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Acne is embarrassing enough on its own, without the additional insult of the bright red skin that accompanies it.
Douse a cotton swab in an eye drop that lists tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride as an ingredient, suggests the Acne Crusher website. Cancel out the redness of the pimple by applying a green concealer to the affected area, says Styles 101, a makeup and hair website. Apply an all-over foundation to mask the green color and even out the rest of your skin tone.
Finish your look with a translucent pressed powder over the entire face, concentrating on the area of the pimple.
You wake up on the morning of the Big Event - maybe it's an important meeting, a hot first date or even your wedding day. Unfortunately, the popping problem isn't restricted to teenagers -- adults get acne, too, and are just as tempted to pick and pop. Factors like hormones, humidity and cosmetics can aggravate your skin and encourage a break out.

Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride is an active ingredient that reduces redness in the eye, and it has long been the beauty secret of celebrity makeup artists like Dana Chasen.
This will set your green concealer so that it continues to get rid of the pimple redness all day long. You look in the mirror and gasp: A zit the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza has sprouted right in the middle of your forehead. Basically, you get acne when your oil glands make a lot of sebum, which combines with your dead skin cells to gunk up your pores.
So can stress, which explains the unerring appearance of that pimple when you need it the least. To camouflage your acne, learn the right way to get rid of pimple redness so that your pimples seem smaller and less noticeable.
For men, a small amount of green makeup set with powder is the best bet, but women may want more complete coverage.
Now you're faced with the question that has plagued humankind for centuries -- to pop or not to pop?

With an arsenal of materials you likely already have in your medicine cabinet, you can fight redness and mimic the look of flawless, smooth skin so that you are the only one who knows you have a pimple problem. Alternate between putting the ice cube on the pimple and taking it off for the entire three minutes. Stipple the area around the pimple to mimic the skin's natural texture and break up any cake-like coverage.
Sometimes you're so desperate, you don't care what the doctors say -- you're going to pop that pimple before it grows to Mount Everest proportions. This action will reduce the swelling that is likely causing the redness and irritation on your face.

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