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The very first step on how to get rid of smoke smell in car is to vacuum the interior of your car.
If you do not want to go through the hassle of looking for and buying activated charcoal, you can just simply use vinegar.  Just like what you need to do with the activated charcoal, you just have to place it in a bowl and leave the bowl in your car for at least a day. Now that you know how to get rid of smoke smell in car, it is expected that your car will always smell fresh. It can also cause harm to our health, especially to those who are still young ones and to those who have lung problems, such as asthma and pneumonia.
The materials needed for this method are sponge, baking soda, leather cleaner, glass cleaner, odor eliminating shampoo and vacuum cleaner. Do not forget that smoke small will definitely be caught in the leather and even to other vinyl parts of your car.
By that time, the vinegar should have already done the magic of getting rid of car smoke smell.
However, if you are only interested to know the most effective methods, then this article is perfect for you.

When we talk about all parts of the car, it means that it includes floor mats and even carpets. This is why it is more than just relevant to choose the best leather cleaner available in the store. Two of the most effective natural remedies for smoke smell in car are vinegar and charcoal. You no longer have to perish on that bad smoke odor that can actually suffocate you if it is too much to handle.
Well, it is not a surprise to know that many people find it as one of their problems that their car usually smells smoke due to smoker passengers. This article will only talk about nothing, but the most effective methods in getting rid of smoke smell in car.
Be sure to do this process twice as it usually takes two applications in order to completely clean the window glass. It is available on different health food stores, pet supply stores and even on department stores.

If you are someone who is very sensitive to smoke smell or if there is a child that will be boarding the car, then it is definitely just right to know how to get rid of smoke smell in car as soon as possible.
You do not have to go through a trial and error phase in choosing which among the methods suggested online works.
Why would you want to buy expensive commercialized products if you can just use charcoal and vinegar for getting rid of that bad smoke odor in your car, right?
Just place it in a mini bowl and place that mini bowl in your car for at least a day or two.

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