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People with red cheeks should avoid wearing blush, which just makes the face appear more flushed. Some people turn red in social situations, but that blushing may go away when they start to feel more comfortable. The method of getting rid of red cheeks depends primarily of the cause of the discoloration. Whenever individuals experience a significant increase in blood flow, certain patches of skin tend to redden as a result of larger amounts of blood in the area. Getting rid of red cheeks is a matter of normalizing the conditions that led to the increased blood flow.
If cheek redness is caused by acne, the most effective treatment is a combination of cleansing medications and skin care regimens.
Red cheeks caused by rosacea, a chronic illness that usually manifests as blotchy red patches of skin, are most commonly dealt with by using antibiotic medications such as metronidazole.
The most common cause of bright red cheeks is increased blood circulation — strenuous exercise, for example, can cause flushed cheeks.

Individuals with flushed cheeks after exercise will find the coloration fading after a period of rest. The characteristic "slapped cheek syndrome" the condition is identified by is most prevalent in children, as roughly 50 percent of individuals will have developed an immunity to the virus by adulthood.
The coloration eventually leaves in time, as circulation normalizes, so you don't have to actually do anything to get rid of it.
Several factors can lead to increased blood circulation, including physical exertion, large shifts in temperature, and even alcohol consumption. In the same manner, regulating temperatures will allow blood flow to return to its usual capacity. Regular cleansing and exfoliation can help clear the skin of dirt and re-open pores and follicles, effectively removing the root cause of acne. In addition to these methods, patients with rosacea are advised to avoid certain triggers that result in red cheeks, such as sun exposure and stress. Treatment for cheek redness in fifth disease is generally not addressed; the disease is mild and tends to fade after a few days.

Other causes of red cheeks, such as acne and rosacea, can be treated with topical or oral medications.
Avoiding substances that increase blood circulation, such as alcohol and vasodilators, will also return red cheeks to their normal tones. If the cause of redness is fifth disease, no treatment is required, as the symptoms generally fade with time.
In some cases, individuals experiencing severe social anxiety might blush in social situations. Individuals who turn red in social situations will eventually stop blushing as they feel more comfortable around people.

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