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Sore throat is discomfort and pain in the throat that occurs due to the inflammation in the pharynx.
The problem of sore throat is more common in winter season and this problem can spread to other members of the family. The problem of sore throat is very bad. There are different types of medicines that are organic and inorganic in nature available for the treatment of sore throats in the form of throat spray, lozenges, teas and tablets.
This herb contains mucilage which converts itself into a gel with the addition of water into it. Sage leaves add flavor to many dishes and this will help you to get flavor from the food as you will get rid of the problem of swallowing the food. The herb Echinacea is also known as andrographis.This herb is available all over India and in Asian countries. Allow it cool and then gargle with this water to get an immediate relief from sore throat and pain.
This herb was first time used by the Russian’s. This herb is available in the form of dried root powder and capsules. You can take this herb by mixing one tablespoon of horseradish powder, one tablespoon of honey and half spoon of cloves into a warm glass of water.

Cayenne Pepper acts as a circulatory stimulant and it is one of the ancient herbs for cold, pain in the throat and tonsils.
The herb mullein is a very effective when you are facing chest congestion with sore throat. The herb myrrh has an antiseptic property which is used to reduce the inflammation of the pharynx. This herb is analgesic in nature which helps to get rid of the pain that occurs in sore throats. The bacteria that are responsible for the viral infection are Group A streptococcus, corynebacterium, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. The limitation with this herb is that it coats the digestive tract also which decreases the absorption rate of other medications. If you are taking it in the form of oil then more than twelve drops of the sage oil should not be taken.Gargles can be done with sage water by adding cider vinegar and honey into it. This herb is used in many medicines for the treatment of bronchitis’s, dry cough and sore throats. When the air passage is clear then chest will be clear and problem of sore throat will decrease.

The myrrh can be used for gargles and this herb in available in the form of capsule and powder. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
The hypertension patients are advised not to take this herb as it increases the blood pressure.
Boil one cup of water and add some dried leaves of raspberry into it and strain the water after ten minutes.
This herb does not belong to the pepper family but named as pepper because of its strong aroma.

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