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I have noticed that there are many people struggling with acne marks and scars and so I thought I’d share a solution for getting rid of acne and acne scars that I kind of put together for myself.
I have included a couple of snaps here to show you what I looked like before and after starting my remedy.
This snap was taken when I was going through my second bout of acne or my adult acne at the beginning of this year.
For internal skin repair (dark spots, uneven skin tone) I started taking 2 capsules of Seven Seas cod liver oil and 1 capsule of Evion Vit E (400mg) daily.
The salicylic acid in the face wash is a kind of non-abrasive exfolliant which cleans out the pores.
Moisturiser is necessary for your skin even if it is oily or acne-prone because those pimples are not formed ONLY from the excess sebum. Sunscreen made its way into my skincare routine at the same time that I started the solution described above. I’m sure you all know this tip but I’ll repeat it anyway because it is so vital: don’t pick at pimples or at the scabs left after the pimple has burst. If scars were not bad enough, there are acne pits, or dents in the skin that are left behind. There are therapies such as dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, laser treatment and using chemical peels.
While eliminating acne scars and pits completely is quite a challenge, there is much that you can do to get rid of the scars, reduce the more shallow pits, and to make the bigger acne pits less noticeable. These are excellent skin healing snacks and boost your body’s ability to heal itself from within. While makeup can camouflage flaws on your skin, it can also cause your skin to age ahead of time. If you absolutely need to use makeup, limit it to a mild, medicated moisturizer, and light eye and lip makeup. I’ve circled the marks in the second snap since this is not a good quality snap and you may not be able to distinguish the marks easily.
It removes the dead skin and sebum (oil secreted by the skin) which cause whiteheads and pimples. This is especially the case if you’re already using a drying facewash like a scrub or one with salicylic acid (which is an exfolliant).
However, I do recommend going at least twice a month initially until all your whiteheads and blackheads have reduced significantly. This is because I realised that I was not really giving my skin a chance to recover if I kept exposing it to harsh sunlight that would damage it further every time I went out. Find one that has a high SPF and that is oil-free or at least light in texture.
And lastly, lots of water, a good amount of sleep, limited intake (not absence) of oily food are all obvious parts of any acne-fighting routine. Apart from disfiguring one’s face while those disgusting pustules and inflamed skin persists, they quite often tend to leave behind scars that are very hard to get rid of. However, these can be quite expensive and there are cases in which there are negative side effects, wherein the end result makes your skin worse than it was before going in for treatment.
Acne scars tend to reduce in intensity and depth with regular exfoliation, ideally done twice a week. Your skin is the biggest organ of your body, and much of the repair that happens to it, occurs while you sleep.
There are a number of creams and lotions in the market that claim to aid in getting rid of acne scars and pits.

Apart from that, makeup can get into open pores and pitted skin, and can even cause more outbreaks of acne. Therefore, avoid the temptation to slather on layers of makeup, if you want to enjoy clear and smooth skin. While there are a number of products in the market that claim to be “natural”, there is no way in which you can really be sure that they are natural. In case you are following the appropriate method, you will be able to get rid of acne quickly.
Then at the age of 30, I suffered from another bout of acne leaving me with a few more scars. As you can imagine, I did not appreciate having a face that looked like the surface of the moon – pits, dark spots and all. I also have Clean & Clear Morning Burst which is another face wash suitable for oily skin that contains salicylic acid.
More dry skin means more dead skin getting into your pores and mixing with the sebum to create whiteheads and pimples. The cleansers that help acne tend to be drying so you need to replenish the moisture (NOT the oil) lost during cleansing. Embarrassment, low self esteem and social withdrawal are just some side effects of acne and acne pits. When you exfoliate your skin, you remove the dead skin and help reveal the fresh new skin beneath it. Exfoliation also tends to reduce the extent of open pores and improves the clarity of your skin. While these might work, the damage that is on the inside is not targeted by topical solutions.
The chemicals present in makeup – even the ones that claim to be completely natural or herbal – can do you more harm than good.
It is also a good bleaching agent when used in conjunction with honey, and can be very effective on dark scars left over by acne. Mixing a paste of baking soda and water and applying it on your skin thrice a week for just ten minutes, will give you amazing results. Used over time, baking soda can get rid of acne pits to a great extent, with the exception of those that have cut through many layers of skin. Just take a few minutes to rub a slice of tomato directly on your skin and wash it off after 15 minutes. Below we will discuss the natural methods of dealing with acne which are inexpensive as well as effectual.You may be contemplating how to get rid of acne fast without medicines and over-the-counter ointments. I set about doing some research on the Internet about how to get rid of these vestiges of my teen and adult acne. And now, in the 3rd month since I started this routine, even the stubborn ones are fading away.
However, those with acne-prone skin have sebum glands that work overtime and so these people need a little outside help. While there are a number of remedies for acne, dealing with acne pits is much more complex. Getting sufficient sleep will keep your skin glowing, your metabolism working perfectly, and your body’s ability to heal itself is enhanced. Apart from this, snack on almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts and other seeds and nuts that are rich in vitamin E.

However, the truth is the natural treatment can help us to treat our acne with no unwanted side effects. The solution I came up with did not remove the pitting to any great extent, but it certainly stopped the pimples, almost completely cleared the dark spots and improved the overall texture of my facial skin.
However, I would like to point out that the poor quality of the first snap should have blurred my scars and made me look better :-), whereas the high definition of the second snap should have made all my spots painfully obvious. If you don’t follow this step, all the other steps in this skincare routine are rendered useless.
In spite of this, you will see that my face in the second snap looks considerably better than that in the first snap. Basically, these 2 vitamins reduce the scars and improve the texture and appearance of your skin. If you have issues with consuming cod liver oil capsules, the above-mentioned website suggests intake of certain quantities of butter or palm oil. Good hygiene practices: If you want to know how to get rid of acne fast, you will have to stop acne from the source. More often than not over-the-counter items just take care of the symptoms and skip the reason behind the problem. This is why we are able to apply the cream we wish on our acne, but before the acne is able to heal completely, the following pimple will begin to pop out. Give up touching your face with your hands repeatedly or else you will be scattering the bacteria from your hand to your face that will intensify your acne problem.
Many people seldom change their unclean bed sheets and pillow covers and sleeping on it each night can simply cause acne to take place. 2. Daily skincare routine: Make use of oil free as well as non-comedogenic facial cleansing or make-up items.
Products that have the non-comedogenic labeling imply that they do not include components that block pores which assist to stop acne from happening. Cleaning your face aids in keeping it acne free since you are getting rid of extra oil and dust which can clog up the skin pores.3.
These days, people are suffering from more prolonged diseases and illnesses simply because they are consuming much more fast food than before. Foodstuff rich in sugar content for example chocolates or carbohydrate food like noodles and white bread constitute a major portion of our eating habits and sad to say these are the principal offenders for causing acne. If you wish to eliminate acne rapidly, make certain adjustments to your daily diet and substitute all those unhealthy foods with natural food for instance fruits, veggies, whole meal food and nuts. As opposed to junk foods, these are organic foods that help to purify our body.The human body possesses a self-recovery method and that is the reason why it can recover on its own when we suffer bruises and wounds. To remove acne fast, we must permit our body to perform the job and enable it to heal from the inside. It should be noted that we face a lot of opportunities, situations and choices that overall affect our journey towards achieving the best health possible. We are ready to get in touch with you and share experiences about our site and also get to know the hot topics that you would like them get included on our site.

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