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Step 4Consume spicy food before bed in order to get your stuffy nose to run, clearing it out. Step 5Use a mixture of basil leaves, honey, lemon juice and little ginger before bed to get rid of stuffy nose. A humidifier can be used for converting water into moisture and thus increasing the humidity of a room considerably. Irrigating the nose using saline nasal sprays is a good way to unstuff your nose too as it removes the bacteria and virus particles from the nose and at the same time breaks up the nasal congestion. Swelling and pain caused by irritated and inflamed nasal passages can be reduced by using a decongestant medication.
Rolling a piece of tissue paper and placing it inside the affected nostril after dampening it with water or salty water is also a helpful solution for a stuffy nose. If you stuffy nose does not improve even after a week then it is advisable that you consult a doctor as you might have an infection in your nose.
Lots of people suffer from this problem due to exposure with cold winds, air pollutants, allergic reactions and sinus infections. Spicy foods like curries can be taken for alleviating symptoms of stuffy nose and result in thinner mucus.
Eucalyptus oil is also a good remedy used for cold and stuffy nose conditions and known to provide good relief to patients. Humidifiers not only moisten the air in order to prevent congestion due to dry air, but also help with coughing that is often associated with a stuffy nose.
This is a nonsurgical procedure that creates a lesion that is absorbed into the back of the throat.
The steam of the shower does a similar job as the humidifier and thins the mucus present in the sinuses and the nose while also reducing inflammation too. You will get instant relief by only dabbing a small amount of mentholated salve under your nose. Hot tea can help in soothing the throat and keeping you hydrated if you are suffering from sore throat accompanying a stuffy nose. A number of OTC decongestants are available in the form of pills (Sudogest, Sudafed) and nasal sprays (Sinex, Afrin) in the market nowadays which you can use safely for 3 days without doctor’s supervision. Sore throats can be a serious annoyance and the dry itching feelings they bring on can put a serious damper on the way we feel. A stuffy nose over a period of time can give rise to additional problems, including hay fever, headaches and a sore throat.
Blowing your nose rather than sniffling the mucus back is the right way to deal with the nasal congestion during a cold. Humidifiers also help you in breathing normally by thinning the mucus in your sinuses, emptying the fluids easily.

Add 1 tsp of this mixture into 8 ounces of water and gently squirt it into your nose using a bulb-syringe.
Place both the index fingers on either side of the eye cavity and right below your eyes and gently massage the sinuses around the nose for 30 seconds in small outward circles.
You can make a great nose relieving hot tea by adding fresh lemon juice and 2 tbsp of honey in hot water. Getting rid of a sore throat is vital if we wish to go on about our lives normally even when we’re hit with the uncomfortable feelings they bring.
Additionally, stuffy noses can lead to breathing problems and inability to sleep properly during the night due to a feeling of heaviness in head. The production of too much mucus is among the contributing factors of a stuffy nose which makes it impossible for you to breathe easily. However, it is important to blow the nose in the right manner because if you blow hard, the germ-carrying phlegm will be carried into the ear passages with the pressure, causing earache. Drinking fruit juices that contain vitamin C can also help in getting rid of a stuffy nose. It can help in reducing inflammation and swelling of your nasal passages and also unclog your nose too. Remember that while sore throats are extremely annoying, they are generally very common and not too hard to get rid of when you know the best ways to do so.
The proper of blowing a nose is to gently blow one nostril while pressing a finger on the other one. The following remedies will help soothe your sore throat in no time.10 Best Ways to Get Rid of a Sore Throat1.
Flush Yourself with FluidsThe best way to get rid of that annoying scratching feeling from within is to flush your body with fluids. If the congestion is caused by bacterial and viral infections, it can be cleared through drug therapy.
Drinking plenty of fluids will help continuously keep liquid passing through your throat and soothe the irritation in the affected area. However, there are also some tried-and-tested remedies you can try to get rid of a stuffed nose easily at home. Making sure to drink drink at least 8-10 cups of water a day will help ease symptoms of a sore throat, especially the dry, scratchy irritation that is all well to known by us all.
Water will also flush any toxins out of your body that have caused any illness that may be related to your current condition.Water isn’t the only fluid that is greatly beneficial in getting rid of a sore throat.
The vitamin C in the lemon is also excellent in aiding the immune system and will help to shrink swollen tissue.
Adding a bit of cayenne to this will only further benefit sore throat pain as it contains capsaicin, a natural substance found in peppers that helps fight pain.

People have been using this flower as a natural remedy for years to help with colds and sore throat.
Its no wonder as studies on chamomile have proven the fragrant flower to contain properties that actually fight infection and relax sore muscles. Opting for an organic blend of pure chamomile flowers is advised for optimal results.Garlic broth is another excellent fluid to flush infection from the throat. Garlic is known as another of nature’s powerful healers because of its high antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
Not only does garlic help take away infection, but acts as a powerful agent to help strengthen the immune system. To make a garlic broth, simply crush two garlic cloves and pour a cup of boiling water over them.
Gargle with Warm Salt WaterAs one of the oldest methods for relieving sore throat pain, gargling with a warm salt water solution works wonders. The reason your throat gets dry and scratchy is because the mucus membranes in this area become swollen and irritated.
This inflammation is painful and its necessary to draw water out of the mucus membranes to ease this irritation.
Salt water greatly helps to remove the water from the irritated mucus membranes helping to decrease swelling and make the throat feel much better.Rinsing with warm salt water is easy and only takes a cup of warm water and about a half-teaspoon of salt. You will need to gargle this mixture for about 30 seconds to make sure it reaches all the irritated areas in the throat. The back of your throat is usually what’s the most inflamed, so be sure to tilt your head back in order to reach this sensitive area. Be sure to only do this up to three times a day as doing more increases the chance of drying the throat out and causing further irritation.3. Make a Mustard PasteMustard seed powder is one of nature’s finest remedies and is an old cure for a variety of conditions. Are you experiencing a sore throat accompanied by a deep cough that brings soreness into your chest? A mustard seed paste can help to greatly reduce these symptoms and leave you feeling better without the need of any over-the-counter medications. Ground mustard has long been known to bring circulation and warmth to the chest and throat areas.

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