, anti microbial, anti fungal and antispasmodic properties. To get rid of heat rash, you can make a spa-like experience at home using dried lavender sachets or essential oils. Using the following recipe, you can make a large batch of soothing lavender bath salt to use each time for therapeutic benefits. When you are ready to use the lavender bath to get rid of heat rash, simply add 1 or 2 cups of the mix to the bath tub and soak in it for 40 minutes.
Lavender essential oil is one of the safest, provided it has been sourced from a reliable and reputed vendor. Pregnant women must never use lavender internally as this herb is known to stimulate hormones.
All the information I provide here is free and if you want to support my work so I can continue updating this site, please share it. How To Treat Prickly Heat Rash on The BackPrickly heat rash or miliaria causes sweat glands to get blocked leading to itchy rash on the skin.
This is a website where you will find a wide selection of natural home remedies to make your life much healthier.
After doing my scalp massage for a while now, I’ve noticed the difference in my locs. To prevent breakage and to lock in moisture in my dreads, I typically tie my hair at nights before going to bed. When your dreadlocks are short, you may find it hard to style your hair, but as it starts to grow longer, it becomes much easier to do a variety of hairstyles to suit any occasion.
Many people think locs are not suitable to wear in the workplace or to an interview, for example, but that is definitely not so.
As you may already know, over-styling your hair can lead to bald edges or other damage to your locs, so you should choose your hairdos wisely. Keeping your dreads healthy and strong can help to eliminate damage to the delicate strands of locs.
People who are thinking about getting locs most times worry about how they will fit in with their co-workers.
I’ve had my days when my hair was so frizzy and dull, and I just felt like it was never going to look right, but now I love my hair so much. I’ve even noticed that I am getting more compliments on my dreads, even from the those who used to look down on dreadlocks as unkempt or dirty. One of the common  problems that people encounter with their locs as it grows, is that it may tend to get thinner. Keeping it Clean: Washing your dreads regularly is necessary in order for growth and thickness.

Drying Your Dreads Properly: Always make sure that you dry your hair thoroughly before covering it with a head wrap or a scarf. Moisturize Your Scalp: For softer locs, moisturize your scalp with your favorite moisturizer or hair-nourishing oils to grow thicker and stronger dreads. Covering Your Locs at Nights: It is recommended that you sleep with your locs covered to protect them from lint, hair-loss and to retain moisture. There will be times when you feel like giving up and just cutting them off, but don’t give in to that temptation.
DisclaimerThese home remedies are not to be used as a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Naturally, you would not want to resort to hydrocortisone creams, powders and anti-itch sprays each time such a rash develops. In weddings and celebrations, lavender flowers were a must: they were strewn on the floors where they would get crushed to release a beautiful scent. For hundreds of years, lavender essential oils were used for soothing burns, treating lice, relieving muscular aches and dental pains, for calming patients suffering from anxiety and neurosis, and even for treating skin conditions like scabies, eczema, heat rashes etc. It is not just alternative medicine practitioners but conventional medicine experts as well who are using lavender in their clinical settings.
Lavender’s anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties will help your skin regenerate itself to boost immunity and clear rashes and scars.
In addition to the oils that I choose, I like to also drop a few drops of peppermint oil in it to eliminate odor from my hair. They seem to be more thicker, longer, and richer looking, compared to when I wasn’t doing it on a regular basis.
This is also great for preventing pieces of lint or other debris from getting trapped in your locs.
Natural hair needs as much care as other types of chemical enhanced hair, otherwise you may find that your locs will start to get thinner as time goes by. I will tell you that at first when you have starter locs, depending on your hair type, it may be more difficult to keep your hair looking neat and professional, but as your locs starts to mature, it becomes less frizzy and more easy to do a variety of hairdos. And the great thing about it is that I feel really proud to say that my hair is all natural, and still looks beautiful. Looking back on my journey growing my dreadlocks, it’s a bittersweet moment, as I remember the different stages I have been through. When you’re moisturizing your scalp, take the time to massage the oils into the scalp. In the end when they see your long beautiful locs, they may come to you for ideas on how to grow  or care for their hair.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Some of these products actually end up clogging the sweat pores further, worsening the situation. In hospitals too, lavender flowers were placed near the sickbeds or few drops of the oil were placed upon patients’ pillows to enhance the atmosphere and relax and rejuvenate the sick or wounded.

A lavender bath is prescribed to help get rid of heat rash, abscesses, arthritis, flu, gallstones, halitosis, headaches and many other health ailments. Also, people who are about to undergo any surgical procedures must stop using lavender at least 2 weeks prior to it.
Spraying it at night a few minutes before tying it with a scarf, helps to keep my hairstyle in place and looking great the next morning. I use my favorite oil—which a lot of you who already read my previous blog posts may already know—to massage my scalp.
I was recently looking at some photos starting from my baby locs stage to now, 2016, and I can see a  huge difference in the length and thickness. Taking care of your hair and using the right hair products, can help your locs grow thicker and stronger.
Your hair will pass through the baby locs stage, the budding stage, the frizzy stage, then transform into smooth long beautiful flowing dreadlocks. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Herbalists in the early 20th century started prescribing lavender baths for colic, coughs, sore joints and skin ailments. Do not take a lavender bath to get rid of heat rash if you have pus filled sores, blisters or open wounds. Well, except for those days when I just feel like going for the messy look, which is not always a bad thing.
As you may already know, oil and water won’t stay mixed unless you shake the bottle as you are about to spray it in your hair.
Also, make sure that you wash your locs thoroughly with a shampoo such as the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo and rinse well. If you have long dreads, try wearing spandex dreadlock skull cap at nights before sleeping. Primary among such natural remedies is a lavender bath, which is considered highly effective in soothing pain, itchiness and inflammation associated with a heat rash.
This herb also found extensive use on the battlefields in the 1st and 2nd World Wars where soldiers carried a bottle of the oil to alleviate fears and treat their war wounds.
Using it in its essential oil form, you can make your own lavender soap or shampoo at home.
Some oils are thick and sticky, so you may want to mix them together to give them a smoother texture. If you like showering instead of taking a tub bath, the lavender soap and body gel can be used for getting rid of skin ailments including heat rash. In fact: lavender essential oils are even being recommended by mainstream health care providers to their patients.

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