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So the dark spots you see on your hands and face are probably from sun damage—over exposure to the sun where your melanin has rushed in to try and protect the skin.
The whiter your skin, the more likely you are to produce freckles, dark spots and sun damage. Book an appointment today for a free consultation by calling 801-808-6708 or schedule online. SkinTherapy Skin Care & Acne Clinic provides professional acne skin care and anti-aging skin care treatments, consultations and products for acne, aging, wrinkles, sun damaged skin, and skin care maintenance.

Some of the most frequently asked questions I get are related to the dark spots people find on their face and hands.
Sun damage can lead to dark spots, freckles, pigment which in turn can lead to skin cancer. All these situations can tell the skin to make more pigment, which in combination with light can produce too much pigment. Often brown, blotchy patches with a mask-like appearance can be found on the cheeks, forehead, and chin.So Can I Get Rid of Dark Spots?

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