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Actinic keratosisLooks like: Small crusty or scaly bumps or patches that can be tan, pink, red, or flesh-colored. The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments.
See the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) for more information. The color, texture and moisture of your tongue can be key in determining the overall state of your health. The tongue consists of a group of muscles that allow us to taste food, to swallow, and to talk. A single glance at your tongue can provide tell tale signs of what is going on within your body. Sometimes a change in its’ appearance can be an indication of a simple vitamin deficiency or merely a sign you need to pay a little more attention to dental hygiene. Like many other health indicators, take a close look at your tongue in the mirror, then compare what you find with these tongue health warnings and know what is normal for you and your mouth. Oral thrush – a yeast infection, or candida, can result in white sores appearing both on your tongue and mucus membrane lining of the mouth.
Leukoplakia — Leukoplakia is a condition where there is an excessive growth of cells resulting in white patches inside the mouth as well as on the tongue. If your tongue is a bright shade of red and you have a fever seek medical attention immediately. Kawasaki disease – Kawasaki disease(KD) is more common in children less than 5 years old, although it can also affect some older children or teenagers. A spot on the tongue that has turned brown or darkly discolored could possibly be a form of skin cancer called melanoma. Oral cancer is more common amongst smokers and drinkers, consult a physician if a lump or sore spot lasts longer than 2 weeks. Cracks or small cuts on the surface of the tongue can indicate a fungal infection such as oral thrush and can also mean increased sweating, irritability and trouble sleeping. The absence of feeling or sensations on your tongue most commonly occurs following damage to your nervous system.
Stroke sufferers can also have damaged nerves leading to the tongue which results in numbness or tingling feelings.
Any time that you notice pain, burning, swelling, changes in your ability to taste, abnormal movements, or difficulty moving the tongue, do not hesitate to see a doctor.
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5- ???? ????????? ???????? ?????? ??????: ??? ????? ????? ?? ????????? ???????? ?? ???? ?????? ????? ??? ????? ?? ????? (?? ??????) ????? ??? ???????? ??????? ?????. 6- ???? ??????? (?????) ?????: ??? ????? ??????? ?? ??????? ????? ?? ???? ???????? ?????? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ??????? ????????? ??????? ????. If you want to know how to see bed bugs, or if you even can for that matter, the answer is both yes and no.
Even though the mere thought of this grosses most of us out, how to sleep with bed bugs is a super important area to focus on. Before you can get rid of them, the first thing you need to know is how to check and search for bed bugs.
If you find that you have a major infestation already in the works, the first recommended step is always to call a professional immediately. Now if you have confirmed bed bugs, even if it’s just a handful, you need to treat your entire house. There are certain chemicals that kill them on contact, yet are still safe for humans to breathe in. Spray every inch of the closets and areas that these towels and clothes will be going back to.
Step 4 is critical and it takes 3-5 weeks because you need to kill off every cycle of bed bug that exists in your home, including the un-hatched eggs.
Naturopath Laurence Kirk of The British College of Naturopath and Osteopathy says “Your tongue is richly supplied with blood vessels, and thanks to a constant flow of saliva, it is constantly being cleaned which discourages harmful bacteria forming in the mouth area.
When your tongue becomes discolored, swollen, stiff, sore or displays unusual features, take notice – your tongue is trying to tell you something.
But in some instances it can be a sign of something more serious that needs medical attention.
A healthy normal tongue should be pink in color with no imbalances or patches of differing texture or color.
The color can also be attributed to the papillae becoming stained by some foods and tobaccos. The papillae can become inflamed through being dehydrated, breathing through the mouth instead of nose, suffering from a fever or heavy smoking.
People suffering from immune disorders and denture wearers are more at risk as are young infants and elderly people.

This most commonly occurs following any tongue irritation and is more common amongst smokers. Increase your levels of folic acid and vitamin B-12, by diet or supplement, as being deficient in these can cause your tongue to take on a reddish appearance.
This could be following dental procedures including wisdom tooth extraction, root canal work or dental implants. The truth about bed bugs is they’ve been around and all over the world for quite some time. And I suppose anything is possible, but because of the above explanation schools are a very improbable place to find them. Not when they’re taking place because we can’t even feel it happening while we’re sleeping.
However it’s usually only noticeable once their numbers have grown and you have quite a problem on your hands.
First you’re going to take the sheets off and just look at the mattress for little red streaks and dots. They would not build a nest 10 feet away from their food if there is still tons of real estate available within a foot or two of their food.
There are a number of new effective ways that have been discovered only in recent years, but many of them are very expensive and only available through professionals, like extreme heat treatment. The spray is great for quick and effective use, but it dries up so bugs can crawl back to those areas once the poison has disappeared.
Get steps 1-3 completed as quickly as possible as this will eliminate the majority of your problem, and you can quickly begin to relax in your home again. Talk to your doctor if any change shape, color, or elevation, or bleed, itch, or crust?possible signs of skin cancer.
As with black tongue ensuring meticulous oral hygiene should clear the problem, quickly returning the tongue to a healthy pink. It is usually harmless but can be a precursor to oral cancer – note changes and seek medical advice.
This can manifest itself as strawberry tongue alongside a high fever – seek medical advice.
And now, all of a sudden, not only do you find out that they’re real…but they’re in YOUR bed!
In order for bed bugs to infest your home, you actually have to bring them in (unless you live in an apartment or condo development with adjoining units they can travel between, at which point a neighbors infestation may make it’s way over to your home as well.) This means they have to get in your clothes or luggage typically to make the move to their new home.
So you can at least relax assured that the chances of you getting bed bugs in your home simply because your child may go to school with another child that has bed bugs in his or her home are virtually non-existent. The only ones you can’t see are the brand new babies that are too small to be visible to the naked eye. As far as when you wake up with them, their could be minor irritation as with any bug bites, but most people don’t feel anything afterwards either. So while bed bug smell is definitely another warning flag you should follow up on, it’s not usually an indicator you can rely on to catch a problem in it’s early stages where it would be much easier to get under control. But the good news is there are very common areas that will usually be heavily infested prior to them spreading to these tiny little hiding spots that may be more difficult to uncover. These are your dried blood that the bed bugs have pooped out on their way back from feeding on you. Bed bugs are a bit like roaches and can withstand a lot, including no food for up to 18 months. What you do is wash them (this will drown some of them because they can’t swim or hold their breathe very long) and then IMMEDIATELY dry them on the longest, highest heat setting you have. So what we do now is lay down the bed bug powder in very light coats because it’s safe to humans and animals, but deadly to bed bugs. These babies are only found where the adults that produced them are, which are very visible. Not only are these great hiding spots for them, but they also make travel from adjoining apartments & condo units virtually undetectable, as well as unstoppable, unless specific bed bug prevention methods are already being implemented before the bugs attempt to spread. So if you start with these areas and find the problem has just begun and the infestation has not become severe yet, it is possible to get rid of the problem on your own without the need for expensive professional help. Also, spray the crap out of whole areas you know they’ve made a home out of, like your mattresses and anywhere else they may have been hiding.
To get every last one you have to lure them out of hiding and over to the one thing that matters most to them…food…where imminent death awaits.
All that’s left are the eggs that were laid before you spotted the problem, and the eggs that were laid in the first week while you were killing off the remaining adults. Use a tongue scraper or soft toothbrush to clean the tongue regularly and be sure to brush and floss your teeth properly. Unfortunately this was not a global eradication and they have continued to thrive right along in other areas of the civilized world ever since. Bed bugs set up shop where they have easy access to human hosts they can feed on in the middle of the night, most commonly between 3-5am. And for those that do, small bed bug bites on your hands are where you usually find them first. And our homes have thousands of these little hiding spots making total eradication a very difficult process. It is still a LOT of work, but many people in recent years have been able to completely rid their homes of bed bugs all by themselves.

And when the problem is a large one, extreme heat can kill massive amounts of them over a large area in a short time. Because there are probably many babies you can’t see, as well as eggs and eggs of new generations waiting to hatch and start the whole cycle over in a few weeks. One application is good until you’ve disturbed it with normal household cleaning, at which point you’ll just lay more down.
Over the next 3-5 weeks every last baby bed bug will trek through your bedroom trap looking for their first meal…and last…meal.
You may still live in a bed bug free zone, or you may be in the heart of a local epidemic you never even realized existed. Babies are a fraction of that size, and also transparent until they eat their first blood meal and can usually only be viewed under a microscope or at least a magnifying glass.
They resemble the aftermath of mosquito bites…usually little pink bumps all over your hands and wrists. And part of that means continuing to sleep right where the problem started until it‘s gone. But for the adventurous type that wants to try this on their own, you’re going to need a strategy. Once dried, put the clean clothes right into garbage bags and tie them shut so no bugs can crawl into them. But other areas like local furniture, closets and cracks in the walls & floors are also popular bed bug hideouts. But if you have a bed bug problem on the rise, you will certainly find adults that you will have no problem spotting.
DO NOT temporarily sleep in another part of the house, because if you think they won’t know where you’ve gone you’re wrong. Lift up and inspect every inch of fold, from the part of the mattress behind your head, all the way around the bed and back. With international travel at an all time high, it was only a matter of time before the bed bugs hitched a ride back over in someone’s suitcase.
There are plenty of free bed bugs maps and reports online that can quickly show you how your local area is standing up against the spreading bed bug epidemic.
This is especially true because not only do they hide VERY well during the day, but most people sleep right through the feeding and subsequent rapid colony development that takes place at night and never even realize they’ve been invaded until there are hundreds, sometimes even thousands of adults living in their bed and around their room. And as soon as the lights are out, the ones that are hungry that night are going to follow you, feed on you, and immediately set up new shop and make little babies in the brand new area of the house they think you’ve moved to. This will kill off almost every bed bug that’s left as they unknowingly trek through it to climb up the bed for dinner time. This is actually exactly how they returned, and with no known legal repellent upon their latest arrival, it has been very easy for them to spread at record speeds back across the United States again.
The vast majority of us sleep with our hands under our pillows, making them the absolute closest body part to the nest for them to feed on. Treatment is much, much more effective when they’re contained to specific areas so do not encourage them to spread any further than necessary.
This will ensure that any bed bugs that come into contact with your bed again are dead within the hour, and no more eggs and babies can be made either. There will however be the occasional “smart” bed bug that identifies this trap and climbs the wall instead to drop down on you from the ceiling above. Bed bugs only come out in the darkest of night to feed, unless they haven’t eaten in a long time and are very hungry. For this reason, the head, face and neck are also common spots for the bites to start showing first. Also, lay a fine coat on hard floors where anything meets the floor (like the walls, bed legs, furniture, etc…), and dust it into carpets.
Under these circumstances they have been known to brave the daylight and risk being caught to get themselves a quick meal.
There are TONS of grooves for them to hide in inside there, but you won’t usually have to check them too thoroughly, as the whole box spring is already dark so they’ll usually be out in the open and you’ll see them right away if there are any hanging out in it. They can only crawl, so to get where they want to go they have to crawl through the powder, and as soon as they come into contact with it, again…dead in an hour. If people regularly sleep in the home or area of the bed bug infestation, your chances of moving them from one place to another are very low.
After eating they will usually crawl under the sheets to the mattress to make a new closer home, only to commit powder suicide. With all this being said, the probable means by which they entered your home could have been from someone with their own bed bug problem spending the night at your place, or from a recent time you slept somewhere else. And if by chance they actually try to drop off the bed back to the floor, there is a powder moat awaiting. It‘s not uncommon anymore to pick up bed bugs in a hotel while taking a trip if you don‘t know how to examine a room before settling in.
Hotel bed bugs are a fast growing problem once again because this is usually touch down spot number one for their international relocations. Hotels are also the most common place people stay when they’re not staying in their own homes…bed bug infestation or not.

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