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Over the years there have been many different natural cures that have been suggested for the relief of athlete’s foot. If none of these natural ways defeats your athlete's foot you can always turn to the foot care section of your supermarket.
When in the gym or in a shared bathroom, such as in a dorm, invest in a cheap pair of sandals to put a barrier between your feet and the shower room floor.
Moccasin foot disease, or moccasin-type athlete's foot is not a disease, but a fungal infection. Most cases of athlete’s foot can be cured by over-the-counter medicines, but there are some effective home remedies that can help you get rid of the infection naturally.
Benzalkonium Chloride has been proven to kill the tinea fungus associated with Athlete’s foot. Apart from medicines and commercially available creams, there are certain alternative cures which are considered to be very good in dealing with itchy skin and athlete’s foot. You should apply tea-tree-oil on infected area of the feet four to five times in a day to see effective results. Soaking your feet in tea water is also a very good way to deal with the problem of athletes’ foot. 15 home remedies rid athlete’ foot, The main cause of athlete’s foot is a fungal in warm water mixed with salt to get rid of athlete’s foot. Athlete' foot - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Athlete's foot, known medically as tinea pedis, is a common skin infection of the feet caused by fungus. How cure nail fungus, How cure nail fungus toenail fungus treatment 5 easy steps rid toenail fungus! The first step in any home remedy is to take the steps necessary to prevent the fungus in the first place. Another great remedy is grabbing a foot soaking tub, fill it about half way with hot water (just hot enough that you can bear it), and fill it with Epson salts.

Tinactin seems to work the best in my opinion, but there are plenty of products on the market to try. There is not enough evidence to say whether this helps or not, so I suggest doing us all a favor and not urinating on your foot in a public shower.
Since the acetic acid in vinegar kills the fungus, it is also used to treat athlete’s foot. Massage a little mustard oil onto the infected area and soak your feet in a bucket of warm water and some mustard powder.
This ingredient can be used on the skin and also as a disinfectant for your environment to stop the spread of the tinea fungus. Our products are recognized in the medical industry and are currently being used in hospital operating rooms. All Stop created this complete value pack for those that have chronic, severe and hard get rid of Athlete’s Foot fungus and want to get rid of Athletes foot fungus quickly and completely. There are various kinds of creams and medications available to deal with the problem of athlete’s foot.
This oil is enriched with anti fungal properties and helps in curing athlete’s foot in a natural and effective manner. Follow the practice of application of tea-tree-oil for around a month to completely eradicate the problem. Itching and pain in the feet would be reduced and you would be able to get great level of relief. Regularly practicing this treatment for several weeks would help in treating athlete’s foot in a great way. Application of baking soda would help a great deal in eliminating dampness from skin, thus helping to cure athlete’s foot in a natural and effective manner. Well, follow these steps and you should be able to easily and in some cases quickly get rid of that itching and burning sensation we so lovingly call athlete's foot.

Soak your feet in some warm water mixed with half a cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. After 30 minutes, wash with cool water and dry your feet thoroughly.Athlete’s foot is very common and contagious too.
Do you fear you’ll spread the athlete’s foot or Jock Itch to the other parts of you body? Often due the part of the country you live, your work conditions and other factors, Athlete’s foot fungus is always there in front of you. This is a much neglected daily ritual that drastically reduces your chances of contracting athlete’s foot. In the last few years tea tree oil has become extremely popular and is available in just about any health stores and now in many grocery stores.
This will not only help to relieve the symptoms of athlete’s foot, but it will also leave your feet soft and healthy. The most common cause for athlete’s foot is wearing closed shoes for a long period of time. Therefore, on trying these home remedies do make a point to wash your hands properly after touching the infected area. Athletes foot fungus is on your shoes, socks, feet, bathroom floor, showers, baths, motels, schools and athletic equipment. Usually this infection takes a few weeks to heal; however, if the condition does not get better it is advisable to seek medical help immediately. Sweat and heat are major catalysts in the growth of the fungus, and a well vented shoe and clean socks will help keep the fungus at bay.

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