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Sciatica is medical condition characterized by sharp pain, numbness and weakness in the leg.
Stretches for the sciatica mainly involves this region since it is where most of the sciatic nerves are located. There are, however, dangerous stretches that ought to be avoided to minimize risk of further injuries to other parts of the body. In conclusion, stretches for sciatica is the best way to reduce and avoid back pain without any special equipment or supervision by a qualified instructor.
Leg muscles perform a number of tasks such as running and all movements making them susceptible to injuries. Thigh stretch while standing with the knee bent, arching the head up while lying on stomach, and stretching the hamstring while standing with the leg straight on a table are some of stretches that should be avoided.

Feet stretches involves pointing the toes and heel in an alternating manner, while either sitting or lying down on the floor. Severity of the pain experienced varies with individuals but in its extreme, it leads to other complications such development of tumors, and injury to the pelvis.
The exercise of the thigh involves stretching the quadriceps in a proper way to toughen them up and avoid tears and pain. Performing stretches for sciatica is the most appropriate and cheap way to get rid of the back pain. Low back stretches is another important exercise undertaken to subside the back pain since it allow more blood to flow freely to and from the affected area and hence supplying the necessary nutrients for recovery and oxygen for tissue respiration. Stretching for sciatica includes leg stretches since the leg is affected also by the compressed sciatic nerve.

Stretches will aid in relaxing the muscles that exerts pressure on the sciatic nerve hence relieving the pain. They should be carried out regularly and appropriately not only to relieve the pain at the moment but also to gain long lasting body health and fitness.
This stretches the legs and the gastrocnemius and one should hold on the toes for at least 10 seconds in order to get good results.
Hamstring is also stretched while lying and lifting one leg at a time until the back of the leg stretches for at least eight times.

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